Blue Protocol – What is it, what to expect and launch in 2021?

A promising MMORPG by Bandai Nanco has drawn attention for its anime-style graphics and multiplayer action. Meet Blue Protocol

The market for MMORPG-style games is quite large and the troubled years of 2020 and 2021 opened even more doors for this type of game, as, isolated, people looked to games and the internet for ways to stay connected with other people and friends . And, in this year of 2021, it should mark the arrival of a new competitor in this market. We're talking about Bandai Namco's Blue Protocol.

The game actually teased us with a beautiful presentation and open areas to explore in its first trailer. There is an intricate multiplayer system that allows us, as players, to enjoy the game with our friends. Be it in dungeons, caves, forests or in boss fights. A type of thing that has been thriving over the last decade and continues to grow thanks to the various games released that present some newness and add some spice to MMOs.

And at that point, Blue Protocol may have made a lot of promises and shown a lot of attention, but the exact details are something Bandai have kept in the dark to this day. Although this year's release has been planned, we don't have any new updates on it yet. So here we're thinking about what's to come as we wait for the new MMORPG to hit our gaming platforms. Not only in Japan, but also internationally, something that has been the main goal of the game's creators since the very announcement of the game.

So, let's start by talking a little bit about what we know so far about Blue Protocol while the game doesn't come.

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Quick FAQ

Is Blue Protocol open world or instantiated?

The Blue Protocol, as well as Final Fantasy XIV, Blade & Soul, TERA etc. uses large open segregated zones, separated by small, short loading screens.

Will Blue Protocol be pay to win?

We don't know, but so far, no. Blue Protocol will feature a paid store, but will not have any payments to earn or upgrade items within it. There will be no VIP modes that offer any form of advancement over other players.

Will Blue Protocol have PVP?

Not until now. This may change after release, but in beta testing there was no content geared towards PvP.

What platforms will Blue Protocol be released on?

PC at the moment. Namco has confirmed that it is working on cross-platform functionality with consoles, but has never confirmed which consoles it would be specifically.

Will Blue Protocol be released on Steam?

It has not been confirmed whether Blue Protocol will have a Steam release or not. Considering that Namco releases their games there regularly, it's possible that the game will hit the Valve platform.

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Will Blue Protocol have a Functional Guild System?

Yes, Namco has confirmed that there will be a 100% working guild system present in the game as long as it is released.

Will Blue Protocol be released on mobiles?

For now, the only confirmed platform is the PC.

Blue Protocol Release Date

The Blue Protocol is currently scheduled for release in late 2021. Officially, the exact release date has yet to be released. Not only for the American version, but also for the Japanese version. Bandai Namco said last year that it intended to release sometime in 2021. official website Blue Protocol says the release date is 2021. But as of now, we're halfway through 2021, and the best we can hope for is that it gets to the end of 2021. So far, it's the best we've got.

So if we're expecting the Japanese version of the Blue Protocol to only get very close to the end of 2021, then the American version may only see the light of day next year, probably early 2022. A gap of six is ​​expected. months between the Japanese version and the American version as an international version due to localization, translation and adaptation work. They usually start with a debut in North America and Europe, so it's just a matter of time before it gets here.

Blue protocol – what is it, what to expect and launch in 2021? | 942577bd blue1 | married games reviews, tips/guides | bandai, bandai nanco, blue protocol, mmorpg, multiplayer, pc | blue protocol
The fights too

Of course, it's very likely that we'll have to settle for a North American server and it's not worth waiting for the game to be released in Portuguese either, but maybe we're lucky and it counts on the Portuguese language after some time. Bandai doesn't usually work with their games with the PT-BR language, except in very famous releases here, as was the case of the Knights of the Zodiac and One Punch Man games.

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Now, if we're right and Blue Protocol arrives later this year, it will certainly reach PC users. Now, that same release date news isn't good when it comes to consoles. There is concern that console versions are still under construction. Therefore, a release date for Playstations and Xbox may take a while compared to PC versions.

In addition, we still have the generation change and you can't know if the game will reach the current generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) or this new generation released a short time ago (PS5 and Xbox Series). Also note that if there are complications, chances are the Blue Protocol could be delayed to 2022 and internationally to 2023.

Blue Protocol – What can we expect from the game?

