Hades: The Game That Won Critics and Players

Do you know the game that is giving talk to players and critics, winning prize after prize and defeating favorite competitors like The Last of Us 2 and Animal Crossing? The name of the saying whose Hades, and here in this article you will check everything about the game!


Genus Roguelike

First of all, you need to know that Hades is an action and RPG game in the Roguelike genre. But what would that genre be?

The term Roguelike, if translated literally, would be 'like Rogue'. And it makes perfect sense, since the genre was created from the game Rogue, from 1980. Rogue is an RPG inspired by Dungeons & Dragons in which the player goes through a dungeon generated randomly at each game, with varying difficulties, and based on turns.

After the launch and success of Rogue, several similar games were created, initiating the Roguelike genre.

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What, then, does a game need to present to be defined as Roguelike? 2008 Roguelike International Development Conference, the main features of a Roguelike-style game are:

  • The phases are generated randomly, making the player encounter a completely different level with each game. There may be locations or even levels that are repeated, but they are rarer;
  • Death is permanent. There are not many lives, your character will only live once. If he dies, it is game over and it will be necessary to start over from the beginning, when a new phase will be generated, enriching his gameplay;
  • The game is turn based. The player will have the time necessary to make his decision, but once made, the course of the game changes;
  • The identity of the items found varies with each game. A potion that at one point would serve to heal could serve as a poison in the next gameplay, so it is important to keep an eye out.
  • Most are single player.

These are some points decided at the Conference that identify a Roguelike game.

Well, Hades is one of those games, with permanent death and randomly generated dgs. In addition, you become stronger and gather more weapons and items as you go through the different stages, so dying is an important part of the game, which would put you in another category among the Roguelikes - the Roguelites.

Hades initial chamber
Initial Chamber of Hades

Hades - History

Well, now for the story of the game. You, the player, will be Zagreu, son of Hades and prince of the underworld. And your goal will be to escape from hell, towards Mount Olympus to discover your own history. This is it.

But it will not be as simple as it sounds, and to be successful you will need blessings from the other Olympian gods, as well as other upgrades that you will get throughout the game.

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You will play through rooms - which, of course, as already mentioned will be different with each game. In each room you will find a number of enemies that, after being defeated, will release a reward ranging from simple upgrades to keys that can unlock new weapons.

The history of the game, although simple at first glance, is very rich and is part of what captivates the audience of Hades, it develops as the player progresses (and dies), therefore, without spoilers!

Play Mode

Hades' controls and gameplay are quite simple. The player always starts at home, from where he not only starts his escape but can improve himself through the Mirror of Night and obtain new weapons (released by obtaining keys during the game).

To move, you will use the W, A, S and D keys. Clicking with the left mouse button will make the character attack, with Q for the special attack. The space bar makes him dash. OE is for interacting and G for giving. These are the simple commands for those who play on the keyboard. But it is possible to make changes according to your preferences. There is also compatibility with controls.

An important tip is to use dashs well and always keep moving around the map, so it will be more difficult for enemies to catch you. It is also possible to reflect the attack of some enemies, which can be a good way to kill them faster.

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Another thing is the presence of traps. They will be spread out across the room in the shape of square buttons, and are activated by going over them. It is also interesting to use them to damage enemies. But watch out for the shot not to backfire and end up killing yourself in a trap.

Some important tips to get started

Don't stress if you die, deaths are part of the game so you can improve and get further and further away on your escape. “One more time” is what he says when restarting his journey and that’s what the game is based on, trying one more time (and one more, and one more, and one more…)

For those just starting out, here are some tips to make your gameplay richer:

  • Go after the keys first. With each room that Zagreu enters, it is possible to see what the reward is, and you can often choose the room you want to face based on your reward. First of all, give preference to the keys, from which you unlock new weapons, and you will be able to choose which one suits you best;
  • Focus on experimenting. The first runs should be focused on your experimentation, use them to adapt well to the game, the movement of your enemies and the traps. Remember that dying is part of your learning and improvement;
  • Talk. With each run you will return home, and there you will find characters with a symbol above their heads. These characters will have something to say to you, and listening to them can benefit you during the game;
  • Give as a gift. When purchasing nectar, give a character a gift and you can earn Souvenirs for Zagreu. It is important, however, to give gifts to everyone instead of sparing nectar on just one character;
  • Always try to keep nectar with you. Some gods can appear randomly in some rooms during the run, so it is important to stay prepared for the encounter;
  • Use and abuse the Mirror of Night. Through it you will be able to buy items such as extra life and increased damage. There is no need to keep material because the stronger you get, the farther you will be able to go and the more abundant the material offered will be. In the beginning, it is important to acquire the Death Challenge;
  • House contractor. Upon returning to your home after an unsuccessful escape, you will be able to find the Contractor next to Hades and through it you will spend your jewelry and diamonds on improvements;
  • Choose the right weapon. There is no formula for which weapon is best in the game, each player will adapt better with one, depending on their style of play. But with each run, a weapon will be available with a purple aura, and this specific weapon will give you Darkness bonuses, material needed to buy upgrades to the Night Mirror, so it's interesting to choose based on that;
  • Set goals. As I said tirelessly in this text, dying is part of the gameplay, and you can focus your runs on goals, it is not always more interesting to play to zero, but to acquire materials that may be important for a better performance;
  • Daedalus hammer. Hammers are also an interesting choice of rooms to face, as they can change your weapon. But it is important to note that the number of Hammers you can take is fixed, and when you choose the 2nd Hammer it will replace the choice of the first;
  • Focus on building a good build. The build you choose can be crucial to your advancement in the game, so read carefully the blessings offered by the gods to build the best build for your style of play

