Best Teams for Beginners in Axie Infinity

Despite being a good source of cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity is still a game and, like any game, to win you need a good team. let's talk about it

As newbies to Axie Infinity, you might be wondering: What are the best little monsters that will make me earn a lot of cryptocurrencies? It's not a strange question to ask and, contrary to popular belief, rarer Axies with rarer parts are not mandatory to have a good team in the game. Of course, the rarer the stronger the Axie, that's for sure. But, in the same way that you can have a good and strong team of Pokemons without having any “shiny” in the team, you can have a team of well-made axies even though they are not one of those worth thousands of dollars.

Axie is a game where you can play to win, but before you even start you need to form a starting team of three (3) axies. Players need to choose their starting teams carefully as this determines how quickly you can earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and reach later levels in the game that give you more rewards. In this guide, we'll teach you the basics of choosing a perfect team for beginners. We'll also list the best Axie team setups that most players recommend.

Beginners in axie infinity
Know how to assemble your teams

Roles of a team of beginners in Axie Infinity

Before we even decide which Axies to buy, let's first learn about the two main functions of Axies in Axie Infinity:

1. Defender (Tank)

Each team needs a durable Axie on the front lines to absorb all enemy damage.

The tanks will defend your defense lines as you try to gain energy and cards to perform a combo. Otherwise, all your fluffy axies will die immediately before they even have a chance to land a powerful attack! Axies Plants and Reptiles often have bonuses that allow for better survival, such as HP bonuses. Sometimes Aquas are also used as tanks.

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2. Attacker (Damage Causer)

Attackers or DPS focus on dealing damage to the enemy. They usually have low HP and defense, so they need to stay behind a tank to survive. Beasts and Birds usually have cards that deal a fair amount of damage, as well as high speed and morale bonuses. As Moral increases your chance of critical hits, these Axies are perfect for a damage-dealer role.

Better team settings in Axie Infinity

Here are some of the most popular and balanced team configurations in Axie Infinity:

  • Plant, Beast, Bird
  • Plant, Beast, Aqua
  • Plant, Beast, Beast

However, note that there is no single best team configuration in Axie Infinity. If there were, everyone would use it to dominate the leaderboard! Instead, we suggest prioritizing synergy and combining the parts of Axie over team setup.

For example, a plant without a good shield value doesn't seem like a very good idea for a tank. In the next section, we'll teach you what to look out for when choosing your starting axies.

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Better Statistics for Starting Axies

The first thing you should look at when choosing Axies is their stats. Axies have four statistics attributes:

Health (HP) – The amount of damage Axie can take before being knocked out;

Speed – The higher the speed, the faster Axie will attack in turn order. It's basically your initiative;

Skill (Skill) – This stat increases damage when Axie does a combo;

Moral (Moral) – Increases the chance of making a critical hit and entering the “Last Stand”;

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When an Axie takes a fatal hit (ie an attack that reduces her HP to 0), she has a chance to enter "Last Stand" mode. When an Axie enters "Last Stand", it will have a chance to perform a few more moves of its card before it finally dies and is removed from the game. The “Last Stand” is indicated by a red flame effect around the Axie. Axie will also have 1 to 3 red bars above it, indicating how many “Last Stand” ticks it has.

Here is an example of a very tight match in which Axies from both teams managed to get into the “Last Stand”, changing the end of the fight.

What is Moral and Last Stand?

Morale is a statistical attribute that gives an Axie the following effects:

  • Greater chance of causing a critical hit;
  • Greater chances of entering Last Stand;
  • It can determine who attacks first;

The main benefit of having a high Morale stat is that it increases Axie's chance of making a Critical Strike. When an Axie critically strikes, it deals 200% or double damage to the defending target. Critical hits are random and Axies with higher Morale will have a greater chance of hitting a critical hit.

Attacker-type Axies, or DPS, will clearly benefit greatly from having higher Morale, as performing more critical hits allows you to easily take down enemy monsters.

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Furthermore, Moral also increases Axie's chance of entering the “Last Stand”. If an Axie receives a fatal attack, it may die or has little chance of going into "Last Stand" mode. When your Axie enters Last Stand mode, it will survive for one more round before it finally dies and is removed from the game. “Last Stand” mode can allow your Axie to hit a few more moves and perform attack rolls before actually dying. As seen in the video above, this mode allowed the player to turn the game around.

…and died.

When does an Axie enter the Last Stand?

