Developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft on October 29, 2020, Watch Dogs Legion is the 3rd game in the franchise Watch Dogs set in a somewhat futuristic post-brexit London.

After suffering terrorist attacks, in which the DedSec (a large group of hackers who liberate the city from chaos) were unjustly guilty, London decides to hire a security company called Albion, to care for and protect the whole of London. But Albion in a few weeks proves to be authoritarian, violent and unfriendly city ​​residents. The police have lost all their respect and now London is completely in the hands of Albion and Nigel Cass, CEO of Albion.

During the game, however, many other antagonists and enemies are presented. In addition to Cass is Kelley Clan being a criminal faction that traffics and sells organs to the "Deep web.”And even a group cyberterrorist named Zero Day (who wants above all to restart London) are some of the enemies of both DedSec as in London.

Zero day appears and kills dalton wolfe in watch dogs legion.
Group Zero Day showing its real power.


And who are the protagonists?

At E3 2019, Ubisoft made it clear that the game would have not only one but several protagonists. When playing, you can choose any citizen of London and recruit them for DedSec, who will be available after the recruitment mission. choose at any time. This is certainly the strongest point of the game since each character has a bonus according to his profession and life story, for example. Just be careful because if you activate the “Permanent Death” mode, when you die, your character will not resurface.

This is certainly the most different and glaring point of the game since the player does not have a defined protagonist, he has thousands of choices of characters in the city of London itself.

Ao profile a person (a mechanic present in all Watch Dogs where the player analyzes the NPC's) you can know beyond the name, your job, qualities and bonuses that someone can bring to the team for example.

A retired hired killer? He certainly moves silently and has great mastery with weapons!

From special weapons, super sports cars and military drones, some characters have clothes that can camouflage in certain areas of action. A civil engineer can easily enter a prohibited work and go almost unnoticed due to his clothes.

Be aware that it does not become invisible, only more difficult to be perceived.

Gameplay pc watch dogs legion

The most effective transport in the game!

Throughout the gameplay I realized how much Ubisoft has improved in vehicle physics. Unlike the first 2 games, in Watch Dogs Legion the cars are really well designed, physics acceptable and have a wide variety of vehicle types, from extremely technological cars without drivers to old school's English. But as not everything is flowers, I realized a mistake that canceled all this work.

In all games we are used to fast travel and Legion is no different. The famous Underground's, London's subways, are where travel points are located and so far it was no problem to exist if they were used well.

But then what is the problem with fast travel?

None as long as the player is not addicted to using it. As the missions are arranged on the map, the player has to use the trip all the time and never use the vehicles, this gets even worse. The missions are extremely close to the travel points so the player does not need to use vehicles and walk just a few meters to start it.

Do you have boats? There is but there is no reason to use them!

Money and Technology

In Watch Dogs Legion we have 2 types of collectibles, os E-tokens (or ETO's) and technology points. Os Ethos they function as the local money of the game where the player can buy clothes, costumes and even new masks for the agents.

Technology points (Tech-Points) are used to make improvements. The improvement tree has 4 themes: Devices, Upgrades, Weapons and Hacks.

Improvement tree:


Improving spider robots, modifying electro-fists and camouflaging agents are some of the improvements the player can make. During my gameplay I just found it necessary to spend points on the spider robots, since improving their mobility really made a difference.


In the improvement tree we have from deactivating turrets to covering bodies and reducing damage to agents. As expected, throughout the game, there is no point in disabling turrets as bullets do a better and more effective job. Where to spend points? Covering up bodies during melee attacks is extremely practical and decreasing damage to agents also helps a lot.


Watch Dogs Legion has a really small arsenal of weapons, in this tree of improvements we have 4 non-lethal “new weapons” to add to the agents, they are: the pistol, the submachine gun, a shotgun and incredibly a non-lethal grenade launcher(works effectively against drones but is still a grenade launcher).

The improvements add a larger magazine, more ammunition to carry and even the possibility to make sneak attacks with weapons.


The biggest tree and in my opinion the most useless. The hacks in Watch Dogs used to be more free, in Legion they always return to the same niche. In this tree the player has the possibility to spend points to hack several drones, but why hack the drones? I tell you ... for nothing.

To hack a drone your character does not move while you are touching your phone, this makes it possible for other drones and enemies to attack you. Taking control of a drone can even be useful, but in the meantime know that your body may be being shot by others.

The only improvement that is worthwhile in my opinion is to disable turrets, as it gives you more time to destroy them with firearms.

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The clearest improvements are where I spent points (6/24)!

Hacking here is allowed but limited

The Watch Dogs franchise share the same focus mechanics: Hack.

Isn't it different in Legion, or is it? The game greatly diminished the wide range of hacks that the player could make compared to the other 2 previous games and removed simple mechanics that are needed.

In previous titles, we had a kind of "battery" that made the player think about his strategy of use. There was no point in using all the hacks because otherwise you would run out of "mana" and had to wait a while before reloading. Unlike that, Legion only offers a recharge time and that is not very long. This causes spam of skills and makes the game a little more boring.


The plot of Watch Dogs Legion is very well done and its twists are really incredible. The player, although he has no defined protagonist since he can recruit several characters with different personalities, etc., is very connected with what is happening mainly with the mechanics of how DedSec is composed. Each recruit makes the face of DedSec, they often talk to each other during missions and show us a very strong personality.

