NFA League 2022 – 1st Split has 12 finalists defined

The title will be played in person at Arena Bluestacks, in São Paulo, over five days: May 27, 28 and 29, June 4 and 5

The largest independent national Free Fire championship focused on emulators has reached the grand finale! On Friday (27), the NFA League 2022 - 1st Split, enters the last stage where the newest champion of the competition will be known. Of the eighteen teams that reached the semifinals, only twelve remained for the title match. There will be six daily drops that take place directly from the Bluestacks Arena between May 27th, 28th and 29th, June 04th and 05th, the team that scores the most points, in addition to winning the title, takes home a prize of R$ 20.000 thousand reais and to break the direct vacancy for the League of the Americas. 

Highlight of the semifinal stage, the Crias arrive as favorites to win the championship after finishing the second stage of the tournament at the top of the table. The team led by BAK arrives strong in the dispute alongside Dollares and Medellin, who complete the top 3 of the qualifying phase. In addition to the three classified teams, another six complete the top 12. They are: Noise, NSE E-sports, Dragons, F99, BDL, Elite, K9 Esports, Trem10 and Deuses.

nfa league 2022
NFA League 2022

For Marcelo Camargo, CEO of the NFA, the last stage of the competition will catch fire, and projects great confrontations during the five days of finals falls. “It will be five days of insane takedowns and exchanges, not to mention the “face to face” of the teams here in the arena. Now only the best are left, whoever follows the finals can expect great matches in this last stage”, details Assad 






NSE E-sports 





K9 Esports 

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To further heat up the spirits of fans for the finals of the tournament, the xDaily Team Practices, which take place from Monday to Friday, starting at 14 pm, continue to be broadcast by the NFA on its official channel on BOOOAH!. The NFA League Final – Split 1 will also be broadcast on the official channels of the tournament organizer: YouTube and BOOOAH!, starting at 18 pm and will feature a large team of casters, made up of comments by Digo and Cabelo Gamer, narration by Hads, analysis by the duo Opz Mila and Bruno MRT and a presentation by Luisa Saro. 

Created in 2019, the NFA is considered one of the most traditional Free Fire emulator leagues, being the largest independent championship in the Free Fire universe, the third largest Free Fire tournament in the world and the largest independent esports competition in Brazil. To learn more, access their social networks: Instagram and Twitter.

About the NFA

The NFA is a conglomerate of independent Free Fire championships, belonging to the BMS holding company. Created in 2019, the NFA aims to professionalize the country's emulator scene. In addition, its mission is to generate more and more opportunities for new talents and new organizations that emerge in the professional scenario. Today the brand has 4,9 million followers on Instagram, more than 1,5 million subscribers on YouTube and 1,9 million followers on BOOYAH!, the official platform of Garena, the developer of Free Fire. To learn more, visit your social networks.

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