Detroit Become Human is still good almost 5 years later? find it out

With an eye on the future, Quantic Dream launches an incredible visual and narrative experience that calls into question everything we think about the future, artificial intelligence and machines in Detroit Become Human

Have you ever thought about having an android at home? Like those from Detroit Become Human? An android capable of carrying out their tasks without tiring and without complaining. Do everything for you. Everything! Would you like them? It would be great to have someone to take care of the housework, take care of the “loving” and even sexual part, without having to worry about the complexities of a relationship and having to rest while the machines work for you.

But what if the other day, you found out that an android is taking your job? Everything you know how to do is being automated by androids. This is not such a strange reality with more and more automation and technology. Would you still like them? These questions are just the most superficial and basic layer of Detroit, the Quantic Dreams game that spent a few years as a PlayStation exclusive and was one of the first titles to break the console's exclusivity for the PC.

The company is known for its immersive and narrative games, such as Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, the title invests a lot of time in political discussions, automated work and domestic violence, always taking the point of view of its three protagonists: Alex, Kara and Connor . Three androids whose paths cross in a story that will change the entire life of humans and robots.

First, we always see theories that, in the future, we will be replaced by machines in most tasks and artificial intelligence is the biggest step towards that future. Detroit: Become Human takes this hook and creates a plot full of critiques and discussions related to the topic without forgetting the human side of the story. Though, sometimes, the most human ones aren't exactly the ones made of flesh and blood.

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detroit become human review
Connor the robot detective

this is our story

We started the game seeing someone in an elevator, with some details written on their clothes, a round LED that shines on the side of their head, tossing a coin in the air and manipulating it in their fingers with impressive dexterity. When we exit the elevator, we discover that we are in the middle of a hostage situation and you will be the “negotiator”. The criminal? An out-of-control android, something unusual and frightening. An android that rebels against its owners. A deviant.

Is Detroit become human still good almost 5 years later? Discover | eb76534a divergent | detroit become human, pc, playstation 4, quantic dreams, singleplayer | detroit become human reviews
the divergent

And that doesn't help you either, as you, being an android, face the hostility and lack of cooperation of human police officers. But that doesn't matter to him. You are Cyberlife's newest model and you have to fulfill your mission to investigate the divergents and find out why they are getting out of hand. You investigate the case and start looking for clues, learning about the movement and interaction with the objects in the scenario, discovering what caused that android to lose control.

The android that was loved by the family and the child in the house would be replaced by a younger model. Afraid of being discarded and feeling betrayed by the humans, the android took the child hostage and carried her to the edge of the apartment's balcony. If something is not done, he will play with the child. The cops want to shoot the droid and end the problem as if it were just a malfunctioning machine. You need it active for your investigation. It's up to you to solve the problem.

Will you save the child? Will save the android? How will this affect you? Your choices define that. You're Connor. UAn android model specially designed to help the police by giving assistance to other detectives. However, these in turn do not accept the fact of having the company of a "robot" to help them or be their partners against crime.

That's our story. Decide the future of humanity in Detroit

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The situation changes to an android shop and a man explains to the salesperson about a terrible accident that happened to his domestic robot. The seller explains that it was necessary to delete all her memory and reset it. The seller asks her owner, Todd, to give her a name so she can start over. You're Kara. Uan android used for household chores. Its owner takes you home, an ugly and dirty place in a poor suburb where he lives with his daughter, a girl named Alice, who is afraid of her father. The house is a mess and you start to tidy up.

When you reach Alice's room, the girl doesn't speak to you, but depending on your choices, she will trust you with a key to a locked box. When you open the box, you discover the truth: You didn't have an accident. Todd, your owner, is a violent man and in a fit of rage has destroyed you. Not only are you in danger going back to that place, but so is Alice. Something about you compels you to protect the girl and that's what you should do.

The last protagonist is introduced during a trip to the city's commercial center, with humans hostile to androids, people trying to make a living playing their “music with a soul” and protests. You take a package and go home, but not before being attacked by angry protesters against the droids who took their jobs. You get on an automatic bus that takes the androids to their destinations like objects. In the android's eyes you can see he's wondering if there's anything more to it than that.

