Where to find umbrellas on the Clear Coast in Fortnite

Here you can check the location of the umbrellas on the Clear Coast and the best way to complete this week 4 challenge from Fortnite and ensure good rewards

Every week, Fortnite players receive a new set of challenges or missions to complete. For week 4, the entire list of challenges was leaked in advance by some people notable for their accurate leaks, such as FireMonkey. Most of these tasks are simple and can be completed efficiently if you follow what we are going to show you here.

Keeping the current event interesting, also this week we saw a new challenge for the Marvel event, as players need to hack Stark Robots in the Stark Industries POI. Stark robots can be found wandering around Quinjet Patrol sites, although hacking them at Stark Industries is the only way to complete this task. Regardless, there are other challenges related to some original Fortnite locations, unrelated to the Marvel event.

Among them is the challenge of causing damage within 10 seconds after bouncing off umbrellas on the Clear Coast. It can be tricky for Fortnite players and will require them to know the exact location of the umbrellas. In this article, we'll look at everything Fortnite players need to know to complete this task.

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Where are the umbrellas on the Clear Coast?

First, players need to know exactly where umbrellas on the Clear Coast can be found. Litoral Limpido is towards the south and has its location relatively close to the Coral Castle and is within the coordinates B3 and B4.

Umbrellas on the clear coastline
Where to Find Umbrellas on the Clear Coast in Fortnite | epic games store, fortnite | umbrellas on the Clear Coast

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Also, before you go looking for these umbrellas, it is a good idea to take a gun, because without a gun this challenge is almost impossible to complete.

Umbrellas on the Clear Coast can be found near the beach and in the courtyards of the buildings next to it. Players must jump to any of these numerous umbrellas. The challenge requires you to deal damage within ten seconds of jumping on these umbrellas, so players may need to wait before enemies appear.

Umbrellas on the clear coastline
Where to Find Umbrellas on the Clear Coast in Fortnite | epic games store, fortnite | umbrellas on the Clear Coast

Once you see an enemy, all you have to do is jump in the umbrella and do a total of 100 damage quickly, you have 10 seconds to do that damage after jumping. This may require more than one attempt, and the challenge is not restarted if players deal less than 100 damage, it is cumulative.

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So after a few attempts you end up getting the hang of it by making the challenge a little easier to complete.

Watch the following video to better understand what needs to be done:

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