Want a Free Fire to earn Cryptocurrencies? Then meet Battle Royale Light Nite

The cryptocurrency games do not live only on little monsters. You can earn your cryptocoins by being the last survivor in battle royale Light Nite

Games to win cryptocurrencies aren't restricted to just games where you collect little monsters or act passively. You can get some action in your games and earn your cryptocurrencies too. And at this point, we can talk here about Light Nite. This game is a battle royale, Fortnite, Free Fire and other style, it will pay you in cryptocurrencies for everything you do in it. Killed, died, hit a shot, missed a shot. You are winning or losing.

It seems risky at first glance, but it's a game that will depend much more on your skill in it to win than in other management style. On a Axis Infinity, for example, you will earn as your little monsters do their tasks and you can earn a little more with your fights. But here the business is much more in real time. You can kill an opponent and take an item worth a few good bitcoins and in the next second lose it! You can do well in a match and win a lot of money, only to take a headshot and then lose it all.

Sound exciting? So maybe gambling is a good way to earn some bitcoins. Are you finding it too risky? So maybe you'd better stick with the management games. Are you good at shooters? If you are looking for a game where you can win some cryptocurrencies and still participate in an exciting battle royale match, then Light Nite is for you.

What is Battle Royale Light Nite?

Light Nite is an online multiplayer battle royale developed by Satacho.Games and is, in its essence, a very low-poly version of Free Fire, with cartoonish-oriented graphics, which are a little reminiscent of Minecraft.

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In this game, "each specific digital interaction between players triggers a monetary reward or penalty." In simple words, players gain bitcoin by shooting other players and lose bitcoin when they are shot. However, this is not the only innovative feature of the game:

  • Some of the in-game items are worth real bitcoins and can be earned directly in-game (usually they are left on the ground by dead players);
  • Light Nite's store allows users to purchase in-game items for bitcoin, using in-game balance or via a microtransaction from the player's wallet;
  • The game's bitcoin balance is updated in real-time every time a player shoots, gets shot, or picks up a valuable item (the player can then exit the game whenever they want and instantly withdraw their balance to their own wallet).

Light Nite is a game for everyone: non-bitcoin users can play Bitcoin featureless mode and eventually will be attracted by the enhanced interactivity enabled by the Bitcoin integration and will start experimenting with this innovative technology. This is also one way we want to contribute to the mass adoption of Bitcoin.

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Light Nite is designed to work well on a wide variety of PC hardware, so as many players as possible can board the Battle Bus and play. To play Light Nite in the best possible way on PC, we recommend the following system specifications.

Minimum System Requirements

Video card:Intel HD 4000 on PC or Intel Iris Pro 5200 or equivalent AMD GPU on Mac
Operational system:Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6
Video memory:2 GB VRAM
Processor:Core i3-3225 3,3GHz
RAM memory: 8 GB of RAM

Recommended System Requirements

Video card:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or equivalent DX11 GPU
Operational system:Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6
Video memory:2 GB VRAM
Processor:Core i5-7300U 3,5GHz
RAM memory: 8 GB of RAM
battle royale light nite
Why does only Tony Hawk have to make money doing this?

What is the technology behind Light Nite?

The technology used in Light Nite is the Lightning Network (Bitcoin transaction layer) to integrate Bitcoin microtransactions into Light Nite. The only thing players need to do to play Light Nite and take advantage of the full potential of in-game Bitcoin microtransactions is to download a wallet that supports Lightning Network (eg, bluewallet), send a small fraction of bitcoin to this wallet so that you can start sending and receiving bitcoins over Lightning Network while playing Light Nite.

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Game Features

  • Integrated mode with Bitcoin
  • Mode not integrated with Bitcoin

Integrated mode with Bitcoin. Players will join the game and join other players online after making a micro-transaction (no pay to play: the micro-transaction only updates the player's balance, which can then withdraw it if he doesn't die before leaving the game. games). Each player has an in-game balance that increases in real time when he shoots other players or picks up valuable items and decreases when he gets shot. When the player wants to leave the game, he can withdraw his balance from his own wallet and spend his bitcoin in the in-game shop, in other Lapps or on tacos and beers.

Non-Bitcoin Embedded Mode. Same game, no microtransaction required to enter the game, in-game points instead of bitcoin. Also, players can buy items from the store using fiat currency (it would be great if everyone could use bitcoin, but mass adoption must be achieved step by step).

battle royale light nite
lost, lost, lost

Light Nite is still in development, but once it's ready it will be available on all major game distribution platforms (Steam, Itch.io, Play Station, etc) and in the Elixir (a new distribution platform for games by Satoshis Games). Currently, the game costs about $20 and can be downloaded from official website Light Nite.io. To play, you will need to download Elixir Gaming and create an account. With that, you are ready to join the game.

In addition to the battle royale, which will be the game's flagship, Light Nite also has a game mode called “Surviving COVID-19”. In this mini-game players earn satoshis (which would be “fractions of bitcoins”) and NFTs according to their score. The score can be:

1 to 000 points: get 3 sats + 000 skin

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3.000 to 10.000 points: get 100 sats + 2 skins

More than 10.000 points: get 100 sats + 3 skins

Already the first online version of a PvP mode in the game is called Deathmatch multiplayer. Here the mode allows up to 8 players to battle on an island, in matches that can last up to 5 minutes, and come back after a few seconds after each kill. Whoever finishes with the highest score wins the match. However, in this mode, there is no gain of bitcoins, but the developers at Satochi.Games guarantee that this will be implemented in future versions.

The game will also have a Mata-Mata Arena mode and your valuable items are there available to be dropped if you are killed. Here you can gain and lose your NFTs after a kill. In this mode, the game still promises an effective change to the game's economy, as if no one takes the item you dropped, it can be burned and affect the actual demand for that item. This can cause the demand for a particular item or equipment to become quite high over time and it becomes rarer and rarer.

The launch is scheduled to take place in November this year and it will even be available on Steam, where you can buy and start earning your bitcoins. The fan community has already started to organize some contests and tournaments on their Discord channels. You can get involved in them and start accumulating some earnings right away. You can also enjoy learning more about bitcoins with these books we recommend for you on Amazon.

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What if I lose everything?

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Light game that still pays you? Why not?

This is a relevant question that can be answered when the game is officially released. What will happen to the player who loses everything? By the game model, it seems unlikely that the player will run out of any cryptocurrency, after all, hitting shots will be enough for you to earn some bucks. Picking up an item will also automatically add some value to your wallet. So, it's unlikely that anyone will completely zero the game.

Another question is: what will stop the famous “rage quit” game? Will there be any punishment for leaving the game if they are at risk of losing a valuable item? Will the wins and losses of a game only be given when the round is over? These are things that are still early for us to know, but we may soon have an answer, as its official release is scheduled for the end of this year.

Now, leave in the comments what you think about the game and if you like battle royale games. Do you think you have a chance of him becoming a success? Take the opportunity to read more about criptomoedas on our website.

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