Although it is an open world action game, Legion has elements of technological terror that surprise every time they appear. This gameplay brings different feelings for the game that surely none of us were expecting.

“A street gang auctioning off slaves as involuntary organ donors was a little more inspired by terror than we expected it to be in Legion ”

Hyrum Cryer, Techradar.

In all, Legion has 5 story arcs containing 1 villain each.

The Vilania

Legion has extremely charismatic villains and even if they do extremely horrible things, we get a certain amount of attachment between them. Each follows a different line of thought and ideal and strive for goals that are increasingly difficult to achieve.

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Skye Larsen, CEO of Broca Tech and enthusiast the AI ​​neural network .

It's music to my ears


Certainly the strongest point, for us Brazilians, was the extremely well done voice acting of the characters. From slang to bad jokes, all of Legion's characters captivate the player in an unexpected and very strong way. Clinging to each recruit becomes routine as each of them has varied and kind personalities.


The game has countless radios for all age tastes and combines music with the player's actions whenever possible. As of now I notice that getting inside a car and listening to a song that you love is a reality.

Mini games

Legion offers the player extra activities to entertain throughout the gameplay, from the classic darts and clandestine fights, the embassies are available in the city.

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The player must concentrate and, whenever possible, hit the bonus tricks ensuring a higher score.

Ubisoft fame

We arrived at the part where it is better to laugh than to cry, settle down and laugh a little with me.

It is almost impossible nowadays for a game to be fully functional and perfect, but sometimes recurring and extremely frustrating bugs can end your experience

Vehicle physics has improved a lot compared to others, but there are some problems that sometimes happen. Getting out of the car at an extremely high speed and your character acting as if nothing had happened is a reality. Or your character got out of the car and you are still able to control the car for a few seconds.

Driving buses and trucks is fun, just don't go too fast, they take flight!

Choking happened several times when changing districts causing the player to have to wait seconds for the game to unlock.

Remember the quick trips? They happened very often and even so the game every 3/4 trips caused the game to close on its own.

In addition, the game has a “Mail”Where you earn money by completing deliveries and well, at least it was the deal. Speed ​​and quality matter correct? But it turns and moves my deliveries failed or arrived with quality punishments being that I didn't hit it once or if I was so quick to damage the product.

Minimum Requirements

Operational systemWindows 10
ProcessorIntel Core i5-4460 or AMD Ryzen 5 1400
Video cardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R9 290X
Storage45gb available
Ubisoft Support

Recommended Requirements

Operational systemWindows 10
ProcessorIntel Core i7-4790 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Video cardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480
Storage45gb available
Ubisoft Support


In all, Watch Dogs Legion has 39 achievements.


  • Extremely charismatic characters
  • London sights taken advantage of in the campaign
  • Fluid gameplay


  • Bugs all over the place
  • Unused Hacks Mechanics
  • Disposable characters


Graphics: 8/10

Watch Dogs Legion has very good graphics for today and the cities are extremely polished. The interiors of the places are also extremely detailed.

Gameplay mechanics: 4/10

Legion presents more of the same and often less than was expected. The hacks really disappointed me because they reduced the range of previous games a lot, so that during the game, we don't have many options or how to explore different strategies. The improvements are simply useless as "deactivating" means temporarily and as already said, bullets do a more effective and even more fun job.

Soundtrack: 10/10

Both the ambience, the voice acting and the radios were placed perfectly and applied to the game. Voiceovers that brought the characters to life and made them unique recruits were very well done. Congratulations to the voice actors who not only read the text scripts but acted.

The radios have very good music and for all tastes and ages. There is not a single player who will miss a good soundtrack while visiting the most beautiful sights and historic sites in London.

Story: 7/10

The Watch Dogs Legion story was well written and not very well executed. It was quite common not to know which faction you were fighting against and who was (at the moment) your worst enemy. Yet the villains gave a very clear view of what their ideals represented and gave the player a thirst for victory to fight them.

Gameplay: 6/10

The exchanges of fire seemed the same and even with new and stronger enemies I did not need to change my tactic to defeat them. Due to the scarce arsenal of weapons, it was not difficult to see that sometimes the melee was more fun than shooting around. The hacks were not a step ahead of the enemy as there is no aggressive hack (in previous games it was possible to "invade" a grenade and blow it up in the enemy's pocket other than Legion.)

Fun: 6/10

The campaign's missions were very similar. Hack this but first solve this puzzle and find the hub ctOs main thing, this defines the essence of the whole game. At 20 ° you do that it starts to lose its grace (or even before) and it gets boring.

To win new agents, we need to start recruiting missions that are fun just because of the characters themselves and the missions become more and more similar as you progress through the game.

The verdict

Watch Dogs Legion bet on a more melancholy and heavier game than Watch Dogs 2, demonstrating in a dictator government what are the causes and consequently the results over the years both in the population and in the city. The way the recruits are inserted and used is extremely satisfactory giving a much greater immersion to the player. And although bugs were found most of the time, the game is fun and has an interesting campaign. Watch Dogs Legions worth to buy and it will surely give you a lot of game time and lots of fun.

Interested in the game? Get to PS4, Xbox One e PC.

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