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Leave your familiar world behind and enter a totally unknown with Portal Knights, a 3D cooperative action sandbox RPG.

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In a world once plunged into darkness by the Fracture, heroes called Portal Knights fight bravely to defeat the darkness and reunite the shattered kingdom.

The game is another one of the famous 3D sandbox games with cubes, like minecraft, but with a difference, the classes, the game has 4 different types of classes, warrior, wizard, archer and rogue, and also has 2 types of races, humans and elves, however the rogue class and the elf race are part of a DLC not included. Check out a trailer about the game below!

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To better separate this part I will divide it into sub-topics.

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As it is a sandbox, the game has construction mechanics, this part has not lacked anything, you have access to a variety of materials and furnaces to make your home your way.

Portal knights
Portal Knights - Game Review/Review | Knights Portal


Because it is a tactical action (tactical action) you have to be very careful to dodge enemy attacks and not to miss yours. The fight for me left something to be desired, initially the mechanics are good and brings satisfaction, however, throughout the game it gets very repetitive for not having any variety, you have an initial attack and a dodge mode and that's it, be it you level 30 or 1 the way you face enemies is always the same, attacks (with the same attack always) and deflects.

Knights portal combat
Portal Knights - Game Review/Review | Knights Portal


Within the game you can level up by earning attribute and skill points, you can spend the points as you wish, however the game recommends that you spend on the best attributes for your class. Furthermore, the game has a skill tree where you can spend the skill points earned, however, the skills of the tree do not provide you with any new combat mechanics, they only improve the main mechanics, the basic attack.

Portal Knights - Game Review/Review | Knights Portal


I explored this part of the game very little because I didn't feel any pleasure in it, but I don't have much to complain about, agriculture fulfills its general role, which is to generate resources at the cost of time.

Portal Knights - Game Review/Review | Knights Portal


The objective of the game is simple, to evolve, to collect resources to improve your equipment, to discover new worlds and at the same time to collect relics that are used to open the portals that lead to the bosses and thus defeat them, however the portals, for being scattered around the map, sometimes they go unnoticed and bring frustration after spending hours and hours looking for one.

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Pit boss worm
Portal Knights - Game Review/Review | Knights Portal

Graphics / Audios

The graphics are good, follow the same style and fit very well with the style of blocks that the game provides, however they are not surprising, but considering the style of play, this was probably not the focus.

The audios play the role they should play, the songs are good, the sound effects match what they want to represent, I have nothing to complain about.

Pros / Cons


  • Pleasant and well-fitted visuals with the theme of blocks.
  • Combat fun in the early hours.
  • Skills tree and attributes give a feeling of exclusivity and power over your character.
  • Variety of worlds to explore.
  • Events gradually appear across the map, giving the game more diversity.
  • Local and Online Co-op


  • Very repetitive fights and therefore, become tiring and tedious.
  • Non-configurable HUD, thus making it difficult to read when playing with two people on the same device.
  • The only extra content, the DLC, is not included in the price of the game, having to be purchased separately.
  • Portals are sometimes hidden in caves making you waste a lot of time finding one.
  • Some side missions are not very objective, making you lose a lot of time to complete a simple task.


If you are looking for a game with nice graphics where you can build your house, build your farm and play with friends, then you will love this game, now if you are looking for a combat challenge that requires quick reflexes and different skill sequences this it is not the right game for you and you will probably get tired of it in no time.

Portal Knights can be purchased by Steam by clicking here, the game also has versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and IOS.

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