Adblock: How and Why to Use the Ad Blocker

Are you tired of surfing the internet and finding dozens and dozens of advertisements, disrupting your experience on the websites? Well, in this article I am going to introduce you to Adblocks, ad blockers, which will make your browsing a lot smoother! Oh, and you’ll also be able to check out a FREE option!

What is an Adblock?

The term Adblock comes from English ad= announcement and block= block. Translating to the letter we have the term “ad blocker”. Through the internet, practically every website or video we visit has ads spread around them, and often in an abusive way, even going so far as to hinder our navigation.

If you are lost in the subject, calm down. You probably already know what I'm talking about, an ad is a type of advertisement from an outside company, which usually pays to run its content on another website or video. Like a TV commercial, or a billboard like the ones we see on the streets.

For example, you are on a website reading about computing, and then you see an advertisement for a store that offers computer parts to sell. By clicking on this advertisement, you will be directed to another website, where you can effectively make your purchase. This is a type of advertisement.

Or, you are on YouTube watching your favorite Content Producer and then, in the middle of the video, an advertisement for some other service appears (you can usually skip the YouTube advertisements in five seconds, but sometimes it is not possible), this is another type of ad.

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So far, so good, many sites use the income earned from the ads to survive and stay on the air. The problem is when there is so much advertising that you can barely find the actual content on the site. And it happens much more often than it looks.

So, this is where the saviors of the day come in: the Adblocks. As the name suggests, it blocks ads from appearing, making your browsing cleaner and more peaceful. Sounds great, doesn't it?

The ad blocker comes in the form of an extension, available for each type of browser, and can be free or not.

Of course, Adblocks are not 100% effective, sometimes one or the other ad goes unnoticed, but you can say goodbye to that absurd thing of four, five messages popping up on your screen simply when trying to access a website.

Number of ads blocked on the youtube site. With | adblock
Adblock message about the number of ads blocked on the page

Why Use an Adblock?

But, if some sites survive on ads, why would I use a program to block them? Wouldn't it be wrong?

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That's where the best part of Adblock comes in: you can pause it whenever you want or put certain pages on the call whitelist (literal translation - white list), in which ads on that particular site will be allowed, and you will be able to help site owners with your revenue. I'll teach you how to do this later on so keep following the text!

Why, then, use an Adblock? The answer at first glance seems obvious: to browse the internet in peace. The truth is that nobody likes multiple windows opening without being invited on your page, having to keep closing advertisements to be able to access the desired content, or when your video is interrupted in half to show something that, most of the time, you nor is he interested.

So the first reason to use an ad blocker on the internet would be to be able to browse more smoothly. Ah, the annoyance it gives you when you click on a link or button on the page and then open a completely different new page with content totally unrelated to what you want. Then having to go through the inconvenience of going and closing this new page.

You know, going through situations like that at one time or another can be understandable. But there are times when everything crosses the line. And then the time comes to interfere: Adblock so I want you!

The second reason for purchasing an ad blocker is less obvious, but also important: increased browsing speed. Yes, it may not look like it, but ads take up data, and that interferes with the speed at which pages load. A page full of ads takes much longer to load completely.

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Think about it: you may be blaming your internet for the delay in loading pages, but it may be the blame for the amount of ads it contains! And of course, we are in the era of instantaneousness, a few milliseconds make all the difference for a generation that wants everything instantaneous in their hands. Yeah, I bet you hadn't thought of that!

The third reason you use an ad blocker is the most important: security. That's right, there are sites that show malicious ads that can add trackers or malware to your computer! And it’s not that uncommon to happen, having been featured on big and famous sites like The New York Times and BBC.

And how will you know if the ads displayed on a page are safe or have a virus? The truth is that you can't tell until you are infected, so be careful!

This is not because the owners of these sites are malicious towards their users, no! In fact, they use third-party companies to serve their ads, so they have no control over what will actually run on their pages. Yeah, it's getting more and more difficult to trust the pages out there.

And what are the negative points?

Like everything in life, ad blockers do have negative points. And you need to explore them in this text, so you know exactly what you're getting into.

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The first and main negative point of Adblock has already been mentioned here at the beginning of the text: many sites use the guaranteed income for the ad placement to survive, therefore, by blocking the display of these ads, the site owner will also be failing to receive the amount that should.

This is the main dilemma for those who use an ad blocker. How worthwhile is it to block ads on a page? I may be preventing someone from earning a living. Well, fortunately this problem is very easy to solve with the whitelist. Adding the site as an exception, you will normally see all the ads on it, contributing to the owner's income. Problem solved!

