The 10 Best Rhythm Games for Android

From Guitar Hero to OSU, rhythm games have always been a favorite of players. Who doesn't resist good music, right? Even more when it comes with a fun mission, which usually has to do with setting the pace for it. 

But did you know that you can also enjoy good rhythm games on your phone? This article brings you 10 of the best rhythm games available for Android. Grab your headphones, get your fingers ready, and go with me!


Rhythm games - cytus
The main difficulty of the game is that the horizontal line moves up and down

The best way to start this list is by citing titles from Rayark, a developer famous for its rhythm games. And no wonder, she was responsible for the production of several super fun and unique games in her own way. 

Rayark is an independent Taiwanese company, with an office also in Tokyo, Japan and specializing in mobile games. Rhythm games are not the only ones produced by Rayark, but they are the most famous.

In the year following the founding of Rayark, 2012, Cytus was born. The game innovates due to the fact that it combines the characteristics of a common rhythm game (passing the missions by setting the rhythm of the music) with a story. There are 10 chapters and a prologue in total, 

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Cytus tells the story of Vanessa and takes place in the future, when human beings were wiped out by a deadly virus. All that was left were robots, with human memories accessed through music. The story is about identity and memories, as well as a lot of music. As for the selection of songs, the game features a lot of Japanese electronic music.

The practical part of the game is also a little different than what Guitar Hero and OSU players are used to. On the screen, a horizontal line (called the Active Scan Line) will appear, it moves up and down, while dots appear simultaneously. The objective is to touch these points as the main line comes into contact with them. 

It may take a while to get the hang of it, and it takes a lot of concentration, but it's extremely fun!

Cytus it's free to download, with in-app purchases (to unlock new chapters and songs). Due to the success of Cytus, versions for Playstation Mobile and Ninthsdthe Switch. A sequel to the mobile game was also launched in 2018, called Cytus II (this version however needs to be purchased to play).

SystemAndroid 4.4 or higher


Rhythm games - deemo
Deemo brings gameplay closer to classic rhythm games like Guitar Hero

Following the launch order, Deemo was the second rhythm game released by Rayark, in 2013. In terms of gameplay, Deemo is more similar to the more classic rhythm games, having a horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen, and the notes “ fall ”to it, having to be touched by the player when they hit the bar. Like Cytus, Deemo presents a story.

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The story is about the relationship between Deemo, a lonely mystical character, and Alice, a girl who falls from the sky (yes, literally) and has lost her memory. The two get together so that the girl can return to her home. For this, it is noted that a piano tree grows each time it is played. So they need to play as much as possible to get Alice back.

The songs available in the game are then played by a piano, sounding more peaceful and classical. Deemo's arts are also a separate show, hand-drawn, extremely beautiful and delicate.

Deemo is free to download at Play Store, but the free version is just a demo of the entire game, which needs to be purchased, but it is worth it because the story is very beautiful and exciting, as well as fun. A sequel, Deemo II, was announced in 2019 and even got a teaser, but still with no set release date. 

It was even announced a film based on the history of the game, called Deemo The Movie, scheduled for release in 2021.

Special PV for Deemo The Movie

The game was also released for PS4 and Playstation VR e Nintendo Switch.

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SystemAndroid 4.4 or higher
SizeVaries by device


Rhythm games - voez
Voez accompanies a group of friends who form a band

Voez is the third rhythm game released by Rayark, in 2016. The game tells the story of a group of 6 friends, who together form the band VOEZ. While playing, you immerse yourself in the lives of Chelsea, Yuko, Lance, Ocean, Jessy and Qian Qian, in search of fulfilling your dreams.

As for the gameplay, it is very similar to Deemo. A horizontal bar is at the bottom of the screen, and notes are dropped to it, having to be played when they hit the bar. It can be a bit confusing, however, at first, as the place where the notes fall will change as the difficulty increases, making the game a different experience.

Like Cytus and Deemo, Voez it is free to download (download here), however, to follow the story to the end you must purchase the game. As for the music available, it has a greater variety of genres than its predecessors, but it also only has songs produced by oriental artists. The list of available songs includes the genres eurodance, synth pop, trance, electronic music, pop, among others.

