Learn How to Earn Bitcoins Playing Counter-Strike

Does earning bitcoins playing Counter-Strike sound too good to be true? Well believe! If you're good at “knife-killing”, maybe this is a good source of extra income

It's not news to anyone that Counter-Strike is one of the most famous games ever made in the world, which was born from a Half-Life mod, it was such a fever at the time of Lan Houses that it became banned in the country. Any FPS fan who sticks around has certainly gotten their hands on some version of the game that became one of the first e-sports to pay out millions in prizes to its participants.

Currently, even though it's not millionaire prizes, anyone can make money playing CS, thanks to the idea of ​​a Bitcoin startup that integrated a CS:GO server with a blockchain solution to pay you some satochis (fractions of bitcoins) for winnings or defeats in Counter-Strike. A good way to earn some bucks without having to sell that extremely rare Butterfly of yours, isn't it?

Bitcoins playing counter-strike
Knife and earn some money

Quick FAQ

How to earn Bitcoins playing CSGO?

Works with CS:GO through Steam. And you will need the ZEBEDEE Wallet. In Deathmatch mode, you pay an entry fee that is added to the total prize pot, after playing a single intense match with real-time Bitcoin transfers, you win a share of the prize pot based on your percentage of the score. total.

Can I buy CSGO skins with bitcoin?

There are stores that sell CS:GO items with bitcoins. You can buy skins, keys, cases and CSGO items like pins and stickers with bitcoins.

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What is Lightning Network?

Lightning Network is a second layer on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Earn Bitcoins by playing Counter-Strike via Lightning Network

While playing the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, known as CS:GO by Valve, you can earn money without being an e-Sportsman. While everyone dreamed of an opportunity to win by playing video games, only a few professional gamers, streamers and influencers managed it while playing their favorite video games.

A Bitcoin startup, Zebedee, now has a platform that will allow players to earn Bitcoins while playing CS:GO. This will be possible through Infuse technology for BTC and transactions will be managed by Lightning Network, a layer 2 solution that works “on top” of the Bitcoin network itself, allowing very small payments without exorbitant transaction fees. According to Zebedee, their platform supports payments as low as $0,0005 in Bitcoin.

Zebedee CEO and co-founder Simon Cowell says the excitement among CS:GO gamers is unprecedented. “The announcement of our Bitcoin integration with CS:GO resonated with gamers in a way I hadn't seen before in blockchain games,” Cowell told Decrypt. “The waiting list subscriptions (at the time of launch) were enough to keep our first 10 servers full, so we plan to expand capacity soon. I have a good feeling that we've finally broken the crypto infiltration in conventional games,” he added.

Valve's game has a million simultaneous players that peaked at 1,3 million players in 2020. The electronic e-sports scene is also highly competitive, with increasing prizes in addition to the most dedicated fans, which is certainly a fertile ground for those who want to compete and win some cryptocurrencies.

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You will need to download the Zebedee desktop app to join CS:GO servers with Infuse technology. You need to deposit some amount in cryptocurrencies to start playing. Your winnings depend on several factors, including your kill opponents, kills, score, etc. The withdrawal is simple and can be made at any time.

"The biggest revolution will be for regular gamers." At the moment, electronic sports tournaments are only open to a small elite of pros who win all the money,” said Cowell.

What is Infuse?

Infuse is the one that allows players to play Counter-Strike on teams with bitcoin for the winners. Zebedee's plugin allows players to compete in 5v5 and 3v3 “plant the bomb” games with a best of 30 rounds.

It is the first time that players can compete in Counter-Strike teams for prizes paid in bitcoin. Zebedee released Infuse earlier this year with the promise of adding many more options. Infuse is a layer of software that they put on top of a Counter-Strike server. Players will need to install the Infuse plugin, pay some bitcoin to join a Counter-Strike game, and then compete to eventually exit the game with profits.

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How does Infuse work?

O Infuse uses Bitcoin Lightning Network for fast and free transactions between players. Each player pays a certain amount of satoshis, a fragment of a bitcoin, to join an Infuse server. When you're playing free-for-all, you gain or lose bitcoin based on your Kill/Death ratio. However, when you are playing in team mode, Infuse pays the bitcoin prizes to the winning teams.

