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There are games that are made to cause great emotions in the player, that thrill us from beginning to end with great adventures of heroes and heroines ready for the most beautiful sacrifices. Well, this is definitely not the case with Catch a Lover

The game developed by Toxic Dog and released on April 06, 2017 takes us to a slightly different story.

catch a lover

The Story of Catch a Lover

The game begins the moment a husband and his dog come home and find the wife and her lover, in which an “epic” battle begins to take place where the husband and the dog must descend the infamous bludgeon on the lover, while the same seeks for your clothes in the house and a possible chance of escape with the help of the wife who will try to hinder the people in her pursuit

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Catch a Lover's Gameplay

At this point you are already imagining the mess that this game can be, but because it is a 2 against 2 multiplayer game, the game shines at different times due to the laughter it gets from the players. Running around a mansion while trying to hide from someone who literally wants to hit you is fun because the game doesn't take it that seriously.

Get it boy!

The dog is a very important character for this whole game, as he is the only one who can smell the lover while running around the house, but he has his penalties due to not being able to open doors and having to wait for someone to open for him.

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The City Police

The husband is a police officer so he uses his personal tazer to fry the lover while trying to beat him up for his indecency. Running like there is no tomorrow after the man in his underwear who runs around your house.

Hide my son there!

The lover, on the other hand, has interesting Stealth skills, as crouching can be a great solution to avoid noises that can get people's attention in the house. With the possibility of eating some food around the house to regain life or run faster.

The wife who closes everything

The wife has the ability to hide the dog lover if he is too close. releasing perfume in the air to disturb the canine's nose and also being able to put himself in front of the husband's tazer, but it is not the most recommended.

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The art of Catch a Lover

The visual art

In this game it is already more difficult to talk specifically about art, as this is not even close to the focus of the game, but the simpler graphics delivered by the title serve well the purpose that the developers have for their game giving a superficial look to the house rich in that the characters are so that the focus itself is on the pursuit of the individual and not the place where it is occurring.

The sound art

The sounds of the jodo, on the other hand, are already more worked due to the noise of the game can alert any player. The husband can know that the lover is close, just as the lover can hear him.

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So with this idea of ​​functional sound everything can complement the dynamics of the hide and seek that the game employs.

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Demonic dlc ??

When I came across this game I bought it institutionally to play with friends and have a good laugh, but recently I came across a new expansion of the game that takes us directly to the 80's horror movies.

An unsuspecting young couple is at their home when two creatures come out of graves in a cemetery to kill them.

This dynamic transforms the game, as it is now two against two where everyone can be beaten in the fist.

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And there?

Of all the games I have been able to review for this site, this is certainly the most different in terms of idea and mechanics. The game itself serves to make a great joke and it accomplishes this with prowess. I lost count of how many times I laughed playing with my friends, but it is not a game to buy yourself, because the servers are almost always empty.

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So if you want to play the title, look for three friends who can also buy and good fun for all of you.

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