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Maneater is a game I picked up to play just for the nostalgia of playing Jaws Unleashed, for PS2. The game is well based on the American people and all their stigmas about killer sharks; things that we don't see much in our popular Brazilian culture. However, I loved the game and all its premises, let's comment.

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Maneater's History

The story of the game is not so high in the game, but it is fun and funny. In a general context, the game takes place in a documentary / television program called Maneater, which accompanies shark hunters. In this case, the program is accompanying hunter Scaly Pete and his son Kyle LeBlanc. Right in the tutorial, you get caught by Scaly Pete, and then you start playing with the puppy that was in the mother's belly, seeking revenge as the sole purpose.

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The gameplay is based on RPG, making not all battles easy for the “King of the Seas”. Right in the first part of the map, for example, it is very difficult to face the alligators that appear, due to their size / damage / level. The missions help a lot in terms of exp, making it unnecessary to be around eating Catfish for fun.

The game's progression also occurs related to the areas, since you need to make x% of that area to be able to proceed with the story with Scaly Pete.

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Maneater map
General game map separated by regions.

The game has some very interesting mechanics for "boss" battles. The first is related to the level of infamy; when you kill many humans, hunters come after you, and the more you kill hunters, the higher your level of infamy. When you move to the next level of infamy, a hunter chief will come after you, with some specific power, be it a weapon that does the most damage, a sturdier boat, or even dynamite. As soon as it is slaughtered you receive a body modification that can be placed in the cave. Body modifications can bring several benefits to the shark, such as shock damage, increased resistance, etc.

The second way to achieve this is to kill the Apexes. The apexes are unique and larger versions of that region's dominant predator, such as a special Orca, a super powerful Alligator and etc. Apexes have the same benefits as hunters, in general, however, the perks released are different.

General developments

In general, as you advance, it also increases in size and is able to catch prey in the mouth and “beat”, using the left mouse button and moving the mouse. So, difficult targets get easier over time, according to the evolutions, which are:

  • Young
  • Teen
  • Adult
  • Elder
  • Mega

All updates are made in the cave, which is a kind of base / safezone for the shark.


The game's audio is very good; the difference between out of water and in water, the sound of bites, the soundtrack during specials, etc. But, especially in its Brazilian distribution, I owe my congratulations to the dubbing pt-br of Scaly Pete. The dubbing was excellent, in addition to bringing references to the Serjão Berranteiro meme in the first cutscene, speaking the famous phrase “if I could kill a thousand”.

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The game engine is the Unreal Engine 4, that is, it already brings those very realistic and beautiful graphics, however, in Maneater they are also depicted a little cartoonized.

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Maneater - Review/Analysis | Manager

Along with that, it also brings some easter eggs, as is the example of SpongeBob's house, at the bottom of the sea. The characters and summits are very well designed, both by the concept, as well as in the actual game.

It also has a great mention in relation to the map, which is very beautiful, both on the seabed and on land, in relation to the scenarios, playable places, pipes, beaches and structures. They did a great job in separating each area, causing not only the marine animals to change there, but also the scenery and the people they frequent as a whole.

Is it worth playing Maneater?

It certainly is. The game is leaving for R $ 75 reais at Epic Games Launcher, but it is certainly worth your money. The main story time is short, with about 8-9 hours of campaign; but, that increase a lot if you are going to do all the side missions and do 100% of all the scenarios. And anyway, even after you clear everything, it's really fun to be on the beach killing people and hunters, hahahaha.

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