Hollow Knight - Review

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a metroidvania available for Pc, PS4, Xbox one and Switch that, at first, draws attention with its unique and beautiful art direction.

The basic formula of the genre is there, but it only takes a few minutes to realize that the game brings interesting concepts and not much explored in style, such as great freedom of exploration and challenging combat.

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The game follows the standard formula of Metroidvanias with its protagonist who explores various maps in search of his goal and is faced with places that cannot be reached initially, but with the course of history and the acquisition of new skills, these places become available and affordable. The main differential of this game is the vastness, because its world is immense and there are many options for places to visit.

A big advantage is the fact that there is no correct order to follow during gameplay which makes each player’s experience unique and varies the story’s challenge with each play

Hollow Knight's path

Along the way, there is a mix of platform and combat challenges. It is very common for sessions in which it is necessary to make precise jumps while avoiding traps and attacks by enemies.

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Overall, the challenge is medium to high and I lost count of the times I died. It is impossible not to also notice the inspirations of the Dark Souls series, as in the cadence and difficulty of the combat and in the design of the maps. It is worth mentioning that an error can be fatal and a wrong jump can be the last.

In the beginning, all of this brought me the feeling of a tiring journey, as I walked a lot and it seemed that I couldn't progress on the adventure. I also lost myself a lot, not knowing exactly where to go. However, I insisted on the journey, mainly because of the desire to know what my goal in this land is and what adventures I would find myself ahead of today and I am very grateful for insisting.

How beautiful is this game

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Hollow Knight takes place in an ancient underground kingdom that has suffered from some catastrophe and today only ruins remain. There, some creatures look very friendly, others are frightening. All the characters are unique and are able to convey personality and charisma only with their looks. So, I was always wondering what kind of creature would appear along the way. The game areas are very beautiful and full of small details built with care.

The story is hard to pick up and asks for a lot of attention to detail and talking to all the characters that are possible

Let's fall in the ass

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Hollow Knight's combat is very basic, but all encounters are very intense and difficult. The main reason for this is that the hero has few and simple attacks available, and the enemies are very aggressive and have various patterns of attack. In addition, it is still necessary to be aware of the dangers of scenarios, such as holes and thorns.

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There are also spells that use Soul, a kind of magic meter that is recovered when attacking enemies.

It is possible to slightly customize the hero via skills-giving amulets. Amulets that increase skills and can be combined into new powers.

Overall, the combat in the game is great and fun. It was a wise choice to focus on trying to understand enemy attacks in order to win, and even the most basic confrontations can be intense.

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