Ultimate Guide to Beating Fatalis in Monster Hunter World

The legendary Black Dragon arrived in the new world fulfilling a lifecycle of Capcom's monster hunting game. See how to beat Fatalis in Monster Hunter World

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has finally come full circle with the release of the original predator at the top of the series food chain: Fatalis. With its mix of siege weapons and good old-fashioned direct combat, the Iceborne version of the Fatalis hunt is arguably the best version of the encounter to date. At the same time, it can also be challenging and seem almost impossible. Here are some hints and tips to help you bring down the legendary black dragon.

How do I unlock Fatalis in Monster Hunter World?

To gain access to the fight against Fatalis, you'll need to finish the main parts of the final content from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Here are the steps. Complete Iceborne's main campaign to unlock the Guidelands. You will also need to have at least Master Rank 24 and have the latest Iceborne patch installed.

Go to Seliana and talk to the Investigator when he has a purple exclamation point over his head. You will receive the Special Assignment, “Through the Lost Path” for hunting a Battle-hardened Zinogre. Take the quest and complete it to unlock the Guidelands Tundra area, as well as a new quest.

Speak to the designated character in the Meeting Area after going through the Investigator's quest and you'll receive a special recon quest, "Point of No Return." Accept the quest to unlock Safi'Jiiva.

After finishing the recon task, you will have access to a new Special Task called “Incandescent Dark Twilight”. Take the mission and see the scenes. It's okay even if you fail or leave the mission, as long as you see the cutscenes. After that, the Special Task “The Black Dragon” will now be available.

What skills should I have?

You have to be well prepared to do the Black Dragon quest, so here is a list of things to consider to help make the fight more viable. By the way, health regeneration is a great weapon to have against Fatalis. First, let's start with some useful skills you might want to consider incorporating into your build.

Health Boost: Seriously, just have it. The maximum.

Breaker: Cracking Fatalis' head – preferably twice – is crucial to significantly reducing his power and avoiding hell in the final stage of the fight. A maximum level 3 Breaker skill helps you do this. It also helps to break down other parts of the body to acquire Fatalis materials, like wings for example.

Heavy artillery: Siege weapons play a big role in this hunt and a maximum level 2 heavy artillery skill will allow you to double the damage of ballistae and cannons.

Divine blessing: Fatalis hits like a big, scaly truck, so any kind of damage reduction can help you survive and stay in the fight. Maximizing up to level 5 increases damage reduction to 60% and allows him to absorb more, for example, but only reaching level 3 reduces damage by half. Equipping the Golden Rathian's waist is an easy way to obtain Level 3 of Divine Blessing.

Ultimate guide to defeating the fatalis in monster hunter world | b8688dc9 fatalis4 | married games platforms, tips, guide, pc, playstation, steam, xbox | capcom, mhw, monster hunter world, multiplayer, playstation, playstation 4, rpg, singleplayer, xbox, xbox one | fatalis in monster hunter world

Fortify: Fortify means your attack power increases by 10% and your defense increases by 15% every time you fall in battle. In fact, it makes death a great asset. The extra damage is especially good given Fatalis' hefty HP, which starts at 66.000 HP in solo mode and increases with more players.

Claw Boost: This skill allows light weapons to hurt and lower the resistance of parts and heavy weapons to release ammo for the shooter. It's especially a boon to light weapons, as softening the head and chest area helps break parts and do more damage.

Getting ammo easily is also great for heavy weapons, as with Dragon Capsule you can make Fatalis retreat with just two slingshots, which can help save your teammates from death or if you need to take the monster down from the air. The capsules also help him escape if Fatalis immobilizes him.

Fire resistance: Given the range, scope and power of Fatalis' flame attacks, you definitely don't want to have negative fire resistance when facing the monster. Raising it to +20 also negates the fire plague, which is great as long as you don't sacrifice other important abilities in the process.

What items should I bring?

Monster Hunter boils down to some key principles: Hit him until he dies and doesn't get hit. These items help you in your quest to do just that:

Maximum potion: Fatalis loves to take a big chunk out of your health. Make sure you bring not only maximum potions, but also materials to create it in good quantities, such as Mega Nutrients, Mandrake, Nutrients and Honey. Remember to put the Breeding Recipe for Max Potions and Mega Nutrients on your radial wheel for quick mixing.

Astera Dry Beef: This instantly heals the red bar in your HP meter, which is very useful if you get hit by a highly damaging attack.

Demonic Megapill, Demonic Powder, Grain of Strength: Fatalis has a LOT of health, so every damage you take helps over time. Don't forget to update the effects of Demonic Dust and Grain of Strength when Fatalis changes phases. Feel free to bring the defensive counterparts of these items, such as Grain Crust, Stoneskin, and Stone Megaskin, if you feel you need them.

