Analysis of games, components, hardware, peripherals, and everything related to the world of video games at the best level to help in your choice of purchase. Analyzing from technical to operational requirements; Extremely cost-effective products up to premium quality products.

In games, we bring several analyzes about FPS, RPG, Rogue Like, Hack n Slash, and finally, everything we can receive to help you decide whether or not it is worth spending your money on that purchase. For all games, in general, we analyze everything about the game, from its gameplay; whether it is fluid or not, graphics / art, and everything that can influence your choice of purchase. So, if you want to know how to choose your game, this is the place!

For hardware we have the same concept. From cheap coolers to high-end video cards, our analysis is done with extreme detail.

Of course, in peripherals it could not be different; from entry-level mice and keyboards to the most expensive headphones and mousepads; we always bring the best in the market in terms of sensors, switches, fabrics and materials, so we guarantee that even if you spend little, you can be sure of the quality of the product you are buying.

With our excellent team of copywriters with specializations in different areas, we guarantee that our analysis will take the utmost care and effort to be the best possible to help you! We spent hours playing games and testing hardware and peripherals; To make sure that you identify with the content and have the best analysis experience you could!

Serial cleaner: analysis | 6c093bc4 serialcleaner | married games reviews | analysis | serial cleaner

Serial Cleaner: Analysis

Monster hunter world: is it still worth playing in 2021? | dad10eb7 edit img | married games reviews | analysis | monster hunter world

Monster Hunter World: Is it still worth playing in 2021?

Analysis: not for broadcast, you are in control of the tv! | c3c6ec24 not for broadcast | married games reviews | analysis | not for broadcast

Analysis: Not For Broadcast, you are in control of the TV!

Watch dogs legion: analysis | c4617717 cropped watch dogs legion logo 2020 | married games reviews | analysis | watch dogs

Watch Dogs Legion: Analysis

Red dead redemption 2 - review | red dead | married games reviews | analysis | red dead redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Review

The division 2 - review | b36daff0 tom clancys the division 2 digital online xbox one pt br d nq np 949049 mlb29332626939 022019 f | married games reviews | analysis | the division 2

The Division 2 - Review

Fall guys: ultimate knockout - review | 8b4609ec reproducao twitter fall guys | married games reviews | analysis | fall guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Review

Luna: the shadow dust - review | 356b4f0b lunamulticat e1588266396187 | married games reviews | analysis | luna: the shadow dust

Luna: The Shadow Dust - Review

In other waters - review / analyze | 4996080d in other waters cover | married games reviews | analysis | in other waters

In other Waters - Review / Analysis

Fury unleashed - review | 873c0a1b fury unleashed | married games reviews | analysis | fury unleashed

Fury Unleashed - Review

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Hotline Miami - Review / Analysis

Maneater - review / analysis | 02db6baf diesel store featured carousel megasale wk3 egs maneater tripwireinteractive s1 2560x1440 9f4929e0d3a2392a7c5b58c15703df0bbc605174 | married games reviews | analysis | maneater

Maneater - Review / Analysis

Pacify review / analyze | bf0a6cd5 | married games reviews | analysis | pacify review

Pacify Review / Analysis

Spoiler alert - review / analyze | 329d2b51 | married games reviews | analysis | spoiler alert

Spoiler Alert - Review / Analysis

Predator hunting grounds - review | 14cdbaa6 fb50 4776 844a d1ab8c00bb98pred | married games reviews | analysis | predator hunting grounds

Predator Hunting Grounds - Review

Https: // www. Youtube. With / watch? V = kadcc - aac4

Sagebrush - Review / Analysis

She wants me dead - review / analyze | youtube thumb 2020 | married games reviews | analysis | she wants

She Wants Me Dead - Review

Bad north jotunn edition review / analysis | pc game free bad north jotunn edition epic store | married games reviews | analysis | bad

Bad North Jotunn Edition Review / Analysis

Catch a lover - review / analyze | catch a lover free download | married games reviews | analysis | catch a lover

Catch a Lover - Review

7th sector review / analysis | 2020013119281900 34800529fe7fdc178eddb98d1a427d18 780x439 1 | married games reviews | analysis | 7th

7Th Sector Review / Analysis

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