Darksiders II - Deathnitive Edition - Review

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition is a remastering for PC, Xbox One and PS4 of the game Darksiders II.

About the Remaster

Darksiders ii - deathnitive edition - review | screenshot01 before tnvk | married games reviews | darksiders ii

First, the game's subtitle is a joke in English with “Definitive Edition”. It contains all the DLCs and small graphical improvements, among them the possibility to run the game in Full HD 1080 at 60 frames per second

The game takes care to bring even more beauty to the already beautiful graphics of the game by improving parts and taking advantage of everything that the current generation can provide to the title. Accentuating the particularities of the game to improve the experience as a whole.


About the game

Darksiders ii - deathnitive edition - review | darksiders ii deathinitive edition 03 after | married games reviews | darksiders ii

Continuing from where we left off

Darksiders II continues immediately where the first game ended. The story happens after the world is devastated by the horsemen of the apocalypse. An integral part of these knights, Death, controlled by the player, goes on a mission to clear his brother “War”. With all the souls of humans trapped, Death also plans to perpetuate the cycle of life and bring humans back from the world of the dead.

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Guided by the creators of the world (the Makers), Death sets out to complete a series of missions. Although it seems interesting, the story is lost in several moments and is supported by “excuses” for you to accomplish more missions.

Although the plot starts well and then falls into sameness, the great voice acting combined with an exceptional soundtrack sets the tone for the adventure that runs smoothly around 30 hours of pure satisfaction. The mood is of a long journey in the style of God of War or Devil May Cry

Cute as a Comic

The artistic style of the game looks like a mix of HQ and three-dimensional graphics. It resembles something like Warcraft, but much darker.

For remembering exactly the first 3D versions of Legend of Zelda, God of War, Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition easily falls in the taste of those looking for a good game of “hack'n slash”. You can mow opponents with combos, climb walls, call a horse to shorten distances, and more.

Very interesting in Mechanics

Anyway, anyone notices that the game relies on clichés and well-known components of action games. For example, when you notice a clearing with a portal in the background, we immediately know that a giant boss will appear. Dungeons made up of a few puzzles followed by bosses are one of the most fun parts of Darksiders.

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Another part that captivates, and a lot, is to explore the whole tree of evolution of the character. The amount of skills to unlock and items to equip is impressive. The sense of progression of the character is quite efficient and rewarding.

Release date startsl: August 14, 2012

Mode: Electronic game for one player

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Wii U

Developers: Vigil Games, THQ Nordic GmbH, Gunfire Games

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Genres: Electronic action RPG, Hack and slash

Studios: THQ, THQ Nordic GmbH

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