SSD or HD? Which one should I buy?

Okay, set up the whole computer, right? chose motherboard, video card, memory, in short, everything; but now it was stuck when storing, SSD or HD? right? You don't know if you buy HD, SSD, how many GB, etc.

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Well, be calm that in this guide we will give you a step by step on how to choose yours to buy, from the most basic to the most advanced.

Questions you should ask yourself when buying an SSD or HD:

  • How much storage do I need?
  • Do I need speed or space?
  • Does it have to be something lasting?
  • How far does my budget allow?

SSD or HD?

How much storage do I need?

This is a very important question, since the price gap between models is still very large in Brazil. So, with the price of a 1TB hard drive you would get an SSD with more or less half the capacity; so think carefully about your budget and how much storage you need.

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In addition, many hard drives arrive in storage space that SSD's do not yet have capacity. for example: if you really need a LOT of storage, there are HD's with storage space of 10TB, for example. SSDs reach up to 2TB and are much, much more expensive than an HD.

Do I need speed or space?

The SSD is often used in parallel with an HD just to start the operating system or to open some heavier software to decrease the load time. So, instead of paying dearly on a large SSD, consider buying a small SSD together with a larger HDD. 120GB SSDs are usually allied with 500GB or 1TB hard drives for normal use by people dealing with files, videos or images.

Does it have to be something lasting?

As an older technology, HD's use a physical disk with a player that is extremely fragile. Therefore, it can end up breaking much more easily than an SSD in some possible machine or peripheral transport. This physical disk also wears out over time, which ends up giving a shorter product life. In the SSD, this problem does not exist, since the storage does not depend on this physical disk. Therefore, this makes the SSD also use less energy and be quieter inside your computer.

How far does my budget allow?

Unfortunately, the price of SSD's in Brazil is still far from the reality of the majority of the population. The SATA models start at around 150 reais per 120gb and the NVMe model starts at 200 reais for the same storage. However, at the same value, you get a SATA HD with an average of 500GB of storage. So, consider all the previous questions, and then see how far your budget allows.

Anyway, it is unfair to compare HD's with SSD's, since the technology used is in fact, much better. If you want an SSD just to put the operating system and some files or heavier programs, I strongly recommend that you buy a 120GB or 256GB SSD for this. SSD or HD? In fact, the speed difference is very big and you will surely feel it and you will never be able to use a computer with HD again hahaha.

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