You are Mark. An android that has the function of taking care of a wheelchair man who is a famous painter. This human, Carl, is someone who always encourages you to make your own decisions, think for yourself, listen to your “soul”, even if you tell him it's not part of your schedule. Carl has a son, Leo, who has a problem with a heavy drug going around town. Leo wants money for more drugs and he's not doing well, so he steps in against Carl who orders you not to react.

Leo attacks you and something in you “breaks”. You become a diver and, save Carl or not, defending yourself against Leo or not, you'll somehow end up in an android dump where you'll need to do your best to survive. How you do it and what you do with the rest of your life is what will change the entire history of humans and androids forever.

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Is Detroit become human still good almost 5 years later? Discover | 967a6caf kara | detroit become human, pc, playstation 4, quantic dreams, singleplayer | detroit become human reviews
Kara the domestic robot

In addition to the three protagonists, the game also features other important characters that will be part of the plot and will help, hinder, influence your choices and much more. We can name Hank, a Detroit police detective who is in charge of investigating the dissenters' case along with Connor. He hates androids and machines, so riding along with him is a test of patience for the android and also a way to show the old cop that not all robots are the same.

Luther, a large android that was used for construction and ends up joining Kara and Alice on their journey. Luther acts as a guardian to the two girls and protects them, but he also tries to show Kara that she must be more aware of the details of the world if she is to survive. Luther was the helper of a human who reprogrammed and sold androids and experimented with them.

North is the droid who urges Markus to make a revolution against humans and free his people, the droids who have taken refuge in Jericho and all the droids in the world. North was an droid who worked in a nightclub as a program droid who was attacked by a customer. She wanted to survive and, when she became divergent, she killed the client and ran away. North doesn't trust humans and any action that shows mercy or attempts to make peace with the humans will have her disapproval, but over time she comes to trust Markus, even though she doesn't agree with him.

And last but not least, we have Chloe. Who is Chloe that you never saw her in the game? In fact, you see it every time you start the game! Chloe is an android who sits on the home screen, talking to you, welcoming you each time you return, and also making some fun comments.

As you progress through the story, her reactions also change and she shows concern for what will happen to you, the androids, and herself. Chloe also suggests you do an opinion poll about androids which is interesting, but it doesn't give you any kind of "results", it just shows you how many percent of gamers in the world chose the same answers as you.

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You tell the story

Is Detroit become human still good almost 5 years later? Discover | 2071c5bd markus | detroit become human, pc, playstation 4, quantic dreams, singleplayer | detroit become human reviews
Markus the robot messiah

Detroit Become Human game produced by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows PC. The story revolves around three androids that were conceived by the company CyberLife: Kara (a domestic android taking care of a child), Markus (a deviant who joins other rebel androids in search of rights) and Connor (a cyber detective investigating the deviants alongside a human police officer). According to their decisions, they will change the course of the city of Detroit and, consequently, of everyone, humans and androids.

While many games follow this style, few can do it as well as Detroit: Become Human. The game has a diagram that shows the narrative line chosen by you to achieve the main objective of that chapter. This same line brings a series of ramifications that directly influence the main objective of that chapter.

For example, you can choose to shape an android's personality in a way that makes it very hostile. This line of hostility will affect your relationship with other characters and even the way your path crosses with the other protagonists. Did you go through a magazine in a corner of the room? That can give you new information that will give you the possibility to answer something new and thus change the ending of that episode.

Furthermore, this Diagram shows all the optional paths that, because of the actions taken, were not used at that time. This instigates the player too much to start a new game looking for alternative paths to those that were traced the first time, creating a rare replay factor for this type of game. This goes for the three characters, who in every episode face thousands of decisions and interact with various other characters and objects.

The paths of these characters come together, forming an incredible story that puts humans and androids on opposite paths, to the point of starting a war, leaving the player, through their choices and actions, to decide the outcome. Each episode has several paths and at the end of them, it shows a decision tree, indicating which route you took and which end you reached. To make the full episode, you have to play the same episode over and over until you unlock all the choices and see all the endings.

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decide the future

However, you also don't need to wait for the end of the episode to see how your actions reflect the world. Just watch TV or fiddle with in-game magazines as they also change with the things you do. Strike aggressively in the world, break everything, deplete public assets and see magazines calling the androids menacing and dangerous. Be moderate, be a pacifist and the stories asked "Are the androids alive?"

