The Escapists 2 - Review

If the games were judged only by their premises, The Escapists 2 would already win all the prizes right away. Putting you in the role of a prisoner with the task of escaping from prison is a simple concept to understand and one that appeals to the nature of most people.

The true joy of The Escapists 2 is that it conquers you instantly as a result of its stripped and almost retro presentation, its peculiarity hides a title that is really quite violent, but in the best possible way. After all, you are a convicted criminal; if you don't obey the rules, prison guards will do what they need.

This is the asset of The Escapists 2, however, because it is this way of life that you must be constantly aware of. While there is a lot of freedom here for you to abuse to get away, there is also a very specific schedule that you should stick to. Work, downtime, food, phone call - if you miss one, the alarm will go off because, again, you are a criminal.

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The Escapists 2 - Review | The Escapists 2

The Escapists 2 and its news.

It is through this pattern that you begin to learn the limits. Before executing your plan, you need money and you receive it by doing favors to other inmates. It can be as simple as infiltrating smuggling or beating someone - and if you choose the latter, you'll find that the developer has come to town in terms of realism.

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In summary, The Escapists 2 is basically a balancing act of trying to do what is expected of you with what is not - but this is where the genius resides. When you start, everything seems terribly slow and painful, but once you realize what is possible - and how much you can get away with - it is very difficult to walk away. The game is addictive, especially when you are so close to success.

Multiplayer has also been added, which takes the concept and allows you to run wild. In such a way that you have the opportunity to work now with a team of three other people - online or local - it is a turmoil (pun intended) to try to create a scheme that you all perform perfectly; you will be yelling at each other before you know it. It is very important to operate like clockwork and trying to keep a cool head when the pressure increases is difficult, but the reason is very fun.

And there?

While Escapists 2 can be a sequel in every way you can imagine, the fundamentals of the game remain as fun as ever. It's an excuse to get back to a very well-organized game and you get a load of extra content to boot. There is nothing wrong with that.

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