Monster Hunter World: Is it still worth playing in 2021?

A renowned Capcom game that has even become a movie. Is it worth embarking on the new world of Monster Hunter these days? find it out

Monster Hunter World (MHW), is the last game in the series. Monster Hunter, with initial launch in December 2017 and global launch in 2018 by Capcom, in 2021 it has been 3 years since its global launch. Containing a mix of elements from the old games and adding new mechanics that have quickly made it a fan favorite of the series and Capcom's best-selling game.

It's not yet clear whether MHW is a spin-off game or a continuation of previous titles, but it's pretty clear that ignoring the events or not focusing as much on them helps to attract new players and people unfamiliar with the franchise to the game. The question is: If it's a spin-off, then it's ok for certain monsters that, by the game's lore, should have been dead for a long time, like Fatalis, to show up. If not, are there more Fatalis in the world? How many Fatalis are there? Did Fatalis not actually die? You can't know.

So, whether you're a longtime player or a newbie to the game, you'll have the chance to face this and many monsters already known from the Monster Hunter lore. With a long time since its release and with its successor, Monster Hunter Rise, close to reaching the PCs, the doubt is, is it still worth playing MHW? Will you still find hunting friends online? Will it be fun going after the monsters alone? Let's find out in this analysis.

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Monster Hunter World - Ancient Dragons Trailer

The Story of Monster Hunter World

Every 10 years there is the great migration of the ancient dragons to a land called the New World. Hunters Guild researchers don't know why, but 4 expeditions have already been sent to this place to try to understand this and there's still not enough information about the migration and not even news about previous expeditions, so we're off to Thursday expedition, appropriately called “The Fifth”.

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We follow with adventurers sent to explore this phenomenon inside a ship, where we see several hunter adventurers and their helpers, the “assistants”. While the hunter takes care of the protection and effective hunting of monsters, the assistants take care of the research and study part, leaving the hunters more relaxed to do what they do best. We pass the boat in first-person view until we reach a table where an assistant is sitting reading.

She's inconveniently kicked off the table by "Animated Farm" (or Ace Cadet if you've played the previous games or Aiden, as he's called in Monster Hunter Legends or the movie. In fact, the scene we see at the beginning of Legends could be moments before we arrive. We are also introduced to “Assistente Seria” (or Lea, as she was named in the film. Interesting detail is that she was played by Brazilian Nanda Costa).

After a quick chat we go to the character customization screen. Here we choose whether we will be a guy or a girl, which initial set of weapons we will choose (leather or metal), hair, makeup/tattoos, eyes, nose and so on. A reasonably well detailed customization. We're also going to customize our friend, a feline assistant that helps us in battle. If you know the game, you know the importance of these kittens. You also choose your name, but it's irrelevant, no one will call you that in history.

Created character, then we'll talk to our assistant, who is called “Assistant”. She doesn't have a name, but can sometimes be referred to as "joke assistant" or "animated assistant", but in general, she will just be the "assistant". Part of the community doesn't like her, but I really love her! In the Monster Hunter movie she was played by Japanese actress Hirona Yamazaki.

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She was perfect as the Assistant

She is looking at the choppy sea with great curiosity when the ship starts to rock heavily. We go up on deck to discover that our fleet is following the same route as the ancient dragon. Zorah Magdaros. A gigantic creature, the size of an island that easily destroys part of the fleet and moves on as if it had just hit insects. We fell on his back and we have to find a way out of there. We learned the first tutorials on moving, climbing, running and using the hook. In the end, we managed to get out thanks to a kind of flying monster similar to a pterosaur and arrived in the new world.

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Monster hunter world: is 2021 still worth playing? | 21f2765d 01 | married games reviews | capcom, mhw, monster hunter world, multiplayer, playstation 4, playstation 5, rpg, singleplayer, xbox game pass, xbox one, xbox series s, xbox series x | monster hunter world
Coming to the new world after a shipwreck

A little more tutorial and we finally find some monsters like the Great Jagras and the terrible Anjanath, and we are also rescued by the Field Team Leader (character called Hunter in the movie and played by Tony Jaa) who takes us to our base, Astera , where we will finally pick up our weapons and start hunting monsters, making the old story of a newbie adventurer who gradually rises to the fore until becoming a legend begins. Now it's up to you to discover the link between Zorah Magdaros and the migration of ancient dragons.

