Fallen Lobo V2 Gamer Mouse - Video Review and Unboxing

Hey guys, how are my dear ones? I hope well, because today we have the review Lobo V2 gaming mouse from Fallen Store.

But then, during this BGS 2019 I bought this mouse and I believe it's past time to do your review.

Valued at R $ 332,22 on Fallen store. Let's start with the basics right? Okay, let's go to Unboxing mouse over the video below.

Unboxing | Review Mouse Fallen Wolf V2

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Introduction to Lobo V2

Mouse developed and created by Fallen Gear do True (Gabriel Fallen), Lobo V2 is a second version of the gaming mouse of the same name, Lobo. But what has really changed since its first version and even more, is that the mouse True CS worth your price?

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Front | review mouse fallen wolf v2
Front | Review Mouse Fallen Lobo V2

Lobe V3360 PMW2 sensor

On its sensor, the Lobo V2 mouse from Fallen brings the PMW3360 and manufactured by PixArt currently one of the best sensors for mice. Despite that, currently mice in the same price range as the Lobo are quite common to bring this sensor.

Not that it is a negative point of the mouse, but a positive point for the market as a whole. But some examples of mice that use the same sensor are, Redragon King Cobra, Corsair M65 Pro e Zowie EC2-B.

In fact, keep a comparison of three types of sensors. Where we can see the Avago 3310, equipped in Zowie EC2-A, PMW3366 on Logitech G900 and PMW3360 itself next to a Plugable PM3360.

Comparison of sensors.

For those who want to go deeper into the sensor specifications, you can download the PixArt PMW3360 Datasheet here on the blog, below.

Mouse Footprints

Okay, let's talk about another extremely important part for reviewing a mouse, I'm talking about the footprints of the mouse.

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In short, the mouse is clearly for more Palm footprints, it has from the size to the distance of the button perfect for that. But you who play Fingertip can even try to use it too, due to its elongated main buttons.

Finally, for those who use Claw it can be a little more complicated to use the mouse, but it goes from person to person, so it is difficult to confirm for sure.

Mouse gamer fallen wolf v2 - video review and unboxing | mouse footprints 1 | married games analysis, technology | fallen wolf mouse
Footprint types | review mouse fallen wolf v2


Of course, I can't pass up the detail of the construction of the Lobo mouse from the Fallen Store. Basically your cable is unsheathed in nylon, which can be a positive or negative point to the mouse.

Because the mouse does not have a nylon coating, making the cable more fragile to damage, however there is no resistance to torsion and friction which is a good point for those who play professionally.

However, this coating removes malleability and adds weight to the mouse. The plastic used in the mouse is of quality, I can prove it by my gameplays de osu! just like an FPS, the game requires speed and accuracy, that is, the little wolf has flown a lot since its purchase.

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Still in this topic, the color of matte black also helps a lot with fingerprints. For example, I have had the mouse for more than two months and have not yet noticed the presence of marks.


Anyway let's comment a little more about the Lobo V2 software. Initially we see a very direct screen and separated by sections, such as the functions of the 7 mouse buttons, the DPI, Macro Editor, RGB lighting and the refresh rate.

Mouse gamer fallen wolf v2 - video review and unboxing | image 9 | married games analysis, technology | fallen wolf mouse

Regarding the function menu of the buttons, which by the way are 7 buttons, we see a menu apparently simple. However, just by clicking to modify, we are faced with one of the biggest sins of the software, the color combination.

In addition, the scroll bar in this same window does not exist, thus not helping to understand a continuity of options. Finally, these two problems with the Software put an end to the software's intuitiveness, leaving you more confused than you should.

Mouse gamer fallen wolf v2 - video review and unboxing | image 10 | married games analysis, technology | fallen wolf mouse

We can also observe the objectivity of the App by hovering over an option to modify the button's pre-definition. Basically the guide of the mouse buttons gets a highlight in the selected one. But the poor choice of colors continues to appear.

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Mouse gamer fallen wolf v2 - video review and unboxing | image 11 | married games analysis, technology | fallen wolf mouse

We arrived at DPI control, where we can see and test the minimum (200) and maximum (12000) DPI of the mouse. Another point is the possibility to change the DPI of 100 in 100. It is worth informing the detail that you can also limit the number of variations of DPI presets.

DPI control | review mouse fallen wolf v2
DPI control | Review Mouse Fallen Lobo V2

Finally, it is also possible to configure numerous macros, but only with the use of the keyboard, repetitions and delay. At least the macro menu is very self-explanatory and you can easily understand everything that is happening, but the colors continue.

Mouse gamer fallen wolf v2 - video review and unboxing | image 12 | married games analysis, technology | fallen wolf mouse

Still on the RGB lighting of the mouse, it is also possible to control its brightness, color level and color pattern. That is, you have complete freedom to modify and manipulate the mouse LEDs.

RGB lighting

As well as we saw in the video of unboxing of the mouse, its RGB lighting is all wrapped around the mouse. In addition we have more than 10 modes that can be customizable by the user. Starting with one of the most common effects, rainbow and its variables:

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  • Rainbow and variables, an effect that brings all the colors to a color palette.
  • Single color, where the mouse is only one color, being able to change or not.
  • Sensor to movement, the color intensifies and spreads through the mouse by the user's movement.
  • Off, no RGB color will be present.
Side | review mouse fallen wolf v2
Side | review mouse fallen wolf v2

Warranty and customer service

I don't know about you, but I particularly like having that professional service and without being too robotic.

Anyway, what I want to talk about is that since when I thought about buying the mouse and even when I simulated a problem by the SAC of the Fallen Store, I was served absurdly well.

It is also worth remembering that when I bought it, we were at the Brasil Game Show, and the Fallen booth was next to another extremely loud booth. But the staff at the booth made sure to treat me very well and repeat as many times as necessary.

In addition to guiding me through Fallen products. Finally, the mouse has a 12-month warranty, although you can tell by the quality of the product that you probably won't even use it.

Right diagonal | review mouse fallen wolf v2
Right diagonal | review mouse fallen wolf v2

But then, does Lobo V2 pay off?

Well dear people on this website, I need to comment with you an extra detail of the price. Because its gross price is somewhat salty, I would not have the courage to pay more than R $ 300 on a mouse.

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Except that the Fallen Store is directly entering its promotions, and also those who pay cash on the ticket have a 10% discount. But, with its 12 months warranty and its price range from R $ 200 to R $ 300, the mouse from Real CS: GO, Lobo V2, is very pleasing to me!

So that's it, I definitely recommend buying the Gabriel Fallen mouse, the Lobo V2, but only in promotions. But I recommend it only for the famous hardcore gamers, someone who really wants to invest in it.

Oh yes, of course, with hardcore I say people addicted to games that ask for an extremely quick response from the user. For example, the mouse is perfect for FPS games, and even for MOBA, its build quality and response time are unmatched.

Don't waste time, see the Fallen Store mouse by clicking here.

Left diagonal | review mouse fallen wolf v2
Left diagonal | review mouse fallen wolf v2

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