Complete Beginners Guide to Grand Chase

If you loved the age of Internet cafes and are waiting for the relaunch on Steam, then enjoy and get to know your mobile version with this Complete Beginners Guide to Grand Chase

Maybe you remember the era when Internet cafes, places where you rented the internet for a few hours to surf, play games or use the extinct MSN, when broadband internet was not popular enough and most computers connected to the network only on Saturdays and Sundays or after midnight.

It was a time when people gathered to play and between the “in the knife” of Counter Strike or the Slimes of Ragnarok, a side-scroller with anime-style characters caught the attention of the regulars. Grand Chase, an action side-scroller, pitted players against each other or against monsters with special effects and screen-filled spells in intense combat. And Grand Chase Mobile is an MMORPG developed by Kog Co. and a sequel to the beloved side scroller, also called Grand Chase.

So while the side-scroller doesn't go back to the Steam, you might want to try this mobile version to kill the nostalgia for the world of Kog Co. and get off to a great start with our Complete Beginners Guide to Grand Chase.

The History of Grand Chase

Six centuries ago, the First Magical War took place, in which demonic tribes from another dimension attacked the kingdom of Calnat, in the legendary land of Archimedia. Calnat was the most developed human realm of all, blending magic and technology like never before. After countless battles, the war came to an end when a gigantic explosion completely destroyed Calnat, leaving no trace of his once advanced civilization.

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Although the demonic tribes disappeared along with the destruction of Calnat, the void left by the most powerful realm of humans allowed dozens of monsters to thrive. Taking advantage of this situation, Kazeaje, the Queen of Darkness, gathered the forces of darkness and began her campaign for world domination. It was owned by a young hero from the kingdom of Canaban, known as the greatest hero of Vermecia, who sacrificed himself to seal the dark power of Kazeaje.

After these events, the world prospered in relative peace. Despite rumors that in Archimedia the conflicts never ceased and that the civilization of the elves continued at war with the dwarf realm, as humans lost contact with this region after the destruction of Calnat, these stories became legends and tales. of fairies.

Complete beginners guide to grand chase
Complete Beginners Guide to Grand Chase | android, grand chase, ios, Kog Co, mobile, Multiplayer | Grand Chase beginners

A Complete Beginner's Guide to Grand Chase

Grand Chase Mobile features an epic storyline alongside stunning visuals and also includes epic PvE and PvP dueling mechanics. Like most other MMORPGs, Grand Chase has a pretty tough skill curve and is pretty scary for younger players. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about the game and we'll give you a complete beginner's guide and tips so you can start the game with considerable knowledge of what you need to do.

Choose your pet wisely:

For starters, pets are an extremely important and somewhat difficult to understand mechanic about Grand Chase. They are permanently linked to a specific hero. This interaction means that if a pet's hero is bound to not strong, the pet will also be quite weak.

Using pets doesn't require any specific heroes; however, to level a pet, the hero must be of the same level. A pet will benefit the hero in terms of stat gains, so it's recommended to focus on pets that handle a lot of DPS as this will help the hero later.

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The pet hero's stats do not vary by level. Instead, they vary depending on the number of coins/jewels being given to that particular pet. We don't recommend leveling up pets if you are a free-to-play player, as they require a large amount of money that you can spend elsewhere.

Recommended heroes to choose from:

Grand Chase recommends focusing on heavy DPS heroes when trying to learn the game. These heroes can easily eliminate large waves of monsters and are generally much easier to play. Therefore, it is recommended that you focus on the Mage and Assault heroes at the beginning of the game.

Generally, focus on DPS classes is recommended. However, if you're in a group, looking for a Healer isn't a bad option as it adds a layer of survival. Tanks, unlike most MMORPGs, are the least important for entry-level players as they are generally not targeted by the game's AI and do very low damage. So you better have a DPS class instead of a tank.

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Join a Guild as soon as possible:

Guild Points are an extremely important currency in Grand Chase. They are used to unlock exclusive prizes and items that you can't get anywhere else. Try to join guilds that are active and have good win rates as this will reward you with more Guild Points.

Better guilds can boss a guild about five times a week. The Guild Boss offers all players that attack it a great bonus, exclusive prizes and items, and a large sum of Guild Point. So make sure you attack him whenever your guild summons him.

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Try to convert your Evostones to another currency as they are counted in your Guild Point. You can exchange them back at the same rate if you wish. This act increases the overall effectiveness of your Guild Points.

Guild Wars is a recurring event in this game. You must attack the opposing guild at least twice to get rewards. If you don't attack them at least twice, you won't get any rewards, and the war will be somewhat useless for you.

Fill in your friends list:

If you don't have enough friends, add random people from the game! Having a complete buddy list provides a Mark of Adventurer. Always try to check your friends list and remove players you think are inactive, as they take up the new friends space.

Adding friends to your guild increases your overall Guild Point points, and it's better when you go venturing into a dungeon, as you'll be among friends.

Register for Arena and PvP Modes:

PvP is an essential part of Grand Chase. It would help if you always try to duel players you consider weak, as they grant you a large number of honor points, which can be used to buy powerful exclusive items. You only need about three kills to win a specific match, making the mechanics pretty easy to understand.

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Try to participate in Arena matches that take place from the beginning of the week until the end. You must participate in about 15 duels and must attack opponents at least three times. You gain items depending on how much you gained or lost in a specific arena battle. Try to do them as often as possible.

Have fun in the dungeons:

Dungeons are particularly challenging in this MMORPG. Therefore, we recommend having a cohesive group to complete them. The Adventure Dungeon is one of the best dungeons for beginners as it rewards you with many items. We don't recommend doing the boss stage as the drop rates aren't that good, and you're better off killing smaller mobs.

The Wanted Dungeon is another dungeon players can make, which gets harder and harder depending on the boss's level. Players earn more gold as they climb the boss floors; however, we recommend sticking with the top three bosses out of a total of eight, as the others are quite difficult and there is a high chance that they will end up eliminating your entire team.

explore this world

Grand Chase is an amazing MMORPG that is a pretty worthy sequel to its PC original and has a lot of depth in terms of gameplay and is generally considered one of the best MMORPGs in combat mechanics and the general variety of items, equipment and things you can get do in the game.

The game features a robust guild system and group system that rewards you for interacting with the friends you make, whether in groups or placing an item for auction on the market. This mechanic makes the game very enjoyable to play for experienced players and a joy for younger players as they discover something new about Grand Chase every day. Grand Chase Mobile was released in November 2018 and is available for Android e iOS.

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Now leave in the comments if you played Grand Chase on computers? Are you ready to face the game again on Steam? Will you give the mobile version a chance? Take the opportunity to read more about games mobile devices on our website.

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