5 Ways to Download YouTube Videos Without Installing Anything 2021

I'm sure that at some point you already wanted to download a video from Youtube to watch later, study, use for something, or simply be distracted when you haven't connected to the internet. Well then! Here in this article I will teach you how to download YouTube videos in a simple and safe way, and even better, without having to install ANYTHING!

Before I start, an important caveat: these ways that I will list to download videos from Youtube ARE NOT OFFICIAL, and may violate some of the site's security and copyright rules. Downloading the videos for your own personal use is unlikely to result in anything, but you need to be careful about what use will be made of the downloaded video. We DO NOT approve practices that are illegal and that infringe copyright. Keep this in mind, and use it with caution.

The downside of using websites to download your videos from Youtube, is that some can be, say, a little polluted, confusing the user with an absurd amount of advertisements. But don't worry, here we will also have tips for escaping these misleading advertisements. Either way, it is highly recommended to use an adblock for the process.

Another negative point is that, when watching the video from another source (in this case a downloaded file) and not from the official website, you are not helping the creator of the video, who often earn through the ads displayed in the videos on Youtube itself. So whenever you can, watch the videos from the official source, to help your favorite creators.

Copying the Video URL

The first step in being able to download a video from Youtube will be to copy the video URL. But what would that URL be? Well, basically it is the address that appears in the bar when you are watching the video. An example:

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Youtube url | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
This is a URL

So just click on the bar and copy the address, correct? Yes, this is the easiest way to copy the video's URL. However, sometimes the address indicated in the bar may not be recognized by the website, so the safest way to copy the video URL is as follows:

Below the video title, next to the like and dislike buttons there is the option “share”. Click on it.

YouTube screen showing the option to share video | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
The share option is just below the video

Then, in the window that opens, click on “copy” and you're done! URL saved!

Sharing screen showing the option to copy link | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
Now just click on copy, to copy the link

After copying the URL, to paste it just press the keys ctrl + v.

On your cell phone, just go to the option to share below the video and, in the window that opens, click on “copy link”.

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Mobile sharing screen showing the option to copy link | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
Click on the “copy link” option

To paste the copied link, just hold your finger on the screen in the desired field, and select the option “paste”.

We can then proceed to download the video.

How to Download Youtube Videos

Now, get to work. There are several sites where you can download your videos without installing anything, just with the link. Some even allow the conversion of video to mp3, for example. Remembering that this works both on the computer and on cell phones, all you need is a browser and an internet connection. Let's look at some examples.

Clip Converter

Clip converter interface | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
The Clip Converter interface

Clip Converter is one of the most popular sites to download videos from Youtube, but beware: if your video contains a song, it probably cannot be downloaded through this site, which filters the video content before downloading.

The positives of Clip Converter are two: first, it is possible to download your video in various formats (mp4, 3gp, avi, mov and mkv), in addition to the option to download only the audio, also with several available formats (mp3, m4a and aac). The second positive point is the possibility of cutting the video, downloading only a portion of interest.

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To download your video on Clip Converter, just paste the URL in the bar that says “video address” and hit the enter key. Attention, it is important to use the enter key instead of clicking where it indicates to continue, due to advertisements that appear when you click the button. By pressing enter, it is easier and safer to move on. You will then arrive at the following screen:

Indication of steps to download a video in the clip converter | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
Steps to Download a Video by Clip Converter

In the image, we can see 5 marked areas. In rectangle 1, you can select the quality in which you want to download your video, and you can see a preview of the size of the file to be downloaded. In 2, you choose the title of your file, just click and delete the pre-defined name, if you want to change it, and write whatever you want. In 3, you select the format you want to download, and in this case, if you want only the audio, or the complete video.

Rectangle 4 is for you who want to download only part of the video, just uncheck the boxes where “beginning of the video” and “end of the video” are written and insert the exact time of the clip you want to download.

Having done everything, just click where it is indicated with the number 5, on the start button! It will then start converting the video and you will be directed to the following screen:

Final screen to download the video with the download option | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
Final page to download your video

On this page, you will see the title of your video, and the file size. Just click on download to download. If, after finishing downloading the video you want to do the same with another one, click on “convert another video” and you will be redirected to the home screen. And ready!

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Savefrom interface | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
Savefrom.net interface

Savefrom is also a very popular alternative for downloading videos from Youtube. The interface is also very clean, with few advertisements.

How to use this site? It's very simple. Enter the site and paste the video URL in the bar indicated (“paste your video link here”) and click download. You will then see your video appear below. But before clicking on download, click on the arrow to the side and you will be able to choose the quality and extension of the video to be downloaded.

