Homefront: Gameplay PC Pt-BR / Analysis

Bringing another series of gameplays for you, this time the chosen one is Homefront developed by Kaos Studios (now extinct) and published by THQ being launched in 2011 using the Unreal Engine.

Homefront is available for Playstation, Xbox e PC (both in Humble Bundle how much in Steam).

The Homefront Story

The game's story tells of a confrontation between the USA and Korea in the mid-2027s where North Korea joins South Korea becoming a unified Korea and wants to dominate not only America, but also the world.

However, Homefront already in the presentation already makes you angry with the situation with very heavy scenes, showing all the cruelty of the invasion that is in the country.

In the game you are Robert Jacobs, a pilot who refused to serve his country and went into hiding, the resistance recruits you to fight for the cause, but the Koreans are on your tail.

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However, without much choice, you join the resistance to fight alongside

Despite a very short game (just over 2 hours) it is a game that definitely guarantees a good dose of adrenaline, anger and lots of fun.

Homefront Analysis

The great point of Homefront is in the story, which frantically sticks you in the game, making you continue until the end, including making you nervous many times, even wanting revenge.

As for the gameplay itself, there is nothing new, it is a simple FPS with an incredible story.

However, as a game and any game, there are always problems, the AI ​​of the characters that accompany you throughout Homefront leave a lot to be desired, are blocked, are impeding its development and also complicate quite a few moments.

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The game's soundtrack is just right, there is no exaggeration and it is not missing at any time.

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