What is an Axie Infinity Scholarship and How to Apply?

If you want to start playing Axie Infinity without going broke, or if you just don't have the resources yet, an alternative is to become a Scholar in Axie Infinity.

Ever heard of Axie Infinity Scholarship? The main reason that is preventing most aspiring gamers from starting their Axie Infinity journey is probably the high cost of purchasing a starter team. To start with, a player needs to have at least three axies and, guessing above, having three little monsters is quite expensive depending on the fluctuation of cryptocurrency prices. Sky Mavis, the game's developers, previously announced that they are working on a free-to-play mode of the game to pique the interest of more players.

In fact, they've already tested the design to distribute free Axies. Unfortunately, they had to postpone the release of these F2P options due to the unexpected increase in new players looking to win some cryptocurrencies. Of course, let's be honest, Axie Infinity, without the cryptocurrency earning element it's not the most interesting game you'll find out there.

Fortunately, there is still another option for players who want to start earning while playing: Become a Scholar (or Scholar, in free translation) or, in short, borrow Axies from someone else and take care of them so you can play and earn Smooth Love Potions (to learn more about this, we have a full article about the game) and you split the winnings.

Axie Infinity Scholarship
Do you have an axie there to lend me?

Quick FAQ

How to get a scholarship in Axie Infinity?

Create an Axie Infinity account for the academic/player.
Choose the Axie you will present to the academic/player.
Enter the academic/player's Ronin wallet address.
Gift Axie to the academic/player account.
Save the account's QR code and give a copy to the academic/player.

Is there any Axie Infinity Scholarship in Brazil?

Yes, the axie ocean.

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How much does an AXIE Fellow earn?

With current rates of $0,070839594812 per SLP, you can expect to earn at least $7,44 per day as a scholarship if you get 150 SLP per day with 70% profit sharing.

How much does an Axie start-up team cost?

At the time of this writing, the cheapest Axies cost around US$16 (R$79) on average. Since you need a team of three Axies, the initial cost to start an Axie Infinity team is around US$48 (or R$260). However, if you're reading weeks or months after publication, these numbers are sure to change a lot!

As with other cryptocurrencies, Axies prices are very volatile and will fluctuate a lot due to various factors (such as the china ban regarding Bitcoin transactions, it affected the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem). So, so you can get in the game when your budget allows, we'll teach you how to figure out for yourself the estimated cost of an initial team in Axie Infinity.

How much do you need to spend to start playing Axie Infinity?

To check how much the starter Axies cost, just go to Axie Marketplace by clicking on this link. In the ranking options, sort the Axies by “Lowest Price”. Make sure the “Adult” checkbox is selected in the search filters. You can also add more filters if you've decided which Axies you want to buy. The results should give you an idea of ​​how much the cheapest Axies cost in ETH and USD.

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When I started writing it was about US$ 16 and when I went to print the screen, it no longer has

Since you need a team of three to start, multiply Axie's average cost by three and you now have how much initial investment you need to start playing. You should also keep in mind that prices reflect the power and stats of the Axies. Buying the cheapest means it's the most common and probably has the lowest stats, which will affect your performance and thus your earnings. Think about it carefully.

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What is an Axie Infinity Scholarship?

A “Scholarship”, or a “scholarship”, in Axie Infinity is when a manager/creator gives a free Axie team to a scholar/player/caregiver. The “student” will then play the game using these Axies to earn Smooth Love Poions on behalf of the breeder/manager, while receiving a share of the winnings.

Please note that bags on Axie are not official game features – they are made outside of the game client or dashboard. Which means, if you're a student/player or creator/manager, and something in your partnership has gone wrong, don't expect any kind of official help, feedback, refunds, or support from the game.

Purses became popular in the Axie community because:

  • there are veteran players or breeders who have lots of Axies but cannot use them to earn SLP (playing on multiple accounts can be a reason to get banned) and there are aspiring players who want to start playing but don't have the resources to buy a starting team ;
  • Managers can also help players learn about the game, especially since NFT and cryptocurrency games are still relatively new and complex.
  • To maximize both parties' gains, managers should provide tips on how to efficiently craft SLPs or the best combos and monsters in Axie Infinity.

Finally, scholarships are a great way for beginners to learn about the complicated processes when playing Axie Infinity, how to manage cryptographic wallets and how to cash out SLPs.

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What is a Scholar at Axie Infinity?

A “Scholar” in Axie Infinity is a player who receives a free starter team from a breeding manager and earns SLP on his/her behalf. If you are an aspiring Axie Infinity player, but don't want to spend all you have to buy a starting team or don't have the resources to buy Axies, you can choose to become a scholar/scholarship.

In this system, winnings are then split into a combined percentage between both parties, usually 60/40, 50/50 or 70/30. This method of borrowing axies is a win-win scenario for the community – managers/creators with extra Axies can earn passive income, while gamers/academics can start playing and winning without spending a single dollar.

How to Become a Scholarship and Play Axie Infinity for Free

To start playing Axie Infinity through the scholarship system and receive a free starting team of three Axies, you will need:

  • Look for Managers/Creators or Guilds who are looking for Axie Scholars/Players. Some players or “entrepreneurs” form Guilds, where they invest in many Axies and hire academics/players to earn SLP on their behalf for passive income;
  • Contact the managers and let them know that you are interested in applying for a scholarship;
  • Once accepted, get your free Axies from your manager and start playing!

To become an Axies Manager/Creator and have some fellows/players, as you might imagine, you need to have a lot of axies and be willing to lend them to someone. As we said above, the stock exchange/manager relationship is something done exclusively between players and does not have official support from the game's developer, so there is no system for refunding or returning the axies in case something goes wrong in this relationship.

small love potion
Being a player/scholarship is no different from a job.

As you might have guessed, these managers invested a lot of money in their Axies. Giving away Axies for free is also like giving away free money. And how would they know if they would be able to get their return on investment? That's why most managers or creators only give their axies to someone they trust. If you have friends, relatives or co-workers who administer Axie grants, these are great starting points.

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The information or requirements to become a fellow/player also vary for each manager, as there is no “formula” to be accepted. Some may require multiple documents, require the candidate to live in the same country, city or state as the manager, and some may simply “not like you”. Anyway, this is a much more personal issue than anything else.

Where to Look for Axie Infinity Scholarship

If you don't have friends or family who manage the grants, you have no choice but to look for grants in the Axie community. Here are some places to check if you want to apply as an Axie Scholar:

  1. Official Axie Infinity Discord Server
  2. Axie Infinity Facebook Groups
  3. Twitter search
  4. Axie Infinity Subreddit
  5. Axie Infinity YouTubers and Content Creators

However, as an aspiring player/scholar, you will need to show and prove to potential sponsors that you are trustworthy and deserve to receive a free starting team. After all, why would they give free Axies to a random stranger on the internet? Again, this is why it's easier to look for someone you already know and want to be a manager.

Most guilds or managers even have application processes where aspiring fellows need to fill out a form with their information and experience. Think of it like submitting a resume for a job application, except the job is playing a video game that lets you earn money!

Purses are a great way for new players to start playing Axie Infinity without spending too much money. Regardless, just make sure you are always respectful and polite and don't send spam messages or abusive chat messages – this will only lower your chances of being accepted as a player. But also don't accept any condition to become a player after all, this is like a job and, just as you owe respect and commitment, your manager/creator also has to respect you and give you fair compensation for your work.

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Now, leave it in the comments: Do you intend to start playing Axie through the Scholarship system? Do you know any manager? Contact us and take the opportunity to read more about criptomoedas on our website.

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