Away from the Blue Protocol trailer and synopsis, the game aims to focus heavily on cooperative multiplayer gameplay. So, if you want to play, get ready to embrace multiplayer within a beautiful world that the programmers created. Furthermore, the characters also seem quite detailed and varied to choose from. We see monsters and action sequences similar to classic Bandai Namco games that have remained quite relevant to this day. Of course, there are also unique weapons, and in the end, what we see in an interesting and apparently very strong villain. A perfect antagonist that supposedly gives us the shivers.

Now, looking at a gameplay video, things seem a little warmer, as there's nothing particularly new during this closed beta video. You have four classes (Aegnis Fighter, Blast Archer, Twin Striker and Spell Caster) and, without considering the special effects of each blow or superpower, the game looks pretty “basic” compared to its predecessors. It is possible to see the player going from point A to point B, collecting some items and facing monsters along the way, while other players pop up on the screen.

The anime graphics inevitably reminded me a lot of the game I've been playing the most these days: Genshin Impact. And, although I've seen some videos of Blue Protocol as a supposed “killer” of Genshin, I really think that if any game is going to threaten the throne of Paimon and company, it certainly isn't this one.

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If it will win over some players from the miHoYo gacha, it certainly won't be a very big base, not least because we have a crucial difference between the two: Genshin Impact is a singleplayer with multiplayer elements and Blue Protocol is an MMORPG. Whoever plays Genshin is playing exactly because he is singleplayer and doesn't have to deal with other players getting in the way of missions or with things like PVP, PK and other mechanics like that.

Because it's multiplayer-focused, Blue Protocol will likely have several elements from other MMORPGs and will require players to team up to overcome challenges or compete with each other. Something that Genshin Impact really doesn't miss. If you like that sort of thing and want a new anime-style game, maybe Blue Protocol is what you're waiting for.

Is Blue Protocol open world?

The gameplay of Blue Protocol, for now, is supposed to be all in an open world. Comments about it say that it is more of an open world game, reminiscent of the Final Fantasy series. You can explore and gather material that will be useful for crafting your weapons and evolving skills. Also, mini games across the open world will be available for you to enjoy. With this, even having multiplayer systems, at the moment there is a player vs player missing. The game will likely include some such content in its final version, but for now, we're not sure.

Blue protocol – what is it, what to expect and launch in 2021? | b1871aec blue2 | married games reviews, tips/guides | bandai, bandai nanco, blue protocol, mmorpg, multiplayer, pc | blue protocol
and the monsters

How will Blue Protocol gameplay work?

Speaking of creation, the goal of the game is to have an intricate character customization system, where you can give the character an overall personality of your own. There will be deeper arenas and four different classes for players to choose from. The first Aegis Fighter with sword and shield. The second is Twin Strike with dueling axes, then there's Blast Archer with a bow. Lastly, we have the Spell Caster with magic.

We can also expect some additional classes to be present in the game for customization. Speaking of action, we have a complete combat system where you can use your mouse to aim. Also, features like dodge and parry will make the game have a more intricate mechanic.

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What type of combat does Blue Protocol use?

Blue Protocol will use a full action combat system. You can freely aim your attacks with the left mouse button and your skills, requiring a certain degree of aim to be effective. According to recent Blue Protocol Twitter updates, they've also added the ability for players to actively dodge and trim, meaning players with fast response times will stand out above those without.

Since Bandai Namco is still actively working on new combat mechanics, it's worth noting that the combat system is still subject to further improvements over time, however.

What makes Blue Protocol different?

Blue Protocol is not only one of the most beautiful anime-style MMOs in development today, but instead of giving players a tried and true method of earning and improving gear, players will have to venture out into the world and gather materials and create them. Both from the world itself, as in dungeons or through raids.

No equipment is gained by dropping enemies. All equipment is manufactured and all materials to create this equipment are fully farmed. So whether you're going to get the best equipment for your class depends on whether you're looking for enough or not.

Blue protocol – what is it, what to expect and launch in 2021? | 0d45a144 blue | married games reviews, tips/guides | bandai, bandai nanco, blue protocol, mmorpg, multiplayer, pc | blue protocol
Having a good item is up to you

Are there classes in the Blue Protocol?

Yes, as said before, there are currently 4 classes: The Aegis Fighter that wields a sword and a shield, the Twin Striker that wields two axes, the Blast Archer that wields a bow and the Spell Caster that wields elemental magic through his staff .