The second problem is that the owners of the ad blocker also need to survive in some way, right? And if your service is being offered for free, that is not where the income will come from. Names like the famous Adblock Plus are known to have contracts with specific companies not to block their ads, and are therefore not effective in their main premise. The user must compose the list of exceptions, not the blocker.

Following the same line, there are blockers which also act as trackers and can not only collect your browsing data but also change your browser's behavior. Very careful with this type of application, you may think you are safe, but still being monitored! For example, the Nano Adblocker extension, which was removed from the Chrome extension store in 2020 for exactly tracking data from users who used it.

But what do they do with the collected data? They can sell them to third parties, exposing you completely.

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Finally, some ad blockers can go beyond their main role and block important things on sites like shopping cart access. This can be somewhat uncomfortable, but it can also be resolved simply by placing the site on whitelist.

Now that you know the strengths and weaknesses, you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to use an Adblock in your browser. Oh, do you want to? So here's a free suggestion:

Installing Adblock

According to research, the safest free option is a blocker called exactly Adblock. Used by more than 65 million people worldwide (including me), it was created in 2009 and has since become one of the most popular browser tools.

Adblock is open source software, and is part of the community Acceptable Ads, which means that its primary purpose is to prevent only the most intrusive and uncomfortable ads. Small, simple ads continue to run normally, thus not harming certain sites.

Adblock is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, iOS and Android. To download, simply access the official Adblock website and select your browser on the page. The website itself will redirect you to the correct extension store so that you can do the installation.

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Adblock browser official website home
Choose your browser icon

As an example, I selected Firefox. He redirected to the following screen:

Adblock page for firefox with button to get
Sample screen when selecting a browser

On this screen, just click on “get Adblock for Firefox” that the browser extension store opens on your screen.

Firefox extension store page to add the adblock extension
Firefox Extensions Store

Once in the correct extensions store, simply follow the information on the page to add it to your browser. For example, in Chrome a button appears with the option “use in Chrome”, just click and go!

The downside is that it doesn't work for the Google Chrome mobile app, the Android version is for the Samsung Internet browser.

Adblock is free to use, but has a premium version, with a greater number of options such as replacing the ads on the page with images of landscapes or animals. O Premium Adblock it costs $ 1 (yes, dollar) per month, or if you choose an annual subscription it costs $ 10 per year.

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Using Adblock

Once added to your browser, a red icon with a hand drawn will appear at the top of the browser, usually with a number at the bottom (in this case the number of advertisements blocked on the page). By clicking on the icon, a few options appear:

Adblock extension icon and options when clicking on it
Click on the Adblock icon to see these options

The option “update your Adblock” is for users who want to switch to the Premium, paid version. Right below, you will see the domain of the website you are visiting (in my case, Youtube), and the number of ads blocked on the page.

Right below, you will already have the option to pause the Adblock on the page you are visiting, in this case, seeing all blocked ads again. By clicking “once”, you allow ads only this time that you visit the site. Clicking “always” adds the site to the whitelist and allows ads on all of your future visits.

I added a website on whitelist and I regretted it, I want to block the page ads again, how do I do it? It is very simple, when you click on the Adblock icon at the top of your browser (which will now appear green, as it allows ads on the site) you will see the option “reactivate the adblock”. Just click, and you're done.

Option to re-enable adblock on a page on the whitelist
To re-block ads on a page, simply click on “reactivate adblock”

Just adding Adblock to your browser will be enough to use it without problems, but there are also a number of settings that can be made in order to optimize the use of the tool. To access the settings, just click on the following icon:

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General adblock page showing the settings icon
Tool settings icon

You will then see the following page:

General adblock settings page
Adblock settings page

On this page you can already see some interesting options such as allowing discreet ads and allowing ads on some YouTube and Twitch channels. For this option, you will need to restart your browser after checking it, then just visit a video on the channel you want to see the ads, click on the Adblock icon and select “allow ads on this channel”, so you can help your creator favorite content, and still block ads on other channels.

The other options are more specific like “filter list”, which contains the types of ad filters you want to use and in “personalization” you can block ads based on their URL, and even customize the filters used. I do not recommend working on these things unless you are fully aware of what you are doing, as one wrong move can alter the functioning of your plugin.

One last thing before I finish: some sites can block your view when using an ad blocker. In this case, to browse the site you will need to pause the blocker on that site, or add it to the whitelist.

There are other ad blocker options, but use them at your own risk! Be sure to look at comments and do a good research before installing it in your browser. There are also some paid versions, such as the Avast antivirus, but honestly I don't see a big need to pay to have something that you can enjoy for free.

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So, did you like the text? Have you installed your Adblock or used it before? Tell me in the comments! And oh, don't forget to put the website Married Games in your whitelist!

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