To determine if an Axie will enter the Last Stand, the game uses the following formulas:

  • excess damage = Fatal Attack Damage - Axie's HP Remaining
  • morale modifier = (Axie's remaining HP * morale) / 100

If the Moral modifier is greater than the excessive damage on the finishing blow, Axie will go into "Last Stand". Basically, the Last Stand formula tells us three things:

  • The higher an Axie's morale, the greater their chance of getting into the “Last Stand”;
  • Upon receiving a final hit, the closer Axie's HP is to zero, the less likely it is to enter the “Last Stand”;
  • The greater the damage from the final attack, the less chance the dying target will enter “Last Stand” mode;

Here is a practical example. Will your Axie enter the “Last Stand” or not?

  • Your Beast-type Axie has 61 morale and 110 HP remaining;
  • your opponent Axie attacks your Beast with a fatal hit of 160 damage;

Let's use the formula to see if your Axie survives to one last round:

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excess damage = 160 - 100 = 60

modify morale = (100 * 61) / 100 = 61

Since Morale Modifier is greater than Excessive Damage by a difference of 1 point, then that's just enough to get your Axie of the Beast into “Last Stand”.

How to increase the chances of an Axie entering the Last Stand

The higher an Axie's Morale stat, the greater their chances of entering the "Last Stand" before dying. In the example scenario above, if your Beast Axie had only 57 morale instead of 61, it would not have entered Last Stand after taking the final damage.

This is a good example of how a few points in a stat attribute are important and why purer Axies are generally better and more valuable.

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  • Beast with high morale to increase the chances of entering the “Last Stand”;
  • Beast and Bug-type axes tend to have higher morale, as their base stats start with high morale;

Their body parts also give out +3 morale, so the purer they are, the more likely they are to enter the "Last Stand".

super axie
..IT'S OVER 8000!!

How to prevent enemies from entering the Last Stand

The Last Stand formula above should now give us an idea of ​​how to prevent enemies from entering and ensure victory. To prevent enemies from entering the “Last Stand”, try to place your enemy's target as close to zero (0) as possible before hitting the finishing blow. Also, do your best to order your cards correctly so that the finishing blow does a great deal of damage.

This will reduce the chances of the enemy Axie entering the “Last Stand”, especially if it is an Axie class with high morale, such as Beasts or Bugs. Another method is to use cards with effects that prevent an enemy from entering the "Last Stand". More about this in the next section!

But how do you know which stats are good?

Simple: the highest amount possible by stat (except Skill) is 61. This means that a plant with around 55 Health (HP), for example, is practically a very durable battle tank. Meanwhile, damage dealers (DPS) should have decent speed and morale. Prioritizing higher stats is always recommended, but as you can imagine, getting one of these early on is something that will be practically unfeasible. The way is to train them and manage to increase these stats.

Best cards/skills for early Axies

In addition to stats, the second most important thing to look out for is your Skills or Cards. Tanks must have abilities that allow it to survive longer, such as Shiitake e Rosebud to heal your HP.

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Likewise, DPS axies should mostly have cards that focus on the battle and finishing off the enemy team rather than surviving. An example of a powerful combo would be a single combat paired with Nut Crack e Nut Throw.

an axie with nut cracker
An Axie with Nut Cracker

Remember: a good Axie should have cards that help her fulfill her role, rather than a mix of defensive and offensive cards. Is Axie defending the team? So, he must mainly have cards that help him to survive. Is Axie an attacker? So he must have a lot of cards that deal damage.

What makes a good Axie team?

A good, well-balanced Axie team usually consists of the following:

Tank: Usually a Plant type with shield and healing cards. He must have a high HP stat (50+)

DPS: Must have at least 2-3 cards that deal 100 damage, must have high morale and skill stats. They are usually Beasts and Birds.

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Utility/Support: Used to improve your team's synergy, such as skills to steal energy or buy more cards. You can exchange this function for a second DPS.

If you're on a tight budget for your starting team, these qualities can be hard to come by, but that's usually what you should look for when building a new team. Don't worry if you don't find your perfect team at the start – once you gain more experience with the game, you should soon be able to easily identify what makes an Axie powerful and what combinations can make a strong team!

we have to catch

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-style game of creating monsters, called Axis, has its own system of payment and circulation of bitcoins, the Axis Infinity Shards (AXS). With these tokens you can participate in the votes and important decisions that will happen in the game, but you also need to play the game to stay up to date on what will happen in it. Build unstoppable teams of Axies and conquer your enemies! Each Axie has unique strengths and weaknesses based on their genes. With billions of possible genetic combinations, the possibilities are truly endless!

Now leave in the comments: Do you have your axies team? What is your background? Contact us and take the opportunity to read more about criptomoedas on our website.

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