Discover All About Evolution Land and Start Earning Your Cryptocurrencies

Perhaps a blockchain game that is more like The Sims is what you want to play and start earning cryptocurrencies. If that's the case, get to know and know everything about Evolution Land

There are several blockchain games and there is a good variety of game styles and gameplays for those who like different game styles. We talked a little about the Axie Infinity e rain, with Pokémon-style games, with the creation and capture of little monsters, and Splinterlands, with gameplay similar to Heartstone and Magic the Gatherring. But, for those who don't like managing and collecting little monsters, maybe there is an alternative.

Evolution Lands is one of these Farm-type blockchain games that you manage the game characters to do tasks and acquire resources, in the best style The Sims Mobile or the extinct The Sims Social, which you played on the late Orkut. You leave your "Apostles", as the game characters are called in your land and they started to work for you, getting items that can be sold or exchanged for others so that you "evolve your land" and earn even more cryptocurrencies.

If you want to “farm” (literally) your cryptocurrencies in a farm management style game where you can let things go while you work or play something else, maybe this is the game for you.

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For those who want to be a farmer but don't have oxen

Quick FAQ

What is RING?

In Evolution Land, RING is used as currency to pay service fees, commercial fees. Likewise, the marketing of various resources, land, buildings and props will also use the RING as an accounting unit.

What are Resources?

In Evolution Land, resources are used as the most important functional token. Until now, it could be used to 1. Increase the apostles' mining efficiency. 2. Update props. 3. Earn rewards on the Farm. It could be used extensively in creation and combat systems.

What features are in the game?

There are five main features in Evolution Land: GOLD, WOOD, HHO, FIRE and SIOO. These resources are in the depths of the Earths. Each Land has random resource reservoirs that decay at a rate of 1/10.000 per day over time.

What is KTON?

In Evolution Land, KTON is used as a governance token. Players can voluntarily lock their KTON in a governance contract (minimum lock time 14 days) to receive voting power.
This voting power can vote on governance proposals within the continent to affect the game's evolution. In return, these “governors” players will be entitled to receive game revenue dividends (30% of all revenue) in proportion to their wagering percentage of all blocked KTONs.

What is COO?

COO is a highly available resource, like the oxygen we breathe. In the context of Evolution Land, the Apostle (the player's representative in the game) needs some COO to survive on the planet.
Users can get the feature through some simple operations like logging into the game frequently. Many of the game's primary activities only require some COO, especially for some gamers looking for fun or those coming to try out the game.

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What is Evolution Land

Evolution Land is a blockchain game using cross-chain technology provided by the Darwinia Network that has two “continents” deployed on Ethereum and Tron, where you can buy and sell land, govern your space, grow crops and build buildings. There are a total of 26 continents, each in different blockchains.

Users can purchase land on these continents, farm, work on different buildings, or hire other users to mine resources on their land. Players can also buy or sell land on continents, extract resources and build buildings, PvP, scientific research, etc.

Evolution terrain gameplay extensively uses fungible ttokens and non-fungible tokens that are actually owned by the players and protected by the blockchain technology where their continent is.

Know all about evolution land

Over the Lands on the Continent of Dawning

Currently the game already has some continents hosted on the blockchain and the fourth continent of Evolution Land, the continent of Dawning; based on the Huobi ECO Chain, it will have a total of 2025 lands.

  • Evolution Land will reserve 249 Lands. In addition to the resource lands of the central area, there are also gold mines, forests, lakes, volcanoes, hills and other lands, which will be used for distribution of rewards.
  • Approximately 1000 lands will be set aside to reward supporters during Crab and Darwinia Network Parachain rental offers for a two-year rental period.
  • The remaining 727 Lands will be sold at auction.

How Valuable are Lands?

  • When an apostle or mining drill is placed on Earth, they work to extract the planet's resources; all of which are tokens that can be exchanged for real value;
  • Winning a land auction will also earn you points that can be used to cash out RING prizes in the Happy Lottery;
  • In the gameplay context of the game, landowners can earn a commission from the apostles and mining drills used to work their land, which can be a considerable amount of revenue!

Land can also be sold on the open market as a scarce, non-renewable resource of Evolution Land, so each individual piece of land can be considered an independent mine with an extremely high value.

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Only players who are Owners will be able to experience the construction mode of various functional buildings, which will be used to generate additional income!

happy lottery

Every time you win a land in the auction, you accumulate points to enter the lottery. You can activate the lottery if you have 10 or 100 points and each time you draw your lottery you can win up to 100 RING with the 10 point lottery and up to 1 million RING with the 100 point lottery.

The lottery

How to register for Evolution Land?

Continent A in Evolution Land, ATLANTIS, is based on the Ethereum Network. ETH, is the cryptocurrency used in ATLANTIS, and its value varies according to the market. Players need to convert trust money (Reals, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Pounds, etc.) into ETH to pay for currency in ATLANTIS – such as buy RING, buy land, etc.

Players cannot use trust money to purchase RING or other assets in Evolution Land – the trust money needs to be converted to ETH first. Players can purchase ETH from a wallet or purse that supports the purchase of cryptocurrency, then transfer the ETH from the purse to the address used to register Evolution Land.

There are two ways to register ATLANTIS in Evolution Land: mobile and web. Choose your preferred and appropriate way to register:

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On the web

1. Use “Itering ID”

itering id
Itering ID
  • Scan the QR code of website page and download the Itering ID according to the prompts;
  • Register an ETH address or import one. The private key must be saved and cannot be recovered once it is lost;
  • After creating / importing the wallet, log in to Evolution land, click Itering ID, select Register or Login;

2. Use "Metamask"

  • Search for Metamask in the Chrome Store and install it;
  • Metamask supports account creation and import. For users without a wallet, you can create an address. Users with existing wallets can import them via a private key;
  • After creating / importing the wallet, log in to Evolution land, click Metamask, select Register or Login;

on mobile

1. Use “imToken 2.0”

Imtoken 2
imToken 2.0
  • click on the download link and download ImToken2.0;
  • Register an ETH address or import one. The private key must be saved and cannot be recovered once it is lost;
  • Find “Evolution Land” under “Browser” and click to register.

