Android TV 11: Check out what's new in games

Google announced on Tuesday (22) the “Android 11 on Android TV” - or Android TV 11. As with mobile phones, the system brings new features, improved privacy controls and more resources for developers, as already announced during the beta test. The new version brings some news that promise to improve the use of the system with games, just in time for the arrival of services such as Stadia and Xbox Streaming to the platform.

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Improvement for Games

Android TV devoted much of its novelties to games in version 11. In addition to better memory control of devices, Android 11 brings improved compatibility to gamepads - including support for Steam Controller and Nintendo Switch Pro control.

Android tv 11 | gamer hands
Android TV 11| Gamer Hands

Another novelty is the compatibility with the automatic low latency mode (auto low latency mode, or ALLM), launched by version 2.1 of the HDMI standard so that the television makes the automatic adjustment to the reduced latency mode when detecting a gaming device.

ALLM is a feature brought by the new Xbox Series X and S and PlayStation 5 consoles, but it requires that both the console / streaming device and the TV support this feature - otherwise you need to manually select the ”games” mode.

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Improvement for the media

android tv 11
Android TV 11

In addition to attention to games, Android TV 11 came with performance improvements in video processing - which can lessen the feeling of out of sync in live broadcasts or during videoconferences - enhanced support for tuners (used for example in TV Sony and Philips brands), greater control options over television resources, and a quiet reset mode for system updates.

Fragmentation improvement

Android TV 11 is already available to manufacturers of TV and streaming devices, but it seems that the system will take a while to reach the rooms. Devices such as the Nvidia Shield and Xiaomi Mi Box continue with Android 9 (Pie), while TV's tend to be more backward and outdated compared to Google updates.

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