Be ruthless and have no pity on humans and have public opinion against you. Some times people on TV have shown support, others will be against it and some wonder about it. Public opinion is very important as it will be decisive in the final moments of the game. If you don't have the support of the public, no one will pity you when the army takes action. Otherwise, politicians will have to think carefully before taking action against the androids. Are they people? Do they have rights? Should they be destroyed and deactivated? This is with you.

Is Detroit become human still good almost 5 years later? Discover | 35374077 detroit | detroit become human, pc, playstation 4, quantic dreams, singleplayer | detroit become human reviews

easy gameplay

Detroit Become Human has the same gameplay as games released by Quantic Dream, such as Beyond Two Souls, but improving aspects of the “Point and Click” genre so that you move through scenes and search for clues while using the android senses to improve the search details. But everything is much better and more refined. Here, unlike the other game, it is very clear and easy to know what you should do, as there is a kind of “simulation of your action”.

If you've played Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls before, you'll be familiar with the gameplay principles that Quantic Dream followed in Detroit Become Human. There are elements of a myriad of genres at play here – you'll investigate crime scenes for clues, trade bullets in firefights, and solve lots of environmental puzzles – and all are presented in a way that's both limiting and empowering. It is a game that often forgets that it is a game, for better or for worse.

You'll move each character on the screen with the left analog stick, much like a traditional third-person adventure, but there's an almost suffocating reliance on QTEs (quick time events). Everything from clearing dishes and preparing food to searching for clues and platforms, all based on the use of a variety of analog moves and button combinations. 

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For example, you want to climb to a high place and there are 3 possible paths. The android computes the chances of getting that move, with some kind of simulation. You choose which path you want to take and run the simulation and continue until you find the path that will result in success and it will perform the action. Sometimes this simulation has to be done quickly or you will be wasting time or failing in a situation, other times the action can be thought of very calmly.

Explore the amazing stories of Quantic Dream games

Another element that adds to this simpler gameplay refers to the combination of commands in certain scenes. Basically you need to press the buttons that appear on the screen at the exact moment, a bit similar to what is adopted in music games. In other words, no specific commands for a particular movement or the like. The difference here for Beyond Two Souls is very big.

In the aforementioned game, during the action, the game camera is slow and you must deduce what to press according to the situation (if an enemy is attacking you from the right, you deduce that you must press in that direction to block). Here in Detroit the situations are very clear and what you should do appears very clearly on the screen and you have to quickly press the buttons for the action to work.

After a while, you realize you're less of a player and more of a director as you guide each character through scenarios with multiple branching paths and divergent stories. The big news in this game compared to its predecessors is a greater area of ​​exploration, which also allows you to find more elements to complement your actions. Exploring it all will open up incredible possibilities that will change everything in the game, for better or for worse, and that's what gives the game such longevity that we're talking about it five years later.

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Amazing futuristic ambience

Situated in the title city in 2038, the society has been transformed by the advent of technology. Creating artificial intelligence capable of passing the Turing Test (by which a machine is capable of exhibiting human intellect and behavior) makes androids enter every avenue of life. They care for our children, clean our streets and even travel across the stars on our most dangerous space travels. They are machines designed to serve civilization, but it is a civilization that is slowly realizing that these 'plastics' are more efficient than they could ever be.  

With the environment now irrevocably damaged by a growing population with a much longer lifespan and Russia and America on the brink of conflict over Arctic resources, we have entered a world seemingly at a tipping point. 

Detroit Become Human uses real actors to produce its characters. All of this made the whole gaming experience almost like watching an interactive movie which makes everything more beautiful and improves the experience in several topics. Some cases are fun to get to know, for example, the actor who gives life to Connor, Bryan Dechart, is married to actress Amelia Rose Blaire, who plays one of Tracys, the utilitarian robots that work in brothels. And their features were so well reproduced that they are scary.

It's not like CD Projekt Red did with Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk, getting a renowned actor to promote the game. The actors are now famous for their participation in the game and recognized for it. But of course, that doesn't mean the game doesn't have its stars. Detective Hank is played by actor Clancy Brown, who was the main villain in the 1986 movie Highlander, as well as being the voice of the god Hades in the games of the God of War franchise.

