How to Level Up Arcana in New World from 0 to 100 and beyond

Arca is the ability to create potions and magic items and you can strengthen this skill faster with these tips.

The magic that exists in Aeternum is under the Arcana's domain in New World. You don't see mages, as in other MMORPGs or in fantasy, dropping fireballs from their hands or summoning lightning bolts. The magic in this world created by Amazon seems to be quite restricted to the few users who have mastered elemental attack weapons, such as the Ice Gauntlet and the Staff of Fire. “Healing power” is also not restricted to priests or clerics or members of any kind of religion. Anyone with a LifeStand can heal their comrades which, in a world at war, can come in handy.

New World has many different crafting skills you can master in Aeternum, including the ancient art of potion making. Arcane is the skill you need to master in this game if you want to brew some powerful elemental potions, extracts and infusions to help you gain an edge in battle. It is also one of the hardest trading skills to level due to requirements.

However, raising the levels of this skill doesn't have to be too difficult if you know what materials to look for. In this New World Arcana leveling guide, we'll show you the fastest way to raise your Arcana level in New World.

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You don't need to be a wizard to do magic
You don't need to be a wizard to do magic

The Arcane Repository

You cannot create in any Arcane Repository. Each item has a Tier level requirement, and not every Arcane Repository meets this, so you'll need to find one that meets in another Deal if your location doesn't. In order to level up an Arcane Repository, you and other players on your server need to complete requests from that settlement's City Project Council – unfortunately, it's not something you can do alone.

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To easily locate an Arcane Repository that is the correct level for what you want to create, you can ask other players in Chat if they know where one is to prevent you from checking each settlement.

choosing the right place

Yes, you will need to choose the right location to efficiently level up your arcana level. Why? Your storage shed is separate from each of the settlements in New World. You may have some of your materials in Monarch's Cliff, Eternal Fall and Windshields, so you won't be able to use them all.

Location is important as not all settlements will have a Level 3 Arcane Repository or higher. This crafting level is required to get your Arcane skill 60 or higher.

If you have most of your materials in one place without a Tier 3 Repository, a good trick is to buy a house for your main storage shed. If most of your items are in Windshields, buy a house there.

When the only Tier 3-4 Arcane Repository available is in another city like Eternal Fall, run to that settlement and set your inn/respawn point there. You will now have the option to return to your hostel and return to your home. Both have long cooldowns, but you can transfer as many items as your character can carry from one village to another in the blink of an eye.

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How to Level Arcana in New World

Below, you can find what we believe to be the easiest way to raise your level of Arcane in New World. We're focusing on levels 0-50 and there are a few ingredients you need to collect, including Reed Cob, Water Moe and water. All of these are low-level materials readily available in any of the starting zones.

Also, if you're new to New World, you may not know where to level up your Arcana skill. To start leveling Arcana, go to any of the main settlements and look for the Arcane Repository. This is where “the magic begins”. Now let's get started with Arcana's quick leveling guide in New World.

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How to Level Up Arcana Quickly

To level Arcana in New World, you will need to create a variety of different potions. You can focus on two different potions between Arcana crafting levels 0 and 100 and after that to wherever you can get. Here is the necessary formula, and perhaps the easiest, to get to level 5:

Raise Arcana from Level 0–5

The easiest potion to create to level Arcana to level 5 is Poor Health Potions. A weak health potion requires the following materials:

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  • 1x Level 1 Medicinal Reagents
  • 1 water

Level 1 medicinal reagents are Reed Ear or Hyssop. Find and harvest Junco plants near a lake or riverbed to obtain Junco Ear. Every time you loot a Junco plant, you will get a bunch of Juncos and Ear ofthe junk – and you'll need to collect 91 Reed Ear and 91 Water to create a total of 91 Poor Health Potions to reach Arcana level 5.

Reed plants are abundant beside any small body of water, such as a lake or pond. Look for tall plants along the edge of any body of water and start harvesting. Gather the materials and start making the potions. Weak Mana Potions are also easy to make and require only water and Bush Buds, which are harvested from bramble plants. If you have such material available, you can make some too.

Raise Arcana from Level 5-50

arcane in new world
Rivercress Vest, you'll need it

The easiest potion to create to level Arcana from level 5 to 50 is the Common Focus Potion. A Common Focus Potion requires the following ingredients:

  • 1x Level 2 Water Reagents
  • 1 water

Level 2 Water Reagents include Watercress, Watercress Stems, or Frog Pots. Of these three ingredients, the easiest to obtain is probably Argueiro. You can travel along any river, like the one that runs from Eternal Fall to the southwest, and harvest all the Watercress Stems and Fountain Stone you see.

One thing to note is that you'll need at least level 30 harvest to loot magical plants. You will also benefit significantly from this route if you have at least level 50 Mining to collect Alchemy Stones (Fountain Stone). If you want to know how to quickly increase your harvest level, follow our guide.

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To reach Arcana level 50 in New World, you will need a total of 441 Aquatic Archer and 441 Water to make 441 Common Focus Potions. The hardest part is gathering all the water particles, which will probably take an hour or two if you follow the above route.

Raising Arcana from 60 Up

  • Vital Steel Rod (+690 Arcana)
  • Steel Ice Gauntlet (+690 Arcana)

You can start crafting magic weapons as soon as you reach level 50 in Arcana. For this staff and gauntlet, you'll need to maximize whatever materials you can to make what's to come easier. These are by far the most efficient because it's very easy to get the materials for them.

The Steel Vital Bat gives +690 Arcane abilities per creation and uses 12 Steel Ingots, 5 Thick Leather, and 6 Vitas Throwers. Most materials can be collected in the early stages of the game, which should give you plenty of creation opportunities.

