Best Bow Build in New World

Stay clear in combat and take advantage of your mobility to deal a lot of damage with your bow in New World

Ranged attack is a powerful weapon in the game, as long as you know how to create the best bow build in New World. And we're going to help you use what might be one of the most reliable and versatile weapons in Amazon's MMORPG, New World. Suitable for single-target damage, the bow excels at PVP, although with the right build the weapon can also be used for Expeditions.

Then having a good tank by your side, like the ones we gave you build tips in our guide here, you can become a lethal fighter in the whole new world of Aeternum. In one of the best builds you can make in the game, using the bow together with the hatchet is a build that favors fast movement and dodge, but we'll also suggest some good pairs of different weapons and think of ideas for the bow with other options , so you can vary your gameplay. There are some good options, including Rapier and Sword.

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Quick FAQ

How much does New World cost?

The game costs R$75,49

How Much Does New World Weigh?

Amazon recommends at least 50 GB free storage

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Can I login to Any Server?

Yes, but South American servers are recommended

Can I switch characters on servers?

Originally not, but due to overcrowding on some servers, Amazon will allow you to switch characters on different servers for a while.

I chose the wrong attributes, can I reset them?

Up to Level 19, you can reset your stats for free.

Can I reset my weapon's attributes?

Can reset for free up to Mastery level 10

How to Raise Gun Level Fast in New World?

PvP is the way to go if you want to increase your weapon mastery as quickly as possible.

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How to have two houses in New World?

Reach level 35 to gain space for a second house.

How to Level Up Fast in New World?

Defeat monsters along the way.
Accept the city's quests.
Accepting faction missions.
Increasing skills.
Before logging out, rest at a camp to earn bonuses.

Best bow build in New World

The bow is incredibly strong, arguably the best ranged weapon in the game, outshining the musket with its damage, firepower and mobility thanks to its trees of skill and mastery. In its current state the Bow is the perfect weapon for PVP.

This is the best way to build an arc build for PVP. Again, we recommend the NewWorldFans website, which is an excellent platform to experiment with builds and see the math results before putting them into practice in the game.

Best Masters for PVP Bow Build

Most of the time, you should get all your active and passive abilities from the Fighter tree.

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Evasive Shot - Jumps back and shoots an opponent, deals 125 percent weapon damage. If combined with Evasive Knockout and Reach Me if Capable, this becomes your primary form of mobility to avoid attacks.

poisonous shot - Fantastic for PVP, the Poison debuff prevents enemies from healing themselves, especially during early game play when most people are munching on rations to get their health back. This is an area effect skill that you throw to the ground (creates a cloud), so try to predict your opponent's movement.

Liabilities in the Combatant Tree – This build focuses on mobility, so you take passive feats like Escape and Dodge (after dodging, gain haste for a short time) and Archer Speed, which grants you a speed boost whenever you switch to the bow. However, you also want to venture into the Hunter skill tree for the Quick Shot active skill.

Fast shot - This is a great active skill to track your Dodge Shot. Jump back, fire three quick shots, then release a cloud of poison. The third shot will also recoil if it hits. Just add a little more CC (crowd control) to your kit.

We also suggest taking two liabilities from the Hunter tree: extended reach (extra ranged damage) and Finishing Shot (deals extra damage to enemies with less than 50 percent health.) extended reach gives you a stronger start at a distance and last blow can help you finish off a fleeing enemy. People love to run when they're low on HP. But, you won't let them get very far right?

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Archer's Tree

How to play with Bow and Axe?

Speed ​​is everything in this combination. Like almost any MMO of all time, starting in New World means running a lot. Running from one mission location to another can add fifteen or twenty minutes to a mission. If you want to go fast, do the following:

The hatchet (Hatchet) offers some of the best mobility early in the game with Berserk domain. Considering you'll be racing from mission to mission (before you have access to a quick trip), this little boost can help A LOT. Combine with the Archer's Speed ​​mastery for the bow (gives you a speed boost every time you switch to the bow), you'll gain a very useful acceleration for traveling from one point to another on the map.

Think about sustainability. Fighting waves of monsters alone will deplete your health. If you have no means of supporting yourself during combat, it will be a slow process to wait for you to recover.

Hatchet's Berserk domain is back to save him again. On the third level below, you will find the Berserking Refresh domain. This gives you a small health regeneration period while the Berserk ability is active.

Staying self-supporting doesn't really happen with the bow until you've spent some time leveling the mastery tree, as the closest you'll get is Hawkeye mastery. This will heal you for 10 percent of the damage you deal, but only if it's a headshot. Hope you have good aim.

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New World's Best Bows

Below you will find the best Bows for each level range and how to find them. Level 0-20 is not included as you will level up so fast that it is not worth hunting a specific weapon.

Best bows for level 20-30:

  • Venerable Recurve - Forged
  • Covenant Initiate Bow – Exclusive to Covenant Faction Members
  • Marauder Soldier Bow – Exclusive to Marauder Faction Members
  • Syndicate Adept Bow – Exclusive to members of the Syndicate Faction

Best bows for level 31-40:

  • Dark Ranger's Bow - Forged
  • Thread of Fate - Forged

Best bows for level 41-50:

  • Long Bow of the Arcane Eye - Forged
  • Mermaid Call - Forged

Best bows for level 51-60:

  • Longsight - Forged
  • The Lookout - Forged
  • Warpwood - Forged
  • Slayer's Beast - Dropped by Slayer Rosellen
  • Truestrike – Dropped in Dark Spriggan Cache
  • Creeping Recurve – Dropped by Fulg'da, Forcos and Taxodius Angry Earth
  • Lazarus Bow – Dropped by Cilla Ancient

What attributes should you invest in?