Gameplay for newbies and veterans

Before the gameplay itself, it is necessary to give special emphasis to the artificial intelligence implemented in the game, making the monsters aim at members with specific weapons or that are positioned at a certain distance and still looking to eliminate the weakest first, prioritizing those with low health first. The most incredible thing is that each monster has its own territory within the available regions, occasionally or through player interference a monster can end up invading another's territory and resulting in terrain fights.

Now make no mistake, the old story itself still raises expectations, to the point that older fans grew more apprehensive when they announced that Monster Hunter World would be set in the new world. It's a little difficult to explain and easy to understand when playing, more than hunting monsters and overcoming difficulties being weaker than your enemy, we don't see this in abundance in “soulslike”.

Monster Hunter World offers us something different, we are part of a culture that loves danger, facing monsters with weapons bigger than the character makes him slow, making you adapt and try to use other utensils to assist in hunting, such as traps natural or created by the player before or even during the hunts.

Monster Hunter World's cooking animations are a work of art, yes cooking is an important part of the game that goes unnoticed by novice players, so be sure to check it out. You'll still be welcomed by the chef, festivals are given to celebrate your best achievements, and you'll notice sooner or later that all interaction animations as well as cooking animations follow the festive and funny tone mentioned earlier.

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Monster Hunter World focuses on co-op, so multiple players can meet, interact and play together, but would a new player find all that promise even in 2021? No, veteran players don't find themselves that often inside Monster Hunter World, but that doesn't mean the game is dead, on the contrary, the game has a strong base of constant players.

Veteran players just “migrated” and find themselves more often in dedicated groups, on platforms like 'Discord' mostly, this means that even though there are no groups of people in the lobby, the SOS call will still be answered. It's still possible to find these same lobbies alive during seasonal and festive events like the winter and summer, christmas and halloween festivals.

A beautiful new world to explore and listen to

monster hunter world
The beautiful scenery in Iceborne

Monster Hunter World presents the best graphics ever seen in the Monster Hunter series, giving an amazing and enchanting look, of course, thanks to being a state-of-the-art game that makes good use of the most modern hardware, both on consoles and on PCs. Color details in each exploreable area of ​​the game creating scenes taken from a fantasy book, monsters with more realistic colors than previously presented. The graphic still focuses on realism, from character creation to monsters and even the weapons and armor created, but how much realism does a game have about giant guns and creatures the size of trucks setting fire?

This is one of Monster Hunter World's differentials, the mixture of realistic elements with something that comes directly from a cartoon, this mixture also helps in immersing the player in the culture of danger! Perfectly in tune with the soundtrack, you can expect incredible music and exceptional themes, highlighted by the attention given to the sounds emitted by monsters, enhancing their characteristics and further enhancing the immersion of Monster Hunter World. Much of it, however, can end up being kindly ignored by combat engagement, especially with the possibility of using the music itself as a weapon with the Hunting Scream.

To ensure that you can still enjoy the music, visuals and general world of Monster Hunter World, you have your own room inside the city of Astera (city created by the exploration fleets sent to the new world). Your accommodation will improve according to your achievements, being able to go from a simple bed in the accommodation to a suite with access to a hot spring.

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In this room you can change the look according to your tastes and also personalize it with every piece of the world that you like the most, this includes fantastic animals that you can find on your journey and bring them home if you capture them.

Monster Hunter World still has the Friendship, a companion that is made along with character creation, and will be your main partner during your adventure, and has access to a unique arsenal as well as armor that can match yours. If you're feeling a little exotic, one of the special armors that transform you, as well as your voice, like a cat alien, or an 8bit Mega Man, although muddled, it's indispensable for both novices and veterans.

Monster hunter world: is 2021 still worth playing? | 70539a74 monster hunter world | married games reviews | capcom, mhw, monster hunter world, multiplayer, playstation 4, playstation 5, rpg, singleplayer, xbox game pass, xbox one, xbox series s, xbox series x | monster hunter world
It doesn't absorb powers, but it looks fluffy

Ambient and discreet music

However, the fact that the music doesn't disturb and doesn't draw as much attention is planned, means that Monster Hunter World emphasizes the visual effects presented on the screen, after all, Capcom has its own music and sound effects creation team, counting on composers like:

  • akihiki narita
  • Akiyuki Morimoto
  • Zhenlan Kang
  • Tadayoshi Makino
  • Yuko Komiyama
  • Masato Kouda
  • Rheo Uratani
  • Marika suzuki

There is also the participation of Nashville Music Scoring Orchestra, if you are wondering, why this information is here if you probably don't know these names.