Talismans and Adornments: As mentioned earlier, each small attack bonus helps. You can also take even their defensive counterparts, if you have the space.

Carrier: helps you escape into trouble or return to camp to change gear. Note that this will not work during major attacks such as Fatalis' Nova attacks.

Smoke bomb: it's useful for getting some extra breathing room from Fatalis' uninterrupted and suspiciously over-precise attacks, especially when attacking Fatalis with siege weapons.

Immunizer: This allows you to regenerate red health more quickly, which is represented by a yellow healing health bar.

What robes should I wear?

Cloaks come in handy in tough fights and Fatalis is no exception. Here are some useful items you can choose from when deciding which cloak to wear in this particular fight.

Camouflage Cloak: This is great for the start of the fight. With it you can charge both siege cannons in peace and get some high damage from the start. You can then use a Transporter, return to camp and trade it for something more useful after that, unless you are playing on a multiplayer team as the dedicated siege cannon user.

Temporal Cloak: A good old trick for when you get hit by stronger attacks. Note that it doesn't counter damage from attacks that don't knock it down, so don't just stand in the middle of flame attacks as if you were immune to the monster's blows. It helps you survive, but it doesn't make you invincible.

Ultimate guide to defeating the fatalis in monster hunter world | f2654958 fatalis5 | married games platforms, tips, guide, pc, playstation, steam, xbox | capcom, mhw, monster hunter world, multiplayer, playstation, playstation 4, rpg, singleplayer, xbox, xbox one | fatalis in monster hunter world

Firm Rock Cloak: Unlike the Time Cloak, this prevents you from getting knocked to the ground and canceling what you're doing, which is great when loading cannons or firing siege weapons. Although it reduces hits, you still take damage, which can escalate quickly and cause you to be carried by friends in the cart if you're not paying attention.

Assassin's Cloak: It is often thought of as a cloak that allows you to hide more quickly. One of its biggest benefits, however, is the increased movement speed it offers, which is great when you're running to escape Fatalis' superflame breath attacks.

Glider Cloak: Yes, it makes you glide in midair and even grapple maneuvers for air attack. One of its main uses, however, is to get two extra tier 4 adornment slots that give your build at least three extra skill slots for the next three full minutes the cloak is working.

Which Amigato Equipment should I bring?

When it comes to Amigato gear, you might want almost all of them. Here is a brief summary of why you would like to use a certain piece of equipment on your Amigato over others.

Needleshield: This Friendly tool is great for distracting Fatalis, giving you some breathing room from his attacks, as well as safer opportunities to attack.

Vigorvespa: If you need extra survival, healing and a free resurrection this tool can help keep you alive.

Miaulotov Cocktail: Do you need to give that extra damage? Your cat's bombs and the Meaucano can push you beyond these limits.

Choir Orchestra: The tools of choice for confident hunters. The wide range of buffs on these items is perfect especially for hunters who rely on their own abilities to get things done.

Lamispoly: Use this if you are primarily interested in collecting Fatalis parts. It allows you to save a hunt while still being able to snag pieces even if you fail.

Monster Hunter Word - PlayStation 4
  • Take on the role of a hunter, players are tasked with participating in expeditions and hunts'
  • Living ecosystem: Use the surrounding environment and wildlife to your advantage
  • It will unite hunters from around the world, with cooperative play options across regions
  • Defeat monsters and collect items from defeated enemies to assemble equipment and weapons in the style of dead monsters
  • Rating: 12 Years

Fatalis Hunt Flow in Monster Hunter World

Just like encounters with megamonsters like Behemoth, Safi'Jiiva and Alatreon, the hunt for Fatalis has its own unique flow. The fight against Fatalis can be divided into three main phases, with the monster becoming progressively dangerous after each one.

Here we will indicate a flow that works well in most cases, it depends a lot on your build and decisions and skill during the fight. Everything can change, but if you follow these tips, chances are you'll be successful in your hunt. Also, if you are playing in multiplayer mode, some people may not follow the same pattern and things may not turn out as planned. Adapt and improvise. It's the key to success.

Phase 1 of the Hunt for Fatalis in Monster Hunter World

Begin Phase 1 by wearing a Glider Cloak at camp and then hitching a ride to Castle Schrade. Fatalis will ignore you because a flying bush is obviously not a threat. This will allow you to easily go left, climb up the cannon platform and load both cannons without being disturbed by Fatalis – which is especially useful when playing alone.

When both cannons are full (five cannon balls each), aim one of the cannons at Fatalis while aiming the other cannon in the middle. Shoot Fatalis with the cannon that is aimed at the monster and immediately go to the second cannon if you are playing alone. Fatalis will switch platforms after being hit, putting him in a perfect position to be hit by the second cannon.

