Resident Evil Revelations - Review

Resident Evil Revelations is a ported game from the Nintendo 3DS, as the game was a huge success on the portable platform. It was launched for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC.

In the game's history, veteran Jill Valentine, board Queen Zenobia alongside a partner to investigate the disappearance of old acquaintance Chris Redfield. The plot, however, goes far beyond that, and involves government conspiracies and terrorist attacks.

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Resident Evil Revelations Gameplay

If you played Resident Evil 6, you know how the characters were super heroes and there was unbridled action in the game. Forget it for Revelations. The game's footprint is a return to the origins of the saga; In other words, extremely vulnerable characters and at a complete disadvantage in the face of the biological threat. This translates into dark, empty corridors, scares at literally every corner, and enemies who want to finish you off in the worst possible way.

Management of ammunition and healing items is constant, as is weighing up on the best strategy: shoot or run. References to old games are also everywhere; Remember the shotgun attached to the wall or the severed hand holding a gun? So, it all appears in the game.

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resident evil revelations


This is the strongest point of Resident Evil Revelations, (taking into account the year the game was released) the return to the origins was something that players always asked for and Capcom fulfills the request in the best possible way, with one of the most already produced for a laptop. Currently we have the Resident Evil 2 remake and the 3 remake is coming, showing flawless graphics too, but that was only possible, in my opinion, with the arrival of Revelations, to show that the good games are the ones that the fans really loved .

The quality of textures and the level of detail are impressive for the time. The cutscenes received a special treatment, and appear very beautiful; Of course, you can notice some graphic defects (even more thinking nowadays).

Resident evil revelations graphics


RE: Revelations has a format that resembles television series. With short chapters and well-marked divisions between them. In each section, an opening appears showing what happened previously. This format, allowed a plot with several protagonists and several twists, worthy of the best spy films.


Capcom also did not forget the new wave of players at the time, bringing several elements of gameplay from Resident Evil 6; As for example, walking and shooting with the two analogues positioned, bringing a different dynamic to the combat. Combaters will also approve of Reid mode; An extra mode whose objective is to kill as many enemies as possible in the shortest possible time.


Negative points

The care with the details of Resident Evil Revelations has a limit. Here and there, you can see enemies going through walls, stoned textures, accuracy problems with the crosshairs. These are problems that go unnoticed on portable consoles, but that on consoles and PCs, due to the higher resolution, end up being very evident, showing a carelessness on the part of Capcom when optimizing the game for desktop consoles. Another negative point is the artificial intelligence of its partners; Despite being a singleplayer game, you will find yourself accompanied by an agent who prefers to shoot himself in the foot rather than shooting the enemy in front of him; Remembering the useless NPCs from Resident Evil 4.

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If you are unhappy with the direction of the franchise, Revelations is for you. The game manages to bring everything that old guard games have, combined with the potential of console generation, which make the game experience more enjoyable than previous PS1 / PS2 games.

You can purchase Resident Evil revelations on Steam for $ 59,99 now, but the game is priced at around 14 reais in Sales da shop

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