At the moment, Infuse only works with Counter-Strike, but they want to embrace a lot of other games. The most important criterion would be that these games offer the option of private servers.

In February, Zebedee has already released developer toolkits. This would allow game developers to implement Bitcoin Lightning Network payments and monetize gameplay in their video games. The SDK (Software Development Kit) allows developers, for example, to monetize points collected in games. This means that the value and rewards will be digital, programmable and will have universal value.

What is Lightning Network?

Lightning Network is a second layer on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. In this case, we are talking about the Bitcoin network, but technically the Lightning Network can run on any blockchain. It is a payment protocol for quick transactions between participating nodes. Many developers believe the Lightning Network is a solution to the scalability issues Bitcoin is facing.

What Lightning Network does is create a temporary communication channel between two parties. Here, these two parties can make as many transactions as they like. Only after the channel is closed, nodes can communicate the result of these transactions to the Bitcoin network. As a result, a transaction on Lightning Network only needs to cost a fraction of a cent.

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For those who don't know bitcoin. You can split a bitcoin into smaller units, and the smallest amount possible is called satoshi or sat. On Lightning Network, a second-tier solution on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, these sets can even be broken down into millissates. Anyway, one satoshi is equal to 0,00000001 BTC.

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Killing with the knife has to be worth more

Purchases and Sales are also Sources of Income

Using the Steam platform – which has its own built-in marketplace – it's not difficult to find buyers and sellers of in-game items you might want, but Steam itself doesn't accept Bitcoin payments directly as they only support traditional payment methods. Not all of these methods are available to everyone in the world, which creates a problem.

A supportive post on reddit explains how the game's CS:GO items are sold on the Steam marketplace, but it looks for buyers willing to pay in Bitcoin. Considering how many people play CS:GO, there's a huge market for skins, upgrades, and other in-game items that aren't tied to a specific account. Selling these products is perfectly legal and some people make a lot of money out of it.

In this story posted on Reddit, a 16 year old from Malaysia who sells the goods earns about $150 in Bitcoin every one or two days, which is a good sum of money over the course of a month. There's another bonus for accepting Bitcoin payments only, as digital currency is non-refundable, eliminating any worries about potential credit card fraud or chargebacks. Not bad for playing CS:GO occasionally.

Also, as all these transactions are fully paid in Bitcoin, there are no third parties (meaning Steam) receiving a portion of each sale. Transaction fees for Bitcoin transfers are paid by the sender and the process costs next to nothing compared to traditional payment solutions. Furthermore, due to its global reach, Bitcoin is accessible to and by everyone in the world.

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These are ways to earn some money, buying and selling items or just withdrawing the money you earn in your matches. Perhaps, if Steam takes an interest in the idea, it doesn't seem impossible that they can turn some game items into NTFs and make them even more valuable. Only time will tell.

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Aim for profits

Stop the Terrorists. Counterattack!

Counter-Strike (commonly called CS) is a multiplayer-focused FPS-style game franchise in which two teams of players, some as terrorists and others as counter-terrorists, compete in various game modes, such as exploding bombs, taking hostages or preventing these events, disarming bombs or rescuing hostages.

The game started on Windows in 1999, with the first version of Counter-Strike. It was initially released as a Half-Life game mod, and developed by Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jess “Cliffe” Cliffe, before the rights to the game were purchased by Valve Corporation, the developers of Half-Life.

After the mod's success, a sequel called Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was developed by Turtle Rock Studios and released in early 2004. Later that year, Counter-Strike: Source was released by Valve Corporation.

Released eight months after the last title in the franchise, in November 2004, a remake of the original Counter-Strike was released, the first in the franchise to use Valve's new graphics engine. The fourth title in the main series was developed by Valve, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and was released in 2012 for Windows, OS X, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Now, talk to us in the comments. Are you good at Counter-Strike? Are you going to start playing to win some bitcoins? Contact us and take the opportunity to read more about games to win cryptocurrencies on our website.

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