However if you see the names in another project you will already know the quality standard of their work, it is always good to add knowledge so you can condense your expectations about games and movies before watching or playing them. If you are on the computer you can purchase the Monster Hunter World soundtrack separately through the store. Steam.

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The real stars of the game: The Weapons

Whenever you think about Monster Hunter, comes the question: How do they use those giant weapons? Yes, weapons are the main highlight and the most famous element of the series! They are unrealistically large and make no sense to our real world. It would be impossible for a human to brandish a weapon like that, but in a world that has dragons and other monsters, a giant weapon is just the icing on the cake. And, as you'd expect, they come back with a vengeance in this version of the game.

In Monster Hunter World There is a range of weapons for you to use, differentiated in slash or bashing attacks, their diversity will indicate your position when attacking the monster and your part in the team. It also indicates its position when the monster is bruised or knocked down by a scenario trap or created by a player, different monsters have different attack points.

Melee Weapons and their Attributes

In general, players position themselves on the monster according to the weapon type, for example, for players who use a bashing weapon like the Hammer, they position themselves on the head and focus their attacks on the “hard” parts of the monster, such as the horns. . Characters with slash weapons, in general, get the tails and other “cuttable” parts, where they are more efficient and their attacks do more damage and their weapons lose less edge.

Spade: The name says it all, a sword bigger than the character himself, with devastating attacks and high cutting power, but slow. Will cause the most damage in the game and can still be used for defense, expect high numbers with a low frequency, best used with traps or when dominating the counter that the weapon has.

Long Sword: The Japanese spirit of the game wouldn't leave you without a katana, it has a counter like the sword is focused on slash attacks, but it's part of the sword's natural combo and requires a little more skill. If you're playing with friends, be careful as your attacks occupy a larger area than the sword by focusing on horizontal attacks, and can easily hinder your friends from performing their own combos, so position yourself well and good hunting.

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Sword and shield: It would be the "initial" weapon of the game, it has everything a player needs, slash attacks, check it out! Stunning attacks, check! Agility and easy handling, check it out! Possibility to defend against attacks, check it out! The only weapon in the game with the possibility of healing without having to put away the weapon? Check it out!

An ability that will save your life over and over again, time to save the weapon and heal is crucial, for this reason it is a weapon of choice for support builds. So you can be useful in combat and when you heal also heal your friends without them or you having to stop the battle and move away (by attracting attacks from specific enemies), and as a bonus the attack and bashing animation are great.

Double Blades: If you like anime, found your weapon, focused on agile and fast attacks, it is a slash weapon that can have a different special attribute for each sword. Expect several numbers to go up as you attack, low numbers, but several of them, the weapon varies between two modes with different attacks, it consists of using mode A to charge mode B and using mode B for damage and movement.

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It's the beyblade!!

In addition to a special attack when sliding with the B mode which, if it hits the monster will make you run over him running with open arms, causing damage to every area you pass, a favorite of AOT fans.

Hammer: Simple and practical: hammer goes down monster dies! Focused on bashing attacks, the hammer as well as the double blades consists of two modes, normal and energized. There is no counter like in espadão, but if you have a good timer, you can use the strongest attack that will make the monster have a slight imbalance and stop its attack, this if you hit the head of course.

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Which is exactly where you should focus with this weapon, arms, legs and tails is the job of the cutter, with the hammer you want to cause the bruise and knock out the monster so that your colleagues can focus on the other parts more easily.

Hunting Horn: So if sword and shield is focused on support builds, what does the hunting gauntlet do? We know that it creates melodies that can give different attributes from increasing your amount of stamina to increasing your chance of critical hits.

As the best horns are based on the bonuses they can give, don't expect to see too much of this weapon at the start of the game, and don't expect to see too much in the rest of the game, either. Despite being an excellent weapon, it places itself in the middle of the weapons' popularity ranking, that said, it ends up being a common consensus that the best bonuses are attack and defense.

Now this is where the catch is, if you have a great weapon focused on bashing, that gives you increased attack and defense, critical or elemental damage according to what you're using, why would you need friends? Exactly, this weapon is more popular with those who prefer to play alone, you will notice a certain animation in the party members if one of them joins the hunt.

