Bad North Jotunn Edition Review / Analysis

Bad north was a game that caught me quickly; because with its simple gameplay and dynamic learning facility, it was easily taken to my game corner, which is fun to leave installed on the machine to play when time permits.

bad north jotunn edition

The Bad North Jotunn Edition Story

Bad North is a charming, yet brutal; real-time tactical Roguelite where we defend islands in your kingdom against a horde of invading Vikings while leading the desperate people.

In charge of loyal subjects to take advantage of the unique shape of each island. Everything is at stake in the battles we face, but with a lot of strategy and wisdom, our heroes were able to sleep at home another day.

bad north jotunn edition

The Bad North Jotunn Edition Gameplay


The game puts us in a top view of the map of all the islands that our troops can reach so that we can engage in combat against our enemy Vikings

As we progress in the battles we have new islands available that we can go to from the island we are on, but remember to choose wisely, because if you advance to after an island, you will not be able to return after your shift ends

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The game separates us into turns so that we can better choose the soldiers we will send battles to.

Each battle we advance, the more tired our soldiers will become.

So it is necessary to choose wisely the troops to send on a mission, because with that we can lose soldiers and if their leader dies, we lose the entire troop forever. That's the war.


When we enter a scenario, we are faced with an isometric view of the map and we have the option to allocate our troops or return to the menu. As soon as we deploy troops, the game starts and our enemy Vikings start to come in boats.

As we defeat them, we will be faced by more of them with different skills.

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Squires, archers, spearmen are some of the types of enemies we face.

And after a while we reach the final order where they come in large quantities to try to beat us in one of the two ways of winning our opponents.

The Vikings want to kill us or destroy the residents' houses, but this will be difficult if the player knows how to organize himself, but very simple if he is poorly organized.


As we control several armies, we have to improve their individual skills which makes them better archers, more resistant squires and more powerful spearmen, but with that we have to choose well where to use our coins.

When we beat an island we are rewarded with a number of coins that we use to make these upgrades in our army making them more efficient

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We can also find unique items that we equip in our troops with several different skills such as increasing our coin gain or the volume of soldiers in a given army.

bad north jotunn edition

Looks like a cell phone?

As I was playing the title, I came across more and more with the desire of this game to be a mobile game title, because it would work perfectly.

Behold, to my surprise, I discovered that the game is also available for Android and IOS and with that, if you want, I strongly recommend that you purchase it in the mobile version.

The Art of Bad North Jotunn Edition

Visual art

Bad North is beautiful in the simplest sense of the word. The animations are made in the Gothic style to represent some of the characters and the graphic details of the battles work very well

Even in simpler things like arrows crossing the sky towards enemy boats, they work very well, impacting the shields of some or with the bodies of others in a very functional way.

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Sound Art

The sounds of this game are special, as they take us to different moments that we end up having a giggle or another. As the noises of the game work more for effects even as the slide of attacks on shields, bombs thrown in the small houses of the islands, but also for the songs that play in a very low tone in the background.

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And there?

Bad North Jotunn Edition is a small find, at least in my conception, because it promises to be a game that involves strategy and army control with upgrades and advances and delivers it with great mastery. I really wanted to keep my troops healthy to function better in combat and consequently beat all my opponents

As I progressed through the challenges of the game, I felt more connected with those characters even if they didn't have dialogues. The game encouraged me so much to make them better that I didn't want to consider losing any of them.

Bad North Works incredibly well and deserves to be played

Anyway, remember to see more analyzes, but also access the official website of Bad North Jotunn Edition

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