Haven't I convinced you to play Hades yet? Follow the text that has more!

One of the game rooms
Example of a Hades game room


Codex is another reason why you should always talk to the characters at the beginning of each run. In his third escape attempt, when talking to Achilles, he will present you with the Codex.

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But what is it about? It is a guide with all the characters, creatures and objects existing not only in the underworld but beyond. It contains the stories and details of each thing, but only shows information that Zagreu has already come across, without spoilers, and by the vision of Achilles, the creator of the document.

See the Codex separations:

  • Chthonic Gods: contains information about the gods of the underworld, such as Hades, Nyx, Hypnos Zagreu himself, among others;
  • Gods of Olympus: as the name suggests, it gathers information from gods in general, such as Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Artemis, Ares, Hermes, among others;
  • Other notables: characters who are not gods, but also deserve some attention. In this category are Achilles, Sisyphus, Cerberus, Eurydice, Patroclus, among others;
  • The Underworld: instead of characters, it lists important places in the underworld, such as Tartarus, the House of Hades, the River Styx, Elísios, Asfódelos, among others;
  • Hellish weapons: also very clear by name, list the weapons that Zagreus will be able to use in his escape attempts, details about the weapons will be listed later;
  • Dangerous Enemies: lists the enemies that Zagreu encounters in his escapes, among them the Cursed Bandit, Cursed Witch, Cursed Plague, Hollowhead, Nest of Skulls, among others;
  • Artifacts: these are the materials that Zagreu collects during his adventures, in this category are Nectar, Chthonic Keys, Daedalus Hammer, Hemolites, Ambrosia, Titan's Blood, among others;
  • Inhabitants of Rio: these are the fish that Zagreu will be able to acquire when fishing, more details of the fishing ahead;
  • Fables: it is the list of companions that Zagreu will be able to acquire later in the game, when presenting the characters with Nectar and Ambrosia several times.
Underworld Codex
Underworld Codex


The weapons available in the game are six, the following:

  • Stygian Sword: is the starting weapon, which you start the game using
  • Eternal Spear
  • Shield of Chaos
  • Heartfelt Bow
  • Twin Fists (hand attack)
  • Diamantino cannon (firearm)

Each weapon has four Aspects that will be released over time, each Aspect releases new effects and weapon attack modes, so there are not only six but 24 possible weapon builds to use. Aspects, however, are a more advanced part of the game, so in the beginning you should only have the basic weapons available.

But what is the best weapon in the game? As mentioned earlier, each weapon favors a game mode, and the “best weapon” will depend on the style of play you prefer and feel most comfortable with.

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With each escape you will have the chance to choose which weapon you want to play, and you can change them with each gameplay.

But pay attention: in the beginning, only the Stygian Sword will be available, you will need to collect keys to release the other weapons one by one.

Hades gameplay video


As mentioned before, when collecting Nectar, you can give it to NPCs that appear in the game to get items that can help you in your escape. Well, these items are the Souvenirs. You will receive a souvenir when you present an NPC with Nectar for the first time. That is why it is important to give gifts to everyone instead of spamming just one character.

Each Memento can be upgraded to level 3 and more than 50 encounters are needed to reach this level. To enhance a Souvenir just keep it equipped while playing.

The only character who does not present Zagreu with a Remembrance when receiving Nectar is Hades. The Remembrance of Hades can only be obtained by finishing the story of the game.

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There are a total of 25 Souvenirs available in total, with two being secret and less known. It is possible to equip a Souvenir in your home, before starting each run, or after defeating a Boss, in the room next to it. But, it is worth remembering: when unequipping a Souvenir in the middle of a run, it will not be possible to refit it later, only when starting another run.

The main memories are: Cerberus (more life), Eurydice and Persephone. But there are several other Memories that can give you buffs of the most varied such as decreasing damage received, invulnerability, choosing the next Gift to receive from a god and even invulnerability.

The Achilles' Memento is also a good one for those starting out, as it guarantees less damage received ahead. However, it is important to note that at the same time it increases the damage received from behind, which can be a little risky.

After giving the NPC several times with Nectar, it may be possible to present them with Ambrosia, which can free the Companions. The NPCs that have Companions are: Megaira, Dusa, Zé Caveira, Sísifo and Pedro (together), Tânato, Achilles and Pátroclo (together). But Companions are a much more advanced tool in the game.