Savefrom screen showing the option to select video quality | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
Quality and extension options for downloading the video

In my case, the possible extensions are mp4 and webm. Note the volume symbol with a red x in some options. In such cases, you will download only the image, without sound. After choosing the desired quality and length, two things can happen:

  1. Your video will start to download automatically. In this case, you don't need to do anything else.
  2. Another window will open with your video rolling. Okay, two more options: the first one will be to click on the video with the right mouse button and select “save video as”, and then you will be able to choose the folder where you want to save the video, and the title of the file. Another option will be to click on the three dots in the bottom right corner of the video and select "download", in which case the video will download automatically, with no option to choose the folder and title.
  3. If nothing happens, click download, and then follow steps 1 and 2.

And ready!


Yt1s interface | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
The YT1s interface, without ads

The name is kind of weird, but it works! YT1s is even the site with the cleanest and simplest interface so far.

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To use, sign in YT1s website and paste the recorded URL into the bar “search or paste Youtube link here”. The interesting thing about YT1s is that you don’t necessarily need to save the URL of the desired video, as the bar also works as a search bar, just type in the title of the video, and it brings it to you.

The recommended, however, is to have the URL in hand, because by searching the video you may come across some ads, but nothing too extreme. However, be sure not to click on anything suspicious! The correct window to download the chosen video should look like this:

Yt1s screen with option to choose quality and download button | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
Correct window to download the video

Clicking there where “720p” is written will open more quality options, and even an option to convert your video to mp3 format, in this case just downloading the audio.

Choosing video quality to download on yt1s | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
It is possible to download only the audio file in mp3

After choosing the quality and format, click on “get link”. Two options will appear. Then click download, and your video will download automatically.

Final screen of yt1s to download the video with the download option | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
Click download

The convert next option will take you back to the home screen, in case you want to download another video. Despite the clean display of advertisements, several are opened as you click on the buttons, so be careful.

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Y2mate interface | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
Y2Mate Interface

Y2Mate is cute, all worked in purple. There is a lot of advertising on the screen, but nothing that gets in the way of navigation.

To use, sign in Y2Mate website and paste the video URL in the indicated location (“paste your video link here”). Without needing to click on anything, it will automatically open some options and the thumbnail of the chosen video, like this:

Options to download the video or audio on y2mate | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
Options to download your video

Clicking on the orange button labeled “get audio” will make the site convert the video to mp3, and you will then be able to download the file with audio only. The other options, indicate the quality and format to be downloaded (in this case, the option in webm would be downloaded only the image, without sound, but in a higher quality). Just click on the download button in front of the desired option and you're done!


Catchvideo interface | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
Catchvideo interface

Catchvideo is the only option on the list that is not available in Portuguese. But it is simple to use just like the others.

Get in on Catchvideo website and paste the URL of the video in the blank bar (“paste your link or search for a keyword here”) - it is worth mentioning that just like in YT1s, the bar serves as a search bar, it is not necessary to have the exact URL of the video , just search (but the search didn't work very well for me, so it's still preferable to have the direct link). Click "catch!".

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The window will reload, and just scroll down a bit until you see the following options:

Options to download the video or convert to catchvideo | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
Options to download your video

You will then be able to download the video in the desired quality, or convert it and download only the audio in mp3 format. Click on the green button written download or blue button convert, according to the desired option, and the download will start automatically. In the case of the convert option, a new window will open with the download option.

Screen to download the converted video or audio | download videos from youtube without installing anything 2021
Download video converted to mp3

Some advertising sites will open halfway, but don't lose focus (and don't download anything suspicious on your computer or phone !!).

Bonus - Youtube Go and Youtube Premium

There is a way to officially download a YouTube video to your phone. One, not two! And they are offered by Youtube itself.

Youtube Go is an exclusive application for Android, so you can only use it on your Android phone.

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To download a video through Youtube Go, just search for the video you want in the search bar, and click on the video that will appear in the results. Soon after, you will have the option to choose the quality of the video and whether to watch or download it. Just choose the download option and you're done! The video will be available for you to watch on the homepage in the saved option.

Through Youtube Go, however, several videos, such as music videos, are not possible to be downloaded, due to copyright.

The other option is with the Youtube Premium, paid YouTube subscription service. With Premium, through the Youtube app an option appears below the videos to download, so you can save your favorite videos to watch offline, and the best thing is that you continue to support content creators through this, which is official.

The downloaded videos will be archived in the library, in the “saved” section. The Youtube app is available for Android and iOS.

So, did you manage to download your videos from Youtube in an easy way? Did this text help you? If so, leave a comment! Oh, one last thing: your downloaded videos will automatically go to the downloads folder both on your phone and on your computer, so it's easy for you to find them!

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