The setting is also very pleasing. With an incredible mix of futuristic elements – flying cars, transparent screens and colorful contraptions – along with modern-day constructions, as well as buildings in ruins and places abandoned to garbage. The game manages to convince the player that the not-so-distant future has finally arrived and it isn't as bright as we expected. The contrast between Markus' luxury life in Carl's house and Todd's finished house where Alice and Kara lived is stark.

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The future is so advanced and comfortable on the one hand and so miserable on the other and it's all about Cyberlife and its creations. You have flying drones guarding everything, advanced androids that work and keep everything clean and running, and at the same time, creating them is what makes the lives of people like Todd, an average American citizen, handyman who has lived a life. all doing repetitive work and every day more and more obsolete, so miserable and miserable.

If we stop to think, what is the difference between an android who does this and an immigrant who accepts to do this job for a much lower salary? The future has only changed who is the victim of the situation. Is it the androids? Is it the people who were left with nothing after their creation? It's a current discussion, placed in a futuristic context that makes you think about it. Current situations that do not have a solution in the future make us think.

The dubbing also features voices known to the Brazilian public. Brightened by incredible interpretations that make the game very real in their discussions are renowned voice actors such as Wendel Bezerra, the eternal voice of Goku from Dragon Ball Z, as Markus; Flora Paulita, the villain Karli Morgenthau from the series “Hawk and the Winter Soldier” playing Kara, and Vagner Fagundes, the voice of Frodo in the “Lord of the Rings” franchise films as Connor.

After all, is it still good or not?

Detroit Become Human is still an excellent game that deserves your full attention and deserves to be played. Mainly for those who love games with a narrative focus. You will not have moments of action, shooting or big fights. Everything will be much more based on some quicktime events and decisions to be taken to define the success or failure of your attitudes in the game. If you don't like games where you watch more than you play, maybe you don't get too carried away with this story of androids struggling to be recognized as people.

And if you don't care about these political issues of civil rights and prejudices, maybe you don't enjoy Detroit Become Human either (although if you're someone like that, playing Detroit is more than recommended), though, for all those who love a good story and get involved with the characters, Detroit Become Human becomes a much more valuable game. The graphics were not dated, even with the time that had passed since the release and the dubbing in Portuguese gave a special touch to the game.

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The weakest part of the game is even its songs that have nothing that stands out. They're immersive and fit the scenes well, but there aren't any that you'll remember for a long time, like the Life is Strange songs, for example. In some moments, the game is even silent (after all, it's not all the time that you'll be wearing headphones to have a song accompanying you in your life). You'll remember much more of the moments of anguish and emotion you'll live with Connor, Markus and Kara than anything you'll hear in the game.

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

As it's an original PlayStation 4 game, it won't be possible to play Detroit Become Human on simpler computers. You will need an average or advanced system to run the game. See PC version requirements. The game requires a 64-bit operating system.

Minimum requirements

Operational systemWindows 10 (64 bit)
Processori7-3770 3,4 GHz or AMD FX-8350 4,2 GHz (minimum 6 to 8 cores recommended)
RAM memory8 GB
Video cardNvidia GeForce GTX 780 or AMD Radeon HD 7950 (with 3GB of VRAM)
disk space Requires 55GB of free space

Recommended requirements

Operational systemWindows 10 (64 bits)
Processori5-8400 2,8GHz or Ryzen 5 1600
RAM memory16 GB
Video cardNvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580 (with 4GB of VRAM)
disk space Requires 55GB of free space

Detroit Become Human

Detroit become human
Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human

Paulo “Crazy” Fabris



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Developer: Quantic Dream
Distributor: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platforms: PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows

Amazing and immersive cinematic history;
Easy-to-understand controls;
Ambience and settings made with whimsy;

There's nothing special about the game's music;
Camera can be a little annoying;


Anyway, to access the official game page, access the Quantic Dreams website and to read more reviews see our review page. Leave in the comments what you think of the game and let's talk.

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  1. Avatar of rogerio andradeRogerio Andrade Reply

    Detroit is visually impressive. The level of detail is a delight for our vision.
    Some people turn up their noses at the story (damn wave of politicizing everything on the internet) and end up losing the focus of the gameplay, which is precisely the various distinct ramifications that the story can take. And in that I think Detroit did a great job, even if you don't appreciate certain aspects of the story.
    I really liked your review, simple and direct, without politicizing the game. Thanks

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