Blender: How to install Screencast keys

Blender's Screencast keys system helps you a lot when you want to record a lesson, or even register for yourself, how you did that process to go back, analyze your steps and see how you can improve. In this publication I will be showing you a complete step by step of how to install this addon on your Blender in a simple and objective way.

What is the Screencast Keys

Screencast is a system that displays on the screen, which keys, commands and buttons are being pressed according to what the user is executing at that moment. It even displays key combinations like “Ctrl + B” or “Alt + LMB (Left mouse button, translating it to be the left mouse button).

This mechanic has a multitude of applications and is not limited to Blender itself, but here are some ways you can use it to your advantage.

Courses and tutorials

The first one I would say is the most common, is to see this feature in courses, mainly on YouTube channels where the presenter is producing something and explaining it to you while the system itself is showing you which keys are pressed in real time. Of course, when the presenter talks to you it also helps a lot, doesn't it? haha ha

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Speedmodeling is similar to those videos where you see someone making a drawing very quickly, but in this case it is a modeling that is being done.

In this case it is quite common that in the video the commands are pressed in the corner while the 3D object is taking shape.

For your own analysis and improvement

I don't know if a lot of people do that, but I really like to record when I'm modeling, be it a character, a scenario or even some kind of prop that will compose a scene, and when I finish the object (which usually takes many hours) I come back to watch my creation process.

It may seem like a waste of time, but it is not, you learns a lot from his own mistakes, for example, realizing opportunities to reach that same goal, in a much faster way than you did in the recording, or sometimes, to a part where you hang up to do something and it takes a long time to understand how to solve it. At that moment you can see what led you to this error.

I want to learn more about Blender

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When or not to use Screencastkeys

There is one thing that you should be aware of when using extensions is about performance.

Each extension (addon) that you put in Blender, you increase the load on your PC, so be very careful when you overdo things that you will not actually use.

With that in mind, go ahead and go in faith