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First, the game starts with the awakening of Dandara and after that the adventure begins, without explanations about what happens around him (at least at the beginning of the story) The story is told by small legends, at the corner of the screen that go giving context, in addition to interactions with characters that come your way.

The game emphasizes that “Dandara's actions will not be forgotten” and this is a great truth, in relation to what the player does during the phases while the game is saving his progress, being saved as the player advances

The game talks to the player in many ways, from the standard conversation with the NPCS, to the scenario that draws a line of understanding to the player who has his own interpretation of this world, using names that refer to Dandara's past with small phrases .

Your job as a player is to put this puzzle together in the way that seems best to you and that makes the most sense.

Jumps, lots of jumps and shots, lots of shots

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The gameplay of the game is very different from the standard. Dandara can't walk, she just moves around in heels. This seems very strange at first, but it goes well with the scenarios that involve jumping on the walls, floor and even the ceiling. The reason for this movement is not justified, but it adds a unique charm to the title.

Being a great representative of Metroidvanias. The special movement already generates attention to the title. In addition, the game promotes unique combats with the fact that the protagonist can shoot lightning bolts through her hands, like a charged energy and uses them to defeat her enemies. The player has to be cunning and learn when to shoot and when to move in combat.

Movement is the key to success, as the game is punitive for those who do not take the exact timing seriously, and this can be frustrating. In fact, frustration is accompanied by a sense of victory when we manage to defeat our obstacles in the game, which does not make the game disrespectful to those who try, but it is still a game that will take you to get used to this movement full of hops.

In terms of movement, there was only one thing that bothered me a little (it's not something that harms the work, but it made me miss it a bit), which is that the character doesn't appear on the map and that affects the location a lot when we want to go to some goal but with time you get used to it and adventure flows.

Are you seeing this reference?

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The Brazilian public of the title has a great advantage. There are countless historical references in the game, starting with the protagonist herself, who is one of the most important black representatives in the country's history.

Also, there is the participation of real characters and figures, represented in a fictitious or fanciful way here. The most famous example, which you find right at the beginning of the game, is that of Tarsila do Amaral. There are other elements referring to musical groups, real places, peoples and even other names related to Brazilian TV programs.

Graphic nostalgia

Dandara closely follows the example of other national games and bet on the retro look, reminiscent of the Super Nintendo era, but with animations that would not have been possible in the 90s. The game is all alive. Details in the scenarios, the character's movement, the enemies - in fact, the design of some big bosses is beautiful. It's all very beautiful.

Because its good?

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Anyway, Dandara integrates a great space in the incredible games produced in our lands. Just the fact of mixing good elements of our history with elements of fantasy would be a reason for prominence, however the game has more merit due to the innovative gameplay and its beautiful worlds. Dandara is a unique adventure that deserves your full attention.

Initial release date: February 6, 2018

Developer: Long Hat House

Studio: Raw Fury

Mode: Electronic game for one player

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS Classic, SteamOS

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