It really depends on your preferences. There are two main factors to consider:

The Ax scales with Strength, and the Bow scales with Dexterity.

You're likely to open combat with a piercing shot with your bow, then switch to the hatchet to fight the Berserk up close. If that's the case, opt for more Strength than Dexterity, something like 150 Strength and 50 Dexterity.

However, if you are using the Bow more often, or are playing with friends, you may want to dig deeper into Dexterity. Some builds will just put all stat points on a weapon. It's hard to recommend exactly what you should do with the stitches. It's a good idea to experiment and find what suits your playing style.

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  • Put your points into Strength if you're using the hatchet regularly;
  • Put points on Dexterity if you prefer the bow;

Another tip for bow dexterity: you get bonuses by investing in the Dexterity attribute tree, which is a great way to gain XP early in the game.

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Best attributes and equipment

  • Attribute: Destreza
  • Armor: Video

Since the weapons in this build scale with Destreza, this is the attribute you will want to invest in. You can put some points in the Constitution after reaching 300 Dex. For armor, the average is arguably best if you want a solid combination of defense and offense. 

If you prefer to dodge enemy attacks, feel free to use light. Keep an eye out for perks that improve your abilities, increase your Dexterity stat, or allow you to critically hit more often.

Best Bow Skills

When crafting weapons, you can apply a certain benefit if you have the special resource to do so, or you can use a spell. You can only have one active benefit at a time.

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As our recommended bow build focuses on certain active abilities, you need perks that benefit them. For example, because you chose Poison shot, the Infected Arrows skill also weakens the enemy when you use that active skill. The best perks for our recommended bow build are:

  • Infected Shot – Poison Shot arrow also applies Weakness, reducing target damage by 14% for 4s
  • Refreshing Penetrating Shot – penetrating shot kills reduce skill cooldown by 14%
  • Fortifying Rain of Arrows – hitting a target with Rain of Arrows grants Fortify on itself, increasing damage absorption by 19% for 6s

Best weapons to match the bow

The bow works well with some other weapons besides the hatchet such as the sword or rapiera, which are good examples for duelist-style PVP builds.

The hatchet and bow are highly recommended weapons, thanks to the increased movement speed each weapon provides. They significantly reduce mission travel time. The hatchet might just be one of the best weapons in New World, even after its nerfs in Closed Beta and the Berserk tree looks pretty strong. Beware of investing in this style as there is a chance it will be nerfed again when the game is released.

Bow and Sword is a trustworthy build if you want to be safe on an expedition. You focus on the Constitution attribute tree and take active and passive abilities from the Sword Defender tree, acquiring abilities like Shield Bash and Defiant Stance.

The Bow is used as its main damage dealer, focusing on the skills of the Hunter tree rather than the Fighter tree. You still get Poison Shot and Evasion, but take passives on Hunter abilities. Mobility isn't all that crucial if you're making someone who can take some damage.

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The Bow and Rapiera are similar to the hatchet build, but provide even more mobility and burst damage. An all-glass cannon build, you won't have the sustenance of the Berserker tree to keep you alive. It's a build with a big weakness.

Some active abilities to consider from the Rapiera tree include Tondo, for bleed damage, and Riposte, for crowd control. Rapiera's Evade ability matches well with Bow's Evade Shot. You'll basically be bouncing around while doing damage, but if you get caught…well, you're probably dead. Think about it.

New World Bow Build Tips

Here are some general gameplay tips for a bow build, as well as what attribute points you should wear and what armor you should wear.

A bow build is all about taking as little damage as possible. You need to make good use of your evasion and dodges to reduce damage taken. Light armor should be your favourite. That extra dodge mobility that light armor can offset the protection that heavier armor provides. You'll want to put all of your stats mainly on Dexterity. You can even think of different stat builds depending on your secondary weapon, but Dexterity is a must for anyone using a bow.

Explore The New World

Best bow build in new world | db744ef8 newworld2 | married games reviews | amazon, mmorpg, multiplayer, new world, pc, playstation, playstation 4, steam | bow in the new world

New World is set in the mid-1600s, where players colonize a fictional land called Aeternum, created in the mold of British America, along the Atlantic Ocean. Players can mine resources, craft items, and fight with and against other players.

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For thousands of years, the mysterious island of Aeternum was the source of fantastic legends – and now you've found it. Shipwrecked, without supplies or allies, you'll need to make your way into a dangerous world where the fundamental laws of life and death don't apply. Magic flows through Aeternum. Brings life: miraculous healing, reanimation of the dead and strange flora with magical properties. And that brings horror: the power to cause unspeakable destruction and the slow wear and tear of the soul through countless cycles of death and resurrection.

In such a land, your destiny is whatever you make of it.

Now, leave it there in the comments: What do you think of New World? Did you manage to play the beta? Are you enjoying the game? You can enjoy and read more about MMOs on our website.

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