Voez has a lighter and more lively theme, but that doesn't make the story any less interesting or attractive.

The criticisms of Voez were in short very positive, but a complaint made by the players would be the need for an internet connection to play.

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Voez was also launched for Nintendo Switch.

SystemAndroid 5.0 or higher
SizeVaries by device

The note

Rhythm games - lanota
Be careful not to get dizzy with the movements and spins of the circle!

Leaving Rayark's productions, we have Lanota. Lanota was launched in 2016 by Noxy Games.

The story tells of a civilization hit by a disaster called Al Niente. This disaster took away almost every sound and color in the world. It is possible to restore them, with the use of Notalium, a crystalline energy. The player controls two main characters: Fisica and Ritmo, in the task of “tuning” the Notalium and restoring the sound and color of society.

As for the gameplay, it is quite different from what has been seen so far. A large circle will appear on the screen. The notes fall and must be played by the player when they reach the edges of the circle. It sounds easy, right? Okay, now rotate and move this circle as the music plays. Challenging, isn't it? I guarantee that this game can bring you hours of fun!

Along with the main rhythm game, it is possible to explore and collect items, complementing the gameplay.

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Like the Rayark titles, The note is free to download (click to download), but only a demo of the game will be available. To venture further afield, you need to make the purchase.

SystemAndroid 5.0 or higher

Love Live! School Idol Festival

Rhythm games - love live! School idol festival
Do you like anime with girlbands? Then you will love this game!

This is perfect for anime fans. And more specifically, fans of Love Live!

Love Live! School Idol Festival was launched worldwide in 2014 (2013 in Japan) by KLab Games. The game follows the same story as the anime, in which a group of girls unite and form a girlband in order to prevent their school from being closed. But the version of Love Live! for mobiles also contains unpublished stories, which are not in the anime, so it’s worth playing to check them out!

The game features songs and characters from the Love Live! School Idol Project and Love Live! Sunshine !!, as well as exclusive characters. It is possible to collect characters through cards, and to know more deeply the history of each one of them.

Gameplay is much simpler than previous games. There will be images on the screen of each member of the group, the notes will fall in a bubble shape to each image, having to be touched by the player when they arrive. No spin, no changes, simple as that, not so challenging but by no means less fun.

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It is possible to play in Story or Live mode. The difference is that in Live it is possible to choose the song to be played, and in Story the songs are pre-defined according to where you are in the story (in addition to, of course, following a story).

Following the success of the launch, an arcade version of the game was released in Japan, called Love Live! School Idol Festival: After School Activity, version that was released this year for Playstation 4 in some regions (no, it is not available in Brazil: c). There was also a spin-off called Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars, with the features of Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club.

Love Live! School Idol Festival is free to download and play. There are in-app purchases, but you can check the full story for free!

For those who like this style, it's also worth checking out Utano Prince Sama: Shining Live, which follows the same standards as Love Live !, only with a boyband as its main.

SystemAndroid 4.0 or higher

Beat MP3 2.0

Rhythm games - beat mp3 2. 0
In Beat MP3 2.0 you can choose songs from your own library

For those who don't want a very complex game, with stories and characters, maybe Beat MP3 2.0 is more for your taste. The game was released by CREAPPTIVE Co. and basically offers the functions of a simple rhythm game.

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The interface is very similar to that of Guitar Hero, being familiar to most players. The main positive point of the game is that it is possible to play the songs contained in your own cell phone library. Beat MP3 2.0 has adjustment of nine types of speeds, in addition to three types of lines, four, five or six. This is all in addition to the normal difficulties that are easy, normal, difficult and “crazy”.

Some complaints of the players is that the game has a power system, which will be spent as you play, it is not possible to play for a long time, in addition to not being able to play offline, and the amount of advertisements.

Because it is much simpler, Beat MP3 2.0 is much lighter than the other games on the list, and is free to play (download here), with an in-game purchase option.

SystemAndroid 4.0 or higher

Lost in Harmony

Rhythm games - lost in harmony
Lost in Harmony has an exciting story and mixes rhythm with endless runner

Lost in Harmony is more of a rhythm game with an impactful and captivating story. The game was released in 2016 by Digixart and was highly acclaimed by critics, including winning prizes.