The Steel Ice Gauntlet also gives +690 Arcane abilities per art for 12 Steel Ingots, 5 Thick Leather, and 6 Water Throwers. Steel ingots will need a little work as you will need some Sand Flux.

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Raising Arcana from 100 Up

Stelaço Vital Rod (+1725 Arcana each)

Stellar Ice Gauntlets (+1725 Arcana each)

If you want things to go a little faster and have a high enough level to collect these materials, you can choose to get Stelar Ingot and improve your crafting skills. This gives +1725 Arcana for each piece and the only main difference is the Stelazo Ingots.

You are using the same Thick Leather, Vital Thrower for each piece created. You'll need to maximize your mining skill for this too, as Stelaço is hard to find in quantity. You can alternate between making Sticks and Gauntlets until you reach the desired level. You can also go to other points where you have the materials, collect them and craft the items.

What can you create with Arcana in New World?

Arcane is a crafting skill that allows you to make the following categories of items. If you want to see the recipes for each potion, you can see them directly in the game while you're creating them.

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  • magic weapons
  • Extracts
  • Elemental Infusions
  • Poçes
  • Weapon Coatings
  • Protection Potions

magic weapons

  • staff of fire
  • vital stick
  • ice gauntlet


  • tincture of Macula: Protection Reagents + Air Reagents + Water
  • Corruption Dye: Protection Reagents + Water Reagents + Water

Elemental Infusion

  • Infusion Elemental
  • elemental essence
  • Elemental Quintessence
new world arcana
Various types of potions and extracts can be created


  • Cure Potion: Medicinal Reagents + Water
  • mana potion: Magic Reagents + Water
  • Focus Potion: Water + Water Reagents
  • regeneration potion: Medicinal Reagents + Life Reagents + Water
  • Fire Absorption Potion: Protection Reagents + Air + Water Reagents
  • Lightning Absorption Potion: Protection Reagents + Fire + Water Reagents
  • Absorption Potion dthe immaterial: Protection Reagents + Death Reagents + Water
  • Overload Potion: Terrestrial Reagents + Fire + Water Reagents

Weapon Coatings

  • Coating Feras: Offensive Reagents + Air + Oil Reagents
  • Revestimento Pwrong: Offensive Reagents + Life Reagents + Oil
  • Revestimento Cbroken: Offensive Reagents + Water + Oil Reagents
  • Revestimento Antig: Offensive Reagents + Terrestrial Reagents + Oil
  • Coating Tmisses Indocile: Offensive Reagents + Fire Reagents + Oil

Protection Potions

  • Beast Protection: Protection Reagents + Terrestrial Reagents + Water
  • ProtectionPlost: Protection Reagents + Air + Water Reagents
  • Protection corrupted: Protection Reagents + Life Reagents + Water
  • Ancient Protection: Protection Reagents + Water Reagents + Water
  • Protection of Earth Idocile: Protection Reagents + Fire + Water Reagents

Quick FAQ

How much does New World cost?

The game costs R$75,49

How Much Does New World Weigh?

Amazon recommends at least 50 GB free storage

Can I login to Any Server?

Yes, but South American servers are recommended

Can I switch characters on servers?

Originally not, but due to overcrowding on some servers, Amazon will allow you to switch characters on different servers for a while.

I chose the wrong attributes, can I reset them?

Up to Level 19, you can reset your stats for free.

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Can I reset my weapon's attributes?

Can reset for free up to Mastery level 10

How to Raise Gun Level Fast in New World?

PvP is the way to go if you want to increase your weapon mastery as quickly as possible.

How to have two houses in New World?

Reach level 35 to gain space for a second house.

How to Level Up Fast in New World?

Defeat monsters along the way.
Accept the city's quests.
Accepting faction missions.
Increasing skills.
Before logging out, rest at a camp to earn bonuses.

What is the Maximum level in New World?

The level limit is 60, and few people, if any, will be able to get to that point before next weekend.

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How to Level Up Fast in New World?

Defeat monsters along the way.
Accept the city's quests.
Accepting faction missions.
Increasing skills.
Before logging out, rest at a camp to earn bonuses.

How to increase weapon level fast in New World?

PvP is the way to go if you want to increase your weapon mastery as quickly as possible.

How to get Fish Fillet and Fish Oil in New World?

Just have a fish in your inventory and press S + Left Mouse Click.

How to have two houses in New World?

Reach level 35 to gain space for a second house.

Where is it best to fish in New World?

Fishing in the New World is most efficient at deep depths. If you're looking to raise the bar quickly in the game, then you'll definitely want to cast your line – with the bait equipped – into deep water.

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How to find Fishing Spots in New World?

You will immediately notice the Fishing Spots as you will see fish jumping out of the water.

Where to get a Fishing Pole in New World?

With Master Fisherman Michael Shields in Windsward or creating one with a hemp fiber and green wood.

Explore a New World

N is set in the mid-1600s, where players colonize a fictional land called Aeternum, created in the mold of British America, along the Atlantic Ocean. Players can mine resources, craft items, and fight with and against other players.

For thousands of years, the mysterious island of Aeternum was the source of fantastic legends – and now you've found it. Shipwrecked, without supplies or allies, you'll need to make your way into a dangerous world where the fundamental laws of life and death don't apply. Magic flows through Aeternum. Brings life: miraculous healing, reanimation of the dead and strange flora with magical properties. And that brings horror: the power to cause unspeakable destruction and the slow wear and tear of the soul through countless cycles of death and resurrection.

In such a land, your destiny is whatever you make of it.

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