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It has been confirmed that Blue Protocol will have additional classes in the future. A lot of unconfirmed information exists regarding the new classes, with over 20 classes being listed as possible game classes. Whether these classes are confirmed or are just potential classes that may or may not be in progress remains to be seen, but Bandai Namco itself has confirmed that it is already working hard on new classes to release after the game's release.

What types of PvE are there in the Blue Protocol?

Blue Protocol has been confirmed to have several types of PvE: There is traditional open world content. They also have dungeons that vary according to the number of players in your party, becoming more or less difficult depending on how many players are present.

There will be raids, but not like WoW, but closer to Final Fantasy XIV. Finally, we have the Party vs Party system with a functional leaderboard. The groups will go head to head to try to be the #1 group to kill monsters in an instantiated arena.

What types of PvP are there in the Blue Protocol?

None. As Japanese MMORPGs Taught Us: Players are simply not very interested in Player vs Player content and as such Bandai Namco is choosing not to have any PvP mode. This may annoy some players and may change after the game is released or after some updates.

What features are currently under development?

After the beta that happened to the Japanese audience, they asked players what they would like to add to the game in the future, which gave us an idea of ​​what to expect in the future:

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  • A type of system for player houses (something Bandai has already confirmed that they are interested in implementing;
  • Fishing and other common non-combat skills;
  • Various types of minigames;
  • Greater freedom and the addition of more character creation options;
  • New classes;
  • Increased number of “Imajinn”, which are unique monsters used in both combat and creation;
  • Guilds and PvP;
  • Improved quests and a greater selection of dungeons to explore, plus more raid content;
  • A more complex Arena system;
  • More exclusive classes;
  • Much more costumes and accessories;
  • Seasonal events;
  • And a photo mode, which they recently confirmed, has already been added to the game!
game theme music

And Monetization?

So far, there is no information about the monetization system. The test made for players from Japan is completely free, as indicated in the Service Terms. You will not need to buy the game, nor will you have to pay a subscription to play it monthly for this test (restricted to players in Japan only). It was speculated that the game would have a subscription model, but so far this has not been confirmed.

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

According to the beta test recruit page, the requirements for playing Blue Protocol are as follows (remembering that they can change at the official launch):

Minimum requirements:

Operational system:Windows 8.1/10 (Japanese 64-bit version)
Processor:Intel Core i3-4340
Memory:8 GB of RAM
Video card:NVIDIA Geforce GTX660 (2GB), AMD Radeon R7 370 (2GB)
Storage:20 GB or more
Monitor Resolution:1280 × 720 or more
DirectX11 or 12
Requires internet:Yes

Recommended Requirements

Operational system:Windows 10 (64-bit Japanese version)
Processor:Intel Core i7-7700
Memory:16 GB of RAM
Video card:NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 (6GB), AMD Radeon™ RX580 (8GB)
Storage:20 GB or more
Monitor Resolution:× 1920 1080
Requires internet:Yes

Enjoy and Take a New PC Control and Prepare for Blue Protocol Launch

The Blue Protocol Synopsis

The paradise the gods forgot. The sons of man make their own way through the earth. Regnus, a planet that was once ruled by a divine tribe, thrived using a mystical light. Many millennia later, what remains are its ruins, treasures and a dark secret. Start your journey in this abandoned paradise, discover your truth and become part of history. Once upon a time, this planet was a sparkling paradise where the gods lived. The planet Regnus. A mysterious "engram" of light filled the planet and people lived in extreme prosperity. They were known as the "Clan Divine Bafalia". The “Bafalia Civilization” they built encompassed all the lands in Regnus and they still had the flow of time in their hands. So centuries passed, millennia - The Divine Clan departed for the heavens and the human age arrived. People seek the radiance of the gods and explore the ruins of Bafalia. Lost technology. Dazzling treasure. Dangerous monsters. It remains imposing. And… the destroyer “Beast of the Planet” Rotate the fate of the planet. Enter a new footprint in Regnus history!

While the world is on the brink of devastation, only you can turn the tide. Join forces with friends and strangers to defeat enemies beyond your power. Travel across lands, seas and time to change the future beyond this struggle.

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Now it's up to you: What did you think of Blue Protocol? Do you want to play? Did you know the game? Enjoy and read more about MMORPGs on our website.

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