ESL breaks record at eSports 2019

At first, ESL had great success during 2019 and set a record in eSports. The company held major online and offline competitions, so it created great original eSports content on streams on platforms like Twitch, Facebook and Youtube.

ESL believes that eSports mobile will continue to grow and be a bridge between high level players and casual players.

Currently the plans are to hold a world competition in Brazil later this year, in case the situation of COVID-19 normalizes. Apparently, the company will perform the ESL One with Intel technology in Rio de Janeiro, as part of the ESL Pro Tour, thus being the first Major of CS: GO in Brazil.

Thus the ESL One Rio playoffs will take place at Jeunesse Arena on November 19-22, 2020, where the best teams in the world will compete for US $ 1 million.

At first, esl had great success during 2019 and set a record in esports.
ESL broke record at eSports 2019 | ESL

During 2020 a renewed brand was presented, including a new positioning that believes in creating a world where anyone can be someone, thus reflecting the values ​​and history of the brand.

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Despite this, ESL CS: GO with IEM Katowice was the most watched competition of all time, with 126 million hours watched. As well as ESL One New York being the most successful competition in the USA, with 6,6 million hours watched.

Esl broke record in esports 2019 | 71bdfdba 2 1024x683 1 | married games news | esl
ESL broke record at eSports 2019 | ESL

Other ESL records

In 2019 the company ended the year with approximately 9,5 million users on ESL Play, bringing players together on a global level.

Some other records went to ESL One Birmingham with 54 million hours watched; ESL Pro League Season 9 with 31 million hours watched and ESL One Cologne with 37 million hours watched.

During the past week ESL Gaming and Dreamhack announced a partnership with Twitch for 3 years. Also as part of the deal, some of the company's biggest tournaments will be shown exclusively on Twitch in 2021 and 2022. You can check more details on official website.

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