There's a chance he'll hit you with his attacks, especially if you're not fast enough. As an optional move, you can either pop a smoke bomb before firing the first cannon, or switch to a Firmrock cloak and then fire the first cannon. The smoke bomb gives you time to switch cannon while following the route with Firmrock Cloak, allows you to control Fatalis' attacks, and even fire the second cannon.

Hitting Fatalis in the head is especially good as it contributes to the damage to break your head. If all cannon shots hit, you'll do about 4.500 ground damage and Fatalis will fall to the ground. Jump down, run towards your head to hit as much as possible. Once he gets up, you can either continue pressing your attack or use a Transporter back to camp to change items and robes.

After the two cannons are fired, solo players can forget about them and just attack Fatalis. Otherwise, if playing in multiplayer mode, you can assign one player to the duty to load the cannon and continue to fire at Fatalis while other hunters attack him.

The number one priority at this point is to soften your head and chest (softening one of your front arms will hurt both your front legs and your chest), which will be your two main targets for the rest of the hunt. In particular, you need to rack your brain at least once to reduce the damage you will take in the final phase.

Breaking it twice not only further reduces the power of Fatalis' flames, but ensures you get an Evil Eye in your post-hunt rewards (Bug Glaive users, for example, can hit you in the head with a Kinsect shot to make your insect attack constantly).

If the monster isn't enraged at this point, you can also slam Fatalis into the wall with a claw shot. Note that hitting the wall does more damage if you do this when Fatalis is on all fours, so try doing that. Also, doing it when the monster is standing will do less damage, it also forces you to stand on all fours again.

This gives you another chance to slam him into the wall if you have sniper ammo left and the Fatalis isn't enraged. If you have a teammate who still uses the cannons, don't hit Fatalis in his direction and make sure you choose a different wall.

Avoid getting right in front of Fatalis, as he can unleash multiple blows that cover a cone-shaped area in front of the monster. The strongest ones are usually teleguides, which gives you time to dodge them, as long as you're not spamming button hits. The tail also has a ridiculously large – and potentially stolen – hitbox so avoid that part too.

Your best bet is to attack from the sides of the head and stomach or just below the armpits, chest and belly, paying attention to the occasional attacks that can hit these areas. Wearing a Temporal or Rochafirme cloak can help you reach these areas more aggressively. Attacking the groin and chest area is also good when Fatalis stands up on two legs. Just try not to stay too long in these spots when attacking, so you can dodge when necessary.

Fatalis's side blow, for example, can hit one side of the head and chest area, so you should move to the other side when he's readying, which allows you to keep attacking without getting hit. Fatalis can also occasionally leave a lag bomb in the ground below your head. This can hit you when attacking from the side of the head, so be sure to hit the head only a few times if you see movement coming so you can roll or move, then go back to the side of the head again to continue your attack. .

Ultimate guide to defeating the fatalis in monster hunter world | 80a2576484e032dfc84daad591f3430dacb84aa7 | married games platforms, tips, guide, pc, playstation, steam, xbox | capcom, mhw, monster hunter world, multiplayer, playstation, playstation 4, rpg, singleplayer, xbox, xbox one | fatalis in monster hunter world

After getting 25% of his HP, Fatalis will begin the transition to Phase 2 and make his first Nova. You know it's happening because your allies will warn you about it. Run towards the tent-like structure marked in the northeast corner of the map and hide there. You can heal, restore buffs or use them while waiting for the Nova to finish.

Phase 2 of the Hunt for Fatalis in Monster Hunter World

Once the metal cover melts, grab the ballista ammo near the wall, but save them for the last stage. Now run towards the mobile machine gun ballista on the tracks and fire a smoke bomb as soon as you get close to it. Fatalis will lose sight of you and fall to the ground. Mount the machine gun and start shooting Fatalis in his chest.

He will stand there, perplexed, until the smoke clears. If you have Heavy Artillery 2 and are playing alone, Fatalis should fall to the ground if all machine gun fire hits. Run towards your head and take the opportunity to hit the maximum again. As soon as he gets up, you can go and try to hit Fatalis' wall one more time if he isn't furious to inflict more head damage. The goal is to inflict as much damage as possible so you can at least break the horns for the first time.

Watch out for the super fire breath Fatalis loves to do in this stage. It can finish you off if caught in its extra-wide conical extension, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to attack your bowed head sideways if you avoid it – just as you counter Rajang's thunder blast from the flanks. This move is also a great opening to soften Fatalis' head.

