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Horizon Chase Turbo

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Horizon Chase Turbo -When I was little, I spent a good part of my childhood

With my face tucked into a tube television with my super Nintendo on playing Top Gear and trying to be the best driver in his winding races full of opponents to try to overtake me, years went by and that nostalgia was still in my chest. Behold, after a long time, a new light came from a source that I did not expect. Horizon Chase Turbo has everything my nostalgia wanted, but there was no way to remember it.

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Around the world with friends

The game's main mode is around the world that will take you on races around the globe on several super colorful and full of life maps as you fight against the speed to reach the infamous first place. In each new country you will pilot your powerful one through new inspiring landscapes that are very enjoyable to see

In this unhealthy career journey, the game allows up to four simultaneous players to connect in split screen to further help with that nostalgia of gathering everyone on the couch to play that race.

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The Tournaments: From Amateur to Expert

In Tournaments, players run four races in a row, adding points according to placement. It is our “best of three”, ideal to see who does best after a 10 to 15 minute session. There are three categories of difficulty: Amateur, Professional and Expert. Taking gold in all tournaments opens the next difficulty, and also unlocks a special car.

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Resist to win

There is also the Resistance mode, which opens after completing Round the World or all Expert Tournaments, presents three longer challenges, which can last from 30 minutes to an entire dawn! The first level draws 12 races from the entire game, and the player must run and install improvements between races. The second level has 36 tracks (one from each city), and the last Resistance has all 109 tracks in the game in random order. One detail: players cannot reach less than fifth place, otherwise they are out of the competition.

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The heartbeat songs

Horizon has a soundtrack made with such affection and dedication that takes you back to that childhood moment where you were sitting on the floor throwing that cartridge (which you blew about forty times to get) for hours and hours on end without further worries. The game has the power to remind us of earlier times in life and that is an incredible merit.

With the track composed by Barry Leitch, composer of games such as Lottus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear (SNES) and Rush, the game manages to leave you bored, because the songs combine directly with everything you are seeing on the screen and making the races more exciting and rewarding when you pass the 1st place in the last corner and the music seems to celebrate this adventure.

There are vehicles, MANY vehicles

horizon chase

The game has an incredible arsenal of cars, with several powerful cars, true speed machines, but it also has cars with the urge to have fun, like the Firm Car which is actually a Fiat Uno with a ladder on top (The car fastest ever created) or Wanderlea which is a colorful Kombi.

All vehicles in the game are very well done and give a reaction of being really palpable in the context that they were inserted.

Doing 100%

horizon chase

I usually have a habit of trying to make 100% of the games. It gives me a feeling that I was able to enjoy a lot of what the game has to offer and with Horizon Chase Turbo it was no different. I decided right away that I would at least make 100% of the world circuit. Always in 1st place and taking all the coins. I can honestly say, I never regretted it. The experience that the game goes through is incredible and being able to complete the countries is rewarding (as it presents you with a specific car from that country).

And there are phases that will test your patience, because picking up all the coins and still reaching the first place on the podium is not such an easy task and it is equally gratifying to get it. (I gave every cheer that I'm sure my neighbors hate me)

Because Horizon Chase Turbo it's good?

Being transported in time, running incredible races, listening to childhood songs, and seeing a reimagination of the racing game that I played a lot when I was little.

Horizon Chase Turbo arrives with nostalgia, but it remains to be done very well. All the merit of the Aquiris Studios team is in its level design very well elaborated, in putting this whole world of running in a very fun way to interact.

I fell in love with this game in a way that I wasn't expecting and whenever I have free time, I sit on my couch and run back with my friends to see who reaches the first place in the Podium.

Thank you Horizon Chase Turbo for the experience and congratulations for the excellence.

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