Spear: The weapon for defensive builds, after all you'll have defense bonus on your weapon, with a focus on cutting damage, with the possibility of going into defensive mode for a few seconds, completely blocking the damage. It makes all the difference to have someone with this class on special hunts like Behemoth (collaborative event monster) and Fatalis (sort of the ultimate boss), beware of the effects the game has to offer.

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Attributes that apply to your enemies also apply to you, even if defending you can still be set on fire or electrocuted causing you to lower your defense and put yourself in a position of danger.

Spear: What happens if you want to exchange part of the spear's defensive power for offensive power? Put a weapon on your spear, why! So you can do more damage to the sacrifice of your defense instance, having both cutting and bashing power of the weapon, it has to be recharged every few attacks.

When mastered it becomes a really fun weapon to use, causing huge explosions and with the possibility of defense, it is that after being focused it is a little difficult to find the time to keep the shield and heal.

get your gun and go hunting

Transmached: With the ability to switch between an ax or sword, it is an excellent slashing weapon that when in sword form carries loads of energy. Its charges can be used to cause a devastating explosive attack that will still convey the element or abnormal status your weapon possesses.

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If you hit the attack, it will first hang on the monster in the location hit and then you can use the full or partial charge depending on how many times you press the attack button. Which can take a while, because 5 seconds mounted on a T-rex isn't as easy as it sounds, it's still the easiest weapon to put the monster into special attribute.

Dynamo Blade: Possessing the most interesting attack in the game, it is a slash weapon, which uses energy charges that must be carried by friction hitting the monster. It can then be transferred to your sword or shield with a duration of 45 seconds on the sword and 1 minute on the shield, at which time both parts are charged you still need to gather more energy charges to use the special attack.

In addition to its full power and still transmit your weapon's special effect (which by the way will change the color of the attack) depending on your weapon's attribute. It takes a little training to get the hang of using the weapon, load your loads and still stay alive, after all your fighter won't patiently wait for you to be ready.

By the way the special attack can be easily wrong if the monster is in a rage and running from one side to the other, it is preferable to use it with friends or traps.

Glaive Insect: Like the Dynamo blade, it is a charge-and-cut weapon, with the difference that charges are made by a living creature that looks like a giant beetle. It is not a favorite of those who are afraid of insects. After all you will see a fly that is literally the size of your arm, sitting on it while not in combat, your insect has attributes separate from the weapon that change depending on how you feed it.

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This makes for interesting combos as well as like dual blades you can have two special attributes, one for your spear and one for your insect. Using the insect you can collect charges while spreading your special attribute against your fighter, each of the charges improves an attribute of your spear, such as speed, stamina and damage.

Although you can stay in the air for a long time and avoid the attacks of monsters more easily you still do more damage with the attacks that take you to the ground, and if you don't handle your stamina well you can end up putting yourself in a risky position falling right in the face of the monster.

monster hunter world
Did I find Zinogre or did Zinogre find me?

Ranged Weapons and their Effects and Attributes

Separately, there are ranged weapons, focused on ammo attacks, which can cause both special slash and bashing damage, so it makes sense to go through the attributes Monster Hunter World has first:

  • Fire - Strong against ice attribute monsters and weak against water, taking fire damage will do damage for a short time, you can even roll to quickly put out the flames or when passing through water.
  • Water - Strong against fire and weak against lightning, taking water damage will slow your stamina recovery.
  • Ray - Strong against water and weak against ice, taking lightning damage makes you more susceptible to bashing.
  • Ice - Strong against lightning and weak against fire, taking damage from ice will cause your stamina to be depleted faster.
  • Dragon - unlike other elements it is weak against itself, ice and lightning, suffering damage from the dragon element will cause your weapon to lose affinity, nullify elemental damage, and even reduce the accumulation of special attributes.

Monster Hunter World still has special attributes that as well as elements need to be accumulated to cause its effect, these being:

  • Poison - Just as fire does damage for a short period of time, and can only be removed by drinking an antidote.
  • Paralysis - Really paralyze you and make you fall to the ground leaving you totally helpless.
  • Sleep – It makes you fall asleep which takes longer than the paralysis to pass, but unlike paralysis if you are hit while sleeping you will be awake, there is a small time when the effect starts giving the possibility to be avoided by consuming an energy drink.
  • Explosion - When accumulated it will cause explosive damage in the area hit giving and still being bruise.

Remembering that with the difference of the dragon element the others are valid for both you and the monsters.

