Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Review

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, was a game that conquered a large legion of fans and players in a very short time since its release date (August 04th). Currently, the game has already hit the mark of two million players, and continues to rise.

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Fall Guys gameplay

Well, Fall Guys is a battle royale where up to 60 players get together on different challenge tracks to try to survive and move on to the next round to finally be the last Fall Guy alive. The funny thing about this story, is that the dolls have only 4 commands: Walk, jump, grab and "play", literally, the doll plays forward. The physics of the game is very good and funny, making you very angry when many players get together in one place and end up pushing you off the map.

fall guys menu
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Review | Fall guys: ultimate knockout, pc, playstation 4, Steam | Fall Guys

The grabbing mechanics are also extremely frustrating, as there are players who don't have much of a goal to win, but rather to make you feel very angry. Whenever you are going to jump over a hole, a troll WILL grab you.


Fall guys is a very quiet game in terms of graphics, very colorful and with well modeled models. But what really wins the game are the character customizations and skins. If you want to be a dove, can you, a pineapple? can also. What if I want to be a unicorn? See there: ALSO CAN!

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Fall guys customization
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Review | Fall guys: ultimate knockout, pc, playstation 4, Steam | Fall Guys

Jokes aside, the customization of game characters is very good, and keeps everything within a game currency that is not paid (can be purchased with real money, just to get customizations faster), and also a currency that you earn when you win a game, which is the crown. With the crown, you can buy exclusive looks that can only be purchased with the crown, and then show everyone else in the game that you are very successful and play well.


The game is incredibly fun, when played with friends, alone is kind of boring and I already explain the reason. With friends, it's great to laugh at the mistakes your friend makes, or at some funny game situation. However, alone, the game falls into a loop of sameness, with few maps, the experience ends up being very repetitive and boring, causing the game to get sick very quickly.

Anyway, the game has an excellent cost benefit, since it is costing about $ 38 on Steam at the moment this publication is being written.

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