Games, apps, platform updates, promotions and other relevant Steam news you can find here. First of all, we cannot ignore a very important detail! The free games that often pass for a short period for users of the platform to redeem.

Well, all games that we recommend directly from Steam will always have as much information as possible. In addition we will also bring lists of the best games, both on and off promotion. For those who no longer know what to play on Steam.

Of course, promotions are mandatory to appear here at Married Games. Because one of the best things the platform offers its users is its incredible promotions. That is, from weekend promotions to huge 80% discount promotions.


Meet Paralives, the 1st Game from Paralives Studio

Resident evil village sales

Resident Evil Village sales surpass 3 million units

Lego: 10 best games to play 2021 | 0bdd8040 lego batman | married games steam | steam | Lego

Lego: 10 Best Games to Play 2021


Exclusive Interview with Hugo Campos that will take the game Gravitational to BIG 2021

Kaze and the wild masks

Review: Kaze and the Wild Masks, PixelHive's 1st game

No place for bravery

Exclusive interview with Matheus Queiroz, producer of No Place for Bravery

May Releases

May / 2021 Releases: What to play on PC, Consoles and Mobile

Mods for skyrim

Learn 3 ways to install Mods for Skyrim

Resident Evil voice actors

Resident Evil 8: Village voice actors will be presented at the BIG Festival

What the duck

Interview with Felipe Dantas creator of What the Duck

Royal Battle

Free battle royales to play today!

Best free steam games

The 14 Best Free Steam Games

Resident evil: re verse

Download Resident Evil ReVerse today

The metroidvania genre and 10 games | a840d519 dandara2 | married games steam | steam | metroidvania

The Metroidvania Genre and 10 Games

Iron in valheim

Find out how to get Iron in Valheim

What is CS

What is CS: Counter-Strike fundamentals

Hades: the game that won over critics and players | 20e4f7c0 hades wallp | married games steam | steam | hades

Hades: The Game That Won Critics and Players

Best Warzone Weapons

Double XP event: Learn the best Warzone weapons to level

Games releases April

Games released in April / 2021: What's next on consoles and mobile


Valheim: Win the Eikthyr Trophy

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