The black dragon will start using more attacks that can hit him from underneath the monster, so you should be careful when attacking his chest and belly area, especially when the monster is on its hind legs. This includes a delayed explosion in the ground that covers a wide area, as well as a blast of fire that reaches from below before advancing. Fatalis will also occasionally do a running body strike, which you should avoid moving to the side.

After reducing his HP to 50%, he will begin the transition to Phase 3 and make an even stronger Nova Flame attack. Run back to the platform with the Dragonator, climb it, enter the gate and close it with the switch. If you are misplaced and too far from the gate, wearing a Firmrock cloak can give you some time to enter the gate. Once again, you can heal, restore buffs, and/or use them behind cover while waiting for the new one to end.

Monster Hunter World - Xbox One
  • Welcome to the New World: Taking on the Role of a Hunter, Players Are Tasked with Going on a Research Expedition to a Newly Discovered Continent Known Only as “New World”
  • SEAMLESS gameplay: players and monsters can move from One map area to another freely and without loading screens whilst gameplay also dynamically transitions between night and day.
  • Online multiplayer drop-in: when the battle is too daunting to take on single-handedly, hail up to three other hunters to assist during quests by sending up a sos flare to a worldwide server.

Phase 3 of the Hunt for Fatalis in Monster Hunter World

Once the gate disappears, exit and run to the right towards the ballista ammo. Now is a great time to use the ammo you saved from the previous level to knock Fatalis out of the sky. Attack Fatalis and run to the monster while it is tethered. When he's free, run back to the ballista and pick up the ammo near the wall. You can shoot Fatalis again to cancel his fire breath attack and trap him a second time.

Hit him one more time and you'll get a warning once you've reduced his health enough that he's getting ready to make a great blast of fire from the sky. Run towards Fatalis and stand directly below him. Use this chance to heal, sharpen, reapply buffs, etc., if necessary.

Soften your head and chest once more and keep attacking the monster while being aware of its fire moves. If you broke your head once, Fatalis' fire attacks will also be weaker now instead of the deadly blasts you'll get if you didn't manage to break your head before.

If Fatalis isn't enraged, be sure to slam him into the wall for extra damage. Keep attacking the head and you should have a second puzzle. This will reduce fire breath damage to Phase 1 levels. Fatalis will fly and you'll get your second warning that Fatalis is using another big fire breath attack. Run under it and heal, sharpen, buff, etc. again if necessary.

After attacking Fatalis a few more times, you'll get a message that the Dragonator is ready. Go to the switch and be wary of the monsters' long range attacks. You can also use a Transporter and head back to camp to get a sleep weapon if you want to do more damage. Just put Fatalis to sleep in front of the Dragonator before activating it. Also, make sure both ends hit Fatalis and he will fall to the ground, allowing you to land multiple hits.

Fatalis will fly again for his third great blast of fire. Run towards the monster and get under it again. At this point, he should only have about 5% or more of his health remaining and you can see a skull icon on the minimap. Attack Fatalis until you receive a message that the machine gun's ballista is ready again. Approach and shoot a smoke bomb, if you still have one, and shoot Fatalis. This should kill the monster if it hits every shot. Otherwise, keep attacking Fatalis until he descends. Congratulations, you have killed the legendary black dragon. Now go forge your super hefty equipment out of this monster's parts.

Ultimate guide to defeating the fatalis in monster hunter world | cd7d8408 fatalis3 | married games platforms, tips, guide, pc, playstation, steam, xbox | capcom, mhw, monster hunter world, multiplayer, playstation, playstation 4, rpg, singleplayer, xbox, xbox one | fatalis in monster hunter world

Monster Hunter's World Expands

Every 10 years the elder dragons migrate to a land called the New World, an unknown land that attracts the attention of monsters for unknown reasons. To understand more about this phenomenon, a group of hunters goes to this new land and we follow with adventurers sent to explore this phenomenon, when we discover the existence of a long-forgotten monster, the ancient dragon Zorah Magdaros, causing the old story of an adventurous novice who gradually stands out until becoming a legend and acquiring new discoveries about the world in which we live.

Monster Hunter: World features a living ecosystem where players take on the role of a hunter who seeks out and slays fierce monsters in thrilling battles across vast and diverse terrains. Venture alone or with up to three hunters in a newly designed online multiplayer system that enables cooperative play between regions of Japan and the West, bringing the player base together for the first time.

Monster Hunter: World has sold over 13 million copies worldwide and now receives its huge expansion, Iceborne. This massive update brings even more quests, monsters and equipment to the game. Players will need to acquire the World and complete the main story to access Iceborne's quests and abilities. The game is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC's with Microsoft products Windows by Steam.

Now, leave it there in the comments did you manage to beat Fatalis? Did the strategy help? Comment and enjoy to read more about Monster Hunter on our website.

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