Lost in Harmony tells the story of two best friends: Kaito and Aya. Aya suffers from a serious illness and that is why her friend Kaito imagines taking her to several different places. The game mixes the rhythm genre with the endless runner style, making everything more challenging and fun.

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Another feature of Lost in Harmony is that you can create your own levels and share them with your friends.

Lost in Harmony is free to play, offering in-app purchases. In 2018, paid versions of the PC game were released (Steam) is Nintendo Switch.

SystemAndroid 4.2 or higher


Rhythm games - dynamix
As in any rhythm game, concentration (and lots of rhythm!!) is fundamental to do well

Dynamix was launched by C4 Cat in 2014 and is also a simple rhythm game. Simple in the sense of not having a great history of pulling tears from the players and basically being a 'choose music -> play'. Because this game has absolutely NOTHING simple!

I'll explain: Well, do you remember right at the beginning of the list when I mentioned Lanota, who distributes notes falling from all sides in a circle? Yes, this game is more or less similar in this regard. There are three places where banknotes can fall: right, left or in the bottom corner. Couple that with a heavy beat and flashing lights. You have to be extremely focused to do well!

If you really like rhythm games and want a new challenge: immerse yourself in Dynamix and it will surely bring you what you want.

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Dynamix is free to play, but contains a limited number of songs in its free version. To have access to the entire collection, you must buy.

SystemAndroid 4.1 or higher


Rhythm games - superstar
SuperStar has cards to improve its performance

This is for K-Pop fans. And for those who are not fans too! The SuperStar series combines Guitar Hero-style rhythm play with a collection of cards from your favorite artists. The collected cards serve as power-ups to increase your score in the songs.

The pop version The SuperStar features cards and music from pop artists such as Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Zedd and Imagine Dragons. For fans of Korean pop, there are several other versions of the app: SuperStar Gfriend, SuperStar JYPNation, SuperStar SMTOWN, SuperStar YG, SuperStar Starship, SuperStar Woollim, SuperStar FNC, and will soon have SuperStar Kang Daniel.

The SuperStar game series was developed by Dalcomsoft. The games are free to play, with in-app purchases. Choose what you like best and have fun!

SystemAndroid 4.1 or higher
SizeDepends on the game chosen (somewhere between 75 and 90Mb)

Rhythm Games - Bonus

There are so many good games that it is difficult to choose just 10, so there are two more suggestions for those who want more paced adventures! But beware: these games are only for those who want real challenges, follow your own risk!

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Geometry Dash

Rhythm games - geometry dash
A game that mixes extremely fun and difficult action and rhythm

Geometry Dash may not seem like a rhythm game at first, but setting the rhythm while playing is crucial in this game. The player (you), controls a geometric shape, which must pass the obstacles without suffering damage.

To make things easier, a background song dictates the pace you must set in order to be successful. The game was released in 2013 by RobTop Games. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to go beyond the traditional “hit the notes” of classic rhythm games.

And if you get tired of the available levels, you can also create your own levels.

To download the game you need to buy it (link to purchase), but it is relatively inexpensive and well worth the money. However, there are other lighter versions with lower levels available (Lite version, Sub Zero, World and Meltdown), which can be downloaded and played for free, so it's a good chance for you to get to know the game and decide whether or not to buy the full version.

SystemAndroid 4.0 or higher

Give it Up!

Rhythm games - give it up
Blob is this captivating mound that has the mission to survive the obstacles

Give it Up works in a similar way to Geometry Dash. In Give it Up! you control Blob, guided by the background music to overcome obstacles (which are not few!). Well, the name of the game itself already suggests the level of difficulty, “give it up”, that is, “give up”.

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This game promises to frustrate you a lot, due to its great difficulty, but at the same time addictive, and when you realize it, you will have spent hours playing! Is it challenge that you want? Give it up has!

Developed by Invictus Games, there are two versions of this game, both free to play, Give it Up! e Give it Up! two

SystemAndroid 4.4 or higher

So, what did you think of the list of rhythm games? Is your favorite here or left out? Leave it in the comments!

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