Spelunky 2 will be released in September

The long-awaited Spelunky 2 appeared during the last State of Play, and creator Derek Yu discussed how the development team about new features while also talking about what made the first game work before. The sequel will include online multiplayer and you will create an in-game community as you discover more characters. You'll also find hidden passages and you'll be able to choose between branch paths as you go. The game will be released on September 15.

About Spelunky 2

Things have been pretty calm for Spelunky 2 since it was announced in 2017, but developer Derek Yu said earlier this year that a release date announcement was getting "closer and closer". Today he delivered a lot about the game, being announced during the live broadcast of Sony State of Play that the game will be released on September 15th.

“I designed the world of Spelunky 2 to look a lot richer and more dynamic than Spelunky 1. It will look a lot more full. Players will be able to explore and interact with him in a number of new ways. ”

Yu said during the flow.

"We wanted to try not to change the things that made the first one so good," said Yu on Sony's State of Play stream. He added that Spelunky 2 would have cooperative and competitive online multiplayer, branching paths and a more interesting shopping experience.

Spelunky 2
Spelunky 2 will be released in September | Spelunky 2

Yu explained that he wanted to expand the concept of the original Spelunky universe. Although he did not confirm the exact details, Yu said that the players would be building a "community and family" by completing several phases. He also announced the ability to ride turkeys and find characters that can help or harm you. The sequel will also include more stories than its predecessor.

“The time it takes to complete a successful race, however, has not increased that much. Instead, the journey has become much more dense and varied, with much more to do and try every time you venture into the caves. ”

Yu wrote on the official Playstation blog.

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