Nintendo Switch will be officially launched in Brazil

Nintendo announced today on social media to share a message to Brazilian fans, saying that it is “excited” to announce that the Switch will be released soon in the country. The announcement, without a doubt, was a very welcome surprise for Nintendo fans across Brazil, who did not have the same opportunities to have Nintendo products officially.

Although the console is popular in the country, those interested in buying one or some of their games are forced to import them from elsewhere, often at high prices.

Last year a group of development studios, content creators and Brazilian fans came together to create their own unofficial Nintendo Direct in hopes of showing the company how much interest there was in the country. They launched #WeWantNintendo to demonstrate the country's interest in Nintendo products.

Nintendo saw Switch console orders skyrocket in the second quarter, and the quarantine boosted sales.

As of the official launch, Switch will be marketed with product support and warranty, potentially cheaper games and localization for the local language, as well as prices are expected to drop at least a little.

Nintendo will share more news about the console's arrival soon on its social networks. Check out the official site.

Nintendo switch will be officially launched in Brazil
Nintendo Switch will be officially launched in Brazil | Switch

The Nintendo Switch is costing around R $ 4.000, which is about US $ 765, with the official American website selling the console for US $ 299,99, so Brazilians pay more than double the original price for be an unofficially imported product.

About Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's hybrid console was launched in March 2017 and has achieved great success worldwide, having recently surpassed 60 million units sold worldwide in about three years and four months. With that in mind, it is easy to forget that the console is not available in some countries. For example, it was only last year that it was launched in China thanks to a partnership with Tencent.

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