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Now returning to Monster Hunter World weapons, long range weapons include:

Heavy Rifle: With high damage and a high capacity to carry special ammo, it has a long cooldown that varies by ammo. It has unique ammo to deal area damage, high elemental ammo capacity and variety that can carry in a single weapon. In addition to a counter if you have the shield attached, as it is difficult to use despite its destructive power, it is the least popular weapon in Monster Hunter World, although it can cause incredible damage.

Light rifle: Unlike the heavy rifle, it has fewer special ammunition charges and compensates with high mobility. Being able to reload even while dodging makes it excellent for enemies who spend more time in the air than on the ground, yet it switches between elemental ammo and makes it a versatile weapon.

Arc: The word of the day is movement, you'll stay closer to the monster than far away, alternating between short and medium range. It can switch between special and elemental ammo as well as the exclusive power charge. It varies spread and concentrated attacks to deal as much damage as possible depending on the monster they're hunting, plus it has a piercing special attack that is extremely satisfying.

Defying the Cold and Snow in Iceborne

Facing monsters in places like forests, swamps and other regions that are not so extreme is already quite complicated. Now, and if you even add the natural elements against the player, you really have a challenge there to solve. That was the idea behind the creation of the first and only major expansion of the game: Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

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Now about the importance of DLC - Monster Hunter World Iceborne cited by Ryozo Tsujimoto in interview.

When we created this giant expansion that we call Iceborne, we took into account everything the community had to say. In addition to more content, we are putting a lot of improvements in quality of life to make the gameplay even more comfortable and fun, so I think players will love what's to come.

Ryozo Tsujimoto

It includes new mechanics that change the combos of each weapon as well as adding easier ways to hang from monsters, because until now it was only easy with the weapons of Glaive Insect, sword, shield and bow.

For all the others, you would need to jump off a nearby cliff or log to attempt an aerial attack and so with a certain percentage you could hang from the monster.

The novelty added with the DLC is called Retractable Claw, a claw that makes it easy to climb on monsters, other than the Rajang but other monsters will be easier to hang on and use the special attack.

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If you have some ammo in your claw, you can still "throw" the monster in the direction you are, if it hits a wall or another monster will cause it to fall. The game experience of Monster Hunter World is not hampered by not having the expansion, even without it, the player still enjoys 14 main weapons to develop his style.

Being able to adapt and use different weapons to face the different species of monsters within the game, still containing traps and explosives as well as stones for distraction. If you pay attention to the map, you can still use natural traps to knock down your enemies and gain a window of opportunity.

In addition to the combat mechanics, the game also allows you to fish, which more than a minigame, gives you access to items that can be used in hunting in addition to being able to expose your fish in aquariums inside your room. It also has a net to capture small animals to decorate your room or buy something they own, focus on the small monster, no catching big monsters to have pets. There's also a camera with its own missions, so keep a sharp eye out if you come across an unusual or different scene worth saving.

If you are having problems with weapons or other mechanics, a manual is available by itself Capcom.

After all, is it still good?

Yes! With constant promotions both on consoles and on the computer, Monster Hunter World has a much more affordable price than at its launch. Allowing both the purchase of both the game and its DLC for a friendly price, it encourages new players with the addition of armor for beginners. Monster Hunter World still has a huge fan base and has been adding content periodically, the latter being a collaborative event for the release of the live action movie “Monster Hunter”. All news are announced on the Capcom's official YouTube channel with updates and new monsters.

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Where to buy?

SteamR$ 69,99
PlayStation StoreR$ 83,50
Xbox StoreR$ 83,50
NuuvemR$ 69,99
Green Man Games R$ 69,99

Monster Hunter World

Monster hunter world: Is 2021 still worth playing? | 0597a176 monster hunter world iceborne | married games reviews | capcom, mhw, monster hunter world, multiplayer, playstation 4, playstation 5, rpg, singleplayer, xbox game pass, xbox one, xbox series s, xbox series x | monster hunter world
Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

Paulo “Crazy” Fabris



Developer: Capcom
Distributor: Capcom
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Excellent game for those who want to know the franchise for the first time;
Absurd variety of monsters and weapons to use;
Beautiful graphics from state-of-the-art games;
Outstanding songs like the Proof of a Hero;

The story is basically a little background to take you from one hunt to another;
Very confusing at first and requires a lot of training to master the styles of each weapon;
Characters have little or no personality, it boils down to their “titles”;


Now, let us know what you think of the game. Did you play at launch? Still playing Monster Hunter World? Contact us in the comments and read more reviews on our website.

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