2. Use "Mathwallet"

  • click on the download link and download Mathwallet;
  • Download IOS version of mathwallet for the first time, you need to trust the wallet in “Settings”, “General”, “Device Management”, “TT-LTD, TOV”. Android version does not need to be configured;
  • Register an ETH address or import one. The private key must be saved and cannot be recovered once it is lost;
  • Find “Evolution Land” under “Dapps” and click to register.

How to play Evolution Land?

Users can purchase land in Evolution Land at auction, while the user can select different activities to participate in the game. For example, the miner can collect gold, wood, water, fire and silicon materials produced in the earth, and the smelter can transform the raw material into items, etc. Evolution Land also offers casinos, arenas where players can play a variety of entertainment activities.

In summary, Evolution Land has the following 4 features.

1. Combine blockchain games with social interactions and explore the value of social elements;

2. Promote and carry out decentralized self-government and build a common gaming environment;

3. Seamless integration with other blockchain games to match game assets;

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4. Connect different blockchain networks to create a cross-chain gaming ecosystem;


Evolution Land players play as characters called 'Apostles'. Each apostle contains unique genes and talents, with multiple attributes that determine their abilities, such as mining, healing, research, and fighting. You can rent or sell these apostles to other users or set up your apostles for tasks based on their skills and more.

The most expensive sims you've ever seen
The most expensive sims you've ever seen

About the gameplay of the Apostles

Apostles are very important game characters in Evolution Land, and most operations performed by players are completed by them. Due to the unique appearances, talents and other characteristics of the apostles, two main plays were developed:

collectible gameplay

An apostle's appearance and talents are determined by genes. A handsome or cool apostle has more collection value than ordinary apostles. At the same time, genes are divided into dominant and recessive genes. Some traits and talents will only appear after the advancement of several generations of genetic mutations, raising the rarity of various abilities and talents transmitted through genes. The apostles who can possess rare and noble genes and good talents are even rarer, and they all add to the apostle's collectible value.

Functional Gameplay

Players perform various tasks in the game through the use of apostles. The natural genes of an apostle have different efficiency results for different types of work. Therefore, it is possible to cultivate apostles more fit for work than for battle, for example, as the need arises.

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RING token

Apostles can be purchased through in-game auctions using RING – the native utility token implemented as a smart contract in ERC20 and created to find rarer ones. Players use RING token as currency and KTON to vote on governance parameters such as tax rates and in turn will receive dividends from game revenue.

Evolution Land Gameplay

NFT Collectibles: There are unique traits and up to ten gene-determined talents for the limited original apostles and their descendants. Users may have to combine their apostles giving rise to unique apostles with advanced genetic variation that match characteristics of their parents.

Education: The proficient ability of the apostle allows each of them to have the right to work or fight and make him excellent through education.

Mercado Livre: Almost everything in Evolution Land can be traded in the game's internal market or in the external market. The in-game marketplace allows users to trade land / apostles / resources, hire workers or even find their apostle's soul mate, and prices are determined by players driven by demand and supply.

You may also transfer your assets and trade on any third party markets. These markets can be categorized into NFT (non-fungible token) markets as well as FT (fungible token) exchanges, according to what you want to trade.

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Career: In addition to the role of miners, Evolution Land also offers more career options, as well as corresponding social roles, such as warrior, doctor, musician, etc. Each apostle can find his place in the world depending on his characteristics and abilities.

Play to win: 70% of game revenue will be shared among players; you can share it, whether you are a KTON holder or an asset in construction. The main source of revenue for players in Evolution Land usually comes through one of these channels:

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Auction of new land -You can earn revenue when new land is placed on the market.

Sales of new apostles - The first generation limited apostle was sold at a fixed price that will contribute to revenue;

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Second Market Trade Tax - a small fee is charged when a user lists their property Land, Apostles, or other props on the in-game marketplace;

Apostle birth rate – A small birth fee is charged during the creation of a new apostle;

Magic Potions Sales - revenue from Magic Potions sales will contribute to the revenue pool;

Intercontinental Import Taxal– This tax will change when some assets, resources or apostles are transferred from other continents;

business tax – A small amount of tax will be charged for any other commercial business activities;

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DeFi: Decentralized finance is at the root of the whole game. Your capital or effort invested in the game will certainly help you earn a reward.

Player property: Players really own the game. Evolution Land was designed and developed to be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, known as DAO. This "decentralization" is achieved through the following means:


– Exists in the blockchain, transparent and auditable;

– Smart open source contracts and accessible front-end user interface;

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– Distributed to players and employees, integrated with smart contracts;

– Integrated referral program;


– Distinguish casual players from serious governors;

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– The users involved have the power to vote on proposals outside the network / inside the network;

Start your farm in Evolution Land

Evolution land is a blockchain-based virtual management game. Players can play together or fight each other in activities such as mining, construction, PvP, scientific research, etc. to have fun and increase the wealth of your blockchain-based assets.

Users can purchase land in Evolution Land at auction, while the user can choose different occupations to participate in the game. For example, the miner can collect gold, wood, water, fire and silicon materials produced in the earth, and the smelter can synthesize the elements into items, etc. Evolution Land also offers casinos, arenas etc. Players can play a variety of activities while earning cryptocurrencies.

Leave it in the comments if you enjoyed knowing this game and in the meantime, read more about criptomoedas and learn how to improve your income with these games.

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