The Division 2 - Review

Some time ago, I published a review / analysis of the first title in the The Division series and how I had been disappointed with the game. A few months however, The Division 2 was for 8 reais at Epic Games and I decided to give the game a try, since it was very cheap. The result was completely different and you can see the full analysis below.

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In this analysis, I will beat all the same points that were put in the analysis of the first game, to have a fairer and more comparable comparison.

The Division 2 History

The story of the game still leaves a little to be desired, which was something I complained about a lot from the first game. In The Division 2, the story is a direct continuation of the first, where basically after the chaos installed in the USA, we go to Washington to put order in place, ending the militias and gangs that have taken over, threatening innocent civilians. Basically, we use the White House as a base so that we can bring peace to the entire population of Washington.

Again, I thought that the story was little explored in the second episode as well; However, at least the characters that are inserted in the story and that help you in the missions are much better and always give that little taste of wanting to know more about what will happen in the next mission.

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The Division 2 gameplay really deserves applause, not for being great, but for being MUCH better than in the first game. The missions have several different tasks, the enemies are balanced, the progression is not slow; in short, everything that went wrong in the first game, they managed to correct in that.

Playing a little bit of co-op you can also see that there are not many problems related to connection and also with visual and damage bugs; the game flows very well and it really is a lot of fun to play it with several friends, especially when each one goes to a different skill, and can really feel the feeling of assembling a great professional squad!


The sound is something I owe congratulations to Ubisoft again. Incredible voice acting and managed to correct the problems of the first soundtrack game and the lack of depth of sounds for the weapons. The soundtrack is very subtle, but it matches perfectly with the game environment, still giving you a feeling of “fear” when you walk the streets hoping that at any moment you can take a shot. The guns now have a shot with more depth, echo and reverberation, making any more or less empty building really deafening with just a dozen enemies and a few rifles.


The game map is quite large and works well, however, I thought there was a significant improvement over the first game, both in size and beauty.

The division 2 map

In fact Washington and New York are quite different, and the game portrays this well; however, the graphic evolution in terms of technique, left the two games well matched, so much so that the PC hardware required to run both games is basically the same.

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This is a point that Ubisoft was able to patch up in relation to the first game. In the first, I complained in the review that there were many severe bugs that had never been fixed even in 3 years of gameplay.

In The Division 2, the game did launch with several bugs, however, they were quickly corrected by the company, showing that the game did have an incredible potential to be very good. So, during my almost 30 hours of gameplay, I found very few bugs, and most had a relationship with Ubi servers (purchasing items, for example), and not exactly with the game. So, point to the company!

Anyway, is it worth playing The Division 2?

I was really impressed with the difference between the first game and the second, and from the gameplay experience I had, I recommend the second game with my eyes closed, BUT, I have a warning:

If you are going to spend the money on the game, ask your friends and colleagues to buy with you. The game's co-op experience is what counts most for fun gameplay, and without it, the game ends up getting boring and monotonous.

The game cost R $ 8,00, but it is currently priced at R $ 90,00 in its standard edition by Uplay.

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And did you play The Division 2? Did you like it? comment down here!

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