Pacify Review / Analysis

Pacify is a multiplayer game for up to 4 players focused on terror and collecting objects taking players to an abandoned house; where strange incidents have happened so that they can solve all the problems of the place.

Pacify Review

The story

You have just joined AAP Inc. Paranormal Activity Assistants Incorporated.

Yes, it sounds tacky, but the pay is great. They said you will never be in any real danger, and they have a lot of work to do right now. His first job is in some old haunted house.

There is a broker wanting to put the house up for sale, but with everyone in town spreading rumors of an evil living inside the house, he needs some proof that it is safe. In fact, he himself looks terrified.

In any case, he hired AAP Inc. to check the location. You can go check it out yourself if you want, but I would take at least 3 more friends with me. Check out the site, and if there's anything supernatural going on, try to bring evidence back to AAP Inc.

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Pacify Review

Pacify's Gameplay

The game is focused on a search style that resembles classics like Slender The Eight Pages, or games like Jeff the Killer.

We are taken home as the incidents happen and we must first find out how to enter the mansion, as the doors are locked. After a while searching, we came across the trapdoor that had taken us to the basement of the house, but it is a path with no return as we will not be able to climb back through the place where we entered.

After that we are inside the house and our only way out is to solve the mystery and get the monster out of there.

However, we have the monster in the house that will gradually try to kill everyone by turning them into dolls.

It is up to the players to destroy the possessed dolls and leave the monster calm with the ordinary dolls while trying to unlock the mansion locations

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The Art of Pacify

Visual art

The graphics of the game are not the most beautiful in the world and it seems clearly that it was made up of pre-sets ready and reused, but that does not mean that it is bad, only it could be better.

Sound art

In terms of sound, the game has a good idea of ​​letting silence be your companion to hear footsteps and screams with great precision. Something that greatly increases the tension of the game.


However, the game has its merits and is really fun to play with friends, because being a multiplayer of up to 4 players, we can play all together or open the Scooby-doo mode and go to one side in search of clues what makes it so much fun.

It's a game I highly recommend in this quarantine.

Anyway remember to access more analyzes, but also access the official game page

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