Crowdfunding for Tales of Shadowland is now live!

In partnership between Uzmi Games and Jambô Editora, the project allows people to support the game to play it and receive exclusive benefits

After announcing its partnership with Jambô, the largest RPG publisher in Brazil, Uzmi Games Studio, a Brazilian game development studio, officially announced the start of Crowdfunding of Tales of Shadowland this Friday (08). The campaign, which will last 60 days, will give supporters the chance to start playing the game in advance, in addition to offering exclusive benefits to make the story even more amazing, according to the amount donated in crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding will also reward support during the first weekend of the campaign with an “early bird” prize. According to André Ferreira, creator and CEO of the studio, crowdfunding will give supporters benefits that can only be guaranteed by encouraging the developer, and ensures that the rewards are incredible:

Tales of Shadowland
Tales of Shadowland

“In MMORPG, the player usually seeks a greater number of rare resources to build their identity within the game. With crowdfunding, in addition to helping in the development of the game, it will give exclusive benefits to supporters, so that they feel even more part of the whole story. The golden age of MMORPG is back with Tales of Shadowland, a game with reference to the classics, but with updates and modernity. These aspects along with community unity are the main keys to the support the game has received.”

Discover Tales of Shadowland's Crowfounding Rewards

The financing has 7 initial values ​​of option for the user to encourage the game and receive the
rewards, without a maximum investment limit. Check out the available options below:

  • Level 1 (BRL 30 or more) – Citizen Rewards: Access to Beta 2, name in credits, access to
    game news via email and whatsapp and exclusive wallpaper;
  • Level 2 (BRL 60 or more) – Guard Rewards: Access to Beta 1, Exclusive Clothing Item (Cape), Exclusive “Bronze” Skin Pack, Emoji Chat Pack, Exclusive Discord Position, BRL 20 Credits for ToS Store Purchases;
  • Level 3 (BRL 120 or more) – Adventurer Rewards: Access to Alpha 2, Explorer Kit, Exclusive “Silver” Skin Pack, Exclusive Dances, Common Mount, Original Game Soundtrack, Cargo
    exclusive on Discord, R$ 60 in credits for purchases at the ToS store;
  • Level 4 (BRL 350 or more) – Hero Rewards: Access to Alpha 1, exclusive “gold” skin pack, exclusive greeting, custom paint pots, special mount, name on board
    thanks in Vendalor, game artbook, exclusive position on Discorde, indie game package, R$ 350 in credits for purchases at the ToS store, coupon at Jambô Editora in the amount of R$ 50;
  • Level 5 (BRL 600 or more) – Legend Rewards: Exclusive “Platinum” Skin Pack, Paint Pot
    exclusive, exclusive title, legend frame (home decor), exclusive mount, houseplant
    exclusive, name reserved (first come, first served), play a week early and help shape the
    Shadowland story, R$ 600 in credits for purchases at the ToS store, coupon at Jambô Editora in the amount of R$ 100;
  • Level 6 (BRL 1.500 or more) – Guild Master Rewards: Reserved guild name (first come, first served), custom guild icon, exclusive Guild Master t-shirt, exclusive guild castle blueprint, exclusive Discord role, $1.500 in store purchase credits ToS, coupon at Jambô Editora in the amount of R$ 200;
  • Level 7 (BRL 5.000 or more) – Lord rewards: exclusive title, exclusive land in Vendalor,
    ghost of your bloodline roaming the cemetery, exclusive Discord position, breakfast with
    Borrachudo Rat and game team; Support levels are cumulative. That is, level 2 also provides everything that level 1 does; level 3 provides everything that levels 2 and 1 give, and so on. To learn more about each game support, rewards and exclusive benefits, just go to the catharsis website.

Officially announced at the end of 2021, Tales of Shadowland already has an Alpha version, which is in closed testing period. The game is developed by UZMI Games Studio, a Brazilian studio founded in January 2021 by three partners: André Ferreira, entrepreneur and developer with more than 15 years of experience, Douglas Mesquita, influencer with more than 12 years of career and also known as Rato Borrachudo, and Higor Bissoli, a professional with extensive experience in the administrative, financial, accounting and legal areas.

Currently, the game has several features, such as: PvP (Player versus Player), PvE (Player versus Environment) and GvG (Guild versus Guild), gathering systems (harvesting materials), crafting (manufacturing equipment) and taming animals.

To stay up to date with all the news of the game, visit the developer website and follow your social networks: Instagram e Twitter.

About Uzmi Games

Uzmi Games Studio is a Brazilian game development studio that aims to become a reference in the creation of great productions. Founded in January 2021, the company has André Ferreira, Douglas Mesquita (Rato Borrachudo) and Higor Bissoli as partners and is currently working on the development of the game Tales of Shadowland.

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