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Tired of the same old games and that something only you can play on your iOS? Check out Apple mobile exclusives in this list of the best iOS games

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When thinking about mobile games, it's very easy to think about Android Google Play Store and its thousands of games of all kinds. There are so many that it is even difficult to classify some that are really good and worth your time and investment. And meanwhile, Apple, with its App Store, has a much greater quality control and, consequently, fewer titles available.

In general, it's very easy to find games for your devices with the iOS system from Apple, although the system was not exactly designed for games, the company can still offer you a good selection of quality games for you to enjoy on your mobile phone. But if those same games can be found on Google's platform, then Apple's quality control turns out to be a disadvantage for its users, right?

On the one hand, yes. The amount of games available for you to download from the Apple Store is less than the competition, but, on the other hand, you have a guarantee of quality games, which will be complete, bug-free and will not harm your device or will just be a bunch of advertisements disguised as a ridiculous little game. Something you find loads on the Google store.

This quality control is often an attraction for companies that want to publish their games and choose Apple precisely because they know they will offer the player more quality and security. So let's list here a series of games that you can play only on your Apple mobile devices.

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Best iOS Games

You can even find these games for other platforms, like Nintendo Switch or Steam, but the list is dedicated to games where you can only play on Apple mobile devices. So grab your apple phone and enjoy.

Oceanhorn 2

Developer:Cornfox & Bros.
Available:Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade, iOS, Microsoft Windows, tvOS, Mac OS, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X

Cornfox & Bros' exuberant sequel to the adventure takes the simple top-down action RPG of the original and opens the adventure to 3D. The result is Oceanhorn 2, which is pretty much the closest thing you'll get to playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild on a phone or tablet. It will eventually reach other platforms, but for now you can only play it on iOS via Apple Arcade.


Developer:Capybara Games
Available:Nintendo Switch, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Mac OS

We are not sure if grindstone, This Apple Arcade gem will be the envy of non-iOS users – who need another match-3 RPG in their lives, right? – but you deserve it. Capybara Games has blended seamlessly into a tactile hack-and-slash mechanic, making this beautiful puzzler really stand out from the crowd of on-screen matching games, so popular because of the famous Candy Crush.

Tiny Wings

Developer:Andreas Illiger
Genre:casual, platform

the old but still a good one Tiny Wings has been an iOS gaming success since the early days of smartphone gaming, and you can still see its influence in many casual games released today. Ever played a game that requires you to gain momentum with a character sliding the screen down slopes and releasing the screen to jump near the top of those slopes? This mechanic is taken from Andreas Illiger's mountain masterpiece.

death hall

Developer:death hall
Genre:Action, Hardcore, Platform

Consoles are typically the focus of 2D platform games, but death hall is an iOS exclusive 2D platform and is brilliant at it. Play as a limbless character by jumping and jumping through a hellish landscape, avoiding a stalking demon and striving to overcome obstacles with pixel-perfect accuracy. It's an extremely difficult thing, but it's rewarding at the same time.

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Painty Mob

Developer:Flee Punk

Painty mob it's pure joy. Another Apple Arcade treat in relation to iOS games only for those who have an Apple device. Wander through psychedelic arenas, splashing paint on an increasingly angry crowd. If your eyes recover from the initial eye attack, you'll start spotting patterns, collectibles, and tactics that can be used to make the game drag on for longer. And more. And more.



Simogo produces the kind of groundbreaking iOS gaming exclusivity that leaves iPhone users stunned – and perhaps a little guilty – that they have it all to themselves. O DEVICE 6 is an excellent example. This interactive story could only work on a cell phone, displaying your text as an interactive map and having you rotate the phone to understand everything. It's a wonderful thing and it's still iOS only.