One more possible thing to do in the game is to fish. It is possible to buy your fishing rod from the House Contractor.

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To be able to fish, you must be in a room with water (obvious) and have killed all enemies. When taking the reward, a signal will be given to the player that it is possible to fish in the enclosure.

To start your fishing, just get close to the water and press the Interaction button. Zagreu will then launch his fishing rod and, when catching a fish, a light will shine.

There comes an important part. The faster you react and press the button to collect your rod, the rarer the fish you catch.

The fish can be Common, Rare or Legendary and can be exchanged for rewards with the Chef, in the kitchen of the House of Hades. The rewards can be Darkness, Nectar, Keys or even Diamonds, Ambrosia and Titan's Blood, depending on the rarity.


In his escape from the underworld, Zagreu will pass through four regions, each with different characteristics, mini bosses and bosses. Here is the list with the areas:

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  • Tartar: contains 15 rooms in total;
  • Asphódelo: contains 10 rooms in total;
  • Elísio: contains 11 rooms in total, and
  • Temple of the Styx: with 33 rooms in total

Passing through the four regions it will be possible to reach Greece, the surface, and complete your escape successfully.

Greek mythology

As you can see, Hades is focused on Greek mythology and through him you will meet with several characters already known: Hermes, Athena, Zeus, Artemis, Ares, Poseidon, Aphrodite and many others will appear during the gameplay, bringing an air Knights from the Zodiac to the narrative.

But, unlike CdZ, the gods will be on your side (apart from Hades, of course, for obvious reasons) and will share messages of support with you, as well as help you with your escape from home. It is a very pleasant theme to explore, and with a lot of wealth to be shared.

Reviews and Awards

“Hades is a unique Roguelite game that does a brilliant marriage of quick action and its persistent and progressive history through a vivid and reimagined underworld of Greek mythology” - IGN

“Hades is one of the best Roguelites of all time” - TheSixthAxis

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“It is hard to imagine anyone other than Supergiant creating this Herculean feat with such style” - Destructoid

Those were some criticisms received by the game Hades. He was very well received not only by the critics but also by the players, having sold 700 thousand copies during Early access and added to these more 300 thousand copies in just three days of launch, reaching a million sales. The game received a score of 93 out of 100 on the Metacritic website.

In addition, Hades has been collecting awards since its launch in September 2020, including Best Game at the British Academy Games Awards and BAFTA Games Awards, Best Action Game and Best Independent Game at The Game Awards, known as the Games Oscar, Game of the Year by IGN, Polygon, TIME, The Washington Post, Destructoid and many others, defeating strong competitors like The Last of Us 2 and Animal Crossing.

Hades and his enemies
Game is great success among players and critics

Early Access

It can be said that the Early Access season was very important in the production of the game, since it was available in this modality for almost two years.

The game was first announced in December 2018 at The Game Awards alongside other names like Far Cry New Dawn and The Other Worlds. Also in the same month, the game's early access was opened, which, according to the creators, could help them “build the game together with the fans”, seeing what worked and what needed to be changed, making it a success to be finally released almost two years later in September 2020.

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Hades is that addictive game that makes you want to keep playing until you zero. The fact that you have to start over again does not make it boring or repetitive, since each run is different from the previous one.

Be it in images, history, gameplay, soundtrack, the game does not sin at all. It is proof that even something simpler can be just as captivating.

Even for those who are not fans of Roguelikes, it is worth taking a look at the game because it is really unique in its proposal. It also pleases players who prefer games with magic or physical attacks, since Zagreu uses both forms of attack.

And it is not an extremely stopped game, on the contrary, it can be very intense at times, but calm and patience are keywords to beat it.

Where do I find the game?

Hades is available at Steam e epic Games for R $ 47,49, and Nintendo eShop for $ 24,99. At Steam and Epic Games it is also possible to purchase the game's soundtrack in one package. And it has a Portuguese translation!

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For now, Hades can only be played through Windows, Mac and Nintendo Switch, but Supergiant has already said it has plans to expand the platforms.


The recommended requirements for playing Hades are (in Windows / mac order):

  • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 / macOS 10.14+
  • Processor: Dual Core 3.0 GHz + / Quad Core 3.0 GHz +
  • Memory: 8 GB of RAM
  • Graphics: 2GB VRAM - DirectX 10+ support / Intel UHD 630+

Storage: 20 GB available space


Supergiant Games is the game's producer and distributor. It is an independent developer responsible for several critically acclaimed games, Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, and of course, Hades. The company is known for games with good narration and art, which fits very well with the profile of Hades.

Supergiant was founded in 2009 by Amir Rao and Gavin Simon who, decided to quit their jobs, move to the same house and develop a new game together. With the help of musician Darren Korb and several freelancers, it became possible to create Bastion, launched in 2011. Bastion has already been highly acclaimed by critics and has become one of the most important titles of Supergiant.

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Did you like the tips and were curious about the game? Let's play! And good luck on your escapes.

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