W7M Esports takes over 50% of the operation and announces a new phase of the GGIZZI Podcast

W7M Esports, traditional e-sports organization in the Brazilian scenario, announced a new phase of the GGIZZI podcast. The show, which will mix cuisine, a lot of review on the gaming scene, music, lifestyle and topics discussed by the community, will be co-created and co-produced by W7M Esports, after the organization takes over 50% of the show's operations, and will be presented by Eduardo “DZR ” Augustus. With weekly broadcast via Twitch and YouTube, and in-person recording with guests directly from the studio of the organization's partner, RG NUTRI , the episodes air every Thursday at 19 pm. 

Felipe Funari, founder and director of W7M Esports, comments that the podcast comes to unite various topics about games in just one place: “In addition to competitions and being with several professional teams, we, as W7M Esports, think of ways to move the community and bring it closer and closer to everything we are doing.

W7m esports takes over
W7M Esports on GGIZZI

Therefore, we announce that the new season of GGIZZI will have our participation in the creation and production of each episode. Our main goal is to bring original content that mixes a little bit of everything that esports fans like, such as news about games, music, lifestyle, while guests prepare a special dish. It will be a new phase and a new way to explore our landscape.” 

For Eduardo DZR, host of the podcast, the new format allows different ways of interacting with the guest, in addition to being even more attractive to the public by mixing different elements in one place:

“The podcast became very popular in the country and when I, Vitor and Lucas decided to create GGIZZI, it was a desire to use this channel to talk about what we liked most, in a way that was not used by our community yet. Throughout these 04 years of trajectory, we have built our space in the scenario and today we are with W7M, giant of the LATAM scenario, to completely change the way of making content in the world of games.”

The program, which premieres today (23), at 19 pm, comes with the aim of bringing authentic content and further promoting the esports scene, so W7M Esports together with the GGIZZI board decided to change the old podcast format. , which was carried out only through Spotify and with market subjects, for a program that spoke to the public and was broadcast live through YouTube and Twitch. To learn more about the organization and its news, follow the organization's social networks: InstagramTwitter e Twitch.

About W7M Esports

Formed in 2017, W7M Esports is a division of W7M Investments Group focused on the world of electronic sports. Currently, the organization has teams in CS:GO Women, Free Fire, Rainbow Six Siege and FIFA. In addition to the competitive part, the organization aims to promote the scenario as a whole, for this they count on numerous partnerships to pave the way for young talents, such as the Valkirias project, an electronic sports team created with the aim of preparing women to be references within the digital games scenario, and the sponsorship with Inteli, Institute of Technology and Leadership, a non-profit college that opens the door to many young people in the country.

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