Ridiculous Fishing

Genre:Action, Arcade

This is a little different case here, because the Ridiculous Fishing used to be on Android before it was taken down for technical reasons that we won't go into in detail. On iOS, the game works well and is a real treasure in mobile games and deserves to be played to this day. Throw the line, dodge the low value fish, then pull your catch up before it crashes and explodes into the air.
(apparently it's back on Android, but we'll leave it on the list as it's one of the best iOS games)

Pigeon Wings Strike

Developer:Ignacio Schiefelbein
Genre:endless run

Yes, you've played enough infinity runners to last a lifetime. We know that. But there's always room for one more when it's as good as Pigeon Wings Strike. This fast-paced side-scroller tinkers with elements of racing and Shoot 'em up games to create something a little different. And you can only play on an iPhone or iPad.
(You'll even find pages that offer this game for Android, but it's not something that's on the Google Play Store, so if you want to risk installing this on your phone, it's at your own risk)

Don't take risks. See the 19 best Android games and have fun without harming your device

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Beyond Steel Sky

Developer:Revolution Software
Available:PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, tvOS, Mac OS

Beyond Steel Sky (Apple Arcade only) is the long-awaited sequel to Revolution Software's 1994 adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky. This is a cyberpunk title that pays homage to the source material, but still understands the ways in which the point-and-click genre has evolved over the past quarter century and puts them to use in these iOS games.

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Exit the gungeon

Developer:Devolver Digital
Available:PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, tvOS, Mac O
Genre:bullet hell

Exit the gungeon is a game that gives you the task of traveling as far as possible from the Gungeon, a dungeon full of bullets flying everywhere. Leaving the Gungeon is your challenge: you must escape the place alive. No matter which direction you go, you'll fight your way through tons of projectiles, shots, bullets and everything that flies towards you with the aim of killing you. In fact, touch controls reduce the difficulty compared to using a controller. Enjoy.


Available:Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Nintendo Switch, macOS, Mac OS

Inside, by Playdead, is a platform puzzle set in a dark, dystopian world of government experiments and zombie-like creatures. Famous for its 2,5D monochrome graphics, Inside is a spiritual successor to Playdead's Limbo. The player can make the boy walk, run, swim and use objects from the environment to progress in the game. Later in the game, the boy gains the ability to control the bodies of some dead to complete certain challenges.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Available:Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Mac OS, Mac OS Classic

Sayonara Wild Hearts it's kind of a game, but it's actually an interactive pop music album. It doesn't matter exactly what you call it, as long as you play it and embark on this mind-blowing, transcendent, technicolor journey through a collection of legitimately fantastic music. Each level in the game is set to a song, with the player guiding a character while collecting hearts, avoiding obstacles and fighting enemies.

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Developer:Supergiant Games, Confetti Inc.
Available:Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, tvOS, Mac OS, Mac OS Classic
Genre:Action, RPG, Shoot

Transistor was one of the best console games of 2014 and, although the game doesn't control so well on an iOS touchscreen, it's still a beautiful, smart and mechanically sophisticated sci-fi action RPG. The player controls the main character, Red, as she travels through a series of locations, battling enemies known collectively as the Process in real-time combat and in a frozen planning mode known as the "Tactical Camera".

Ultimate Rivals

Developer:Bit Fry Game Studios
Available:Microsoft Windows, Mac OS

Ultimate Rivals (Apple Arcade only) heightens the craze of arcade sports games by letting you mix and match athletes from different leagues. If you want to see LeBron James play hockey or Megan Rapinoe play a football, this is the game for you. Unfortunately we didn't find any Brazilian athletes in the game, but who knows if it goes viral around here we might not get some of our favorite sportsmen in these games for iOS.

Year Walk

Available:Microsoft Windows, iOS, Wii U, macOS

This iPhone game offers a truly disturbing gaming experience. The plot is based on the Swedish folk tale year walk, where participants compete with a series of riddles along a journey to catch a glimpse of the future. There are secret messages and several endings to find.

Now tell us there in the comments, what did you think of our list of exclusive games? Do you play any of these iOS games? Do you know any others that were left out of the iOS games list? Take the opportunity to read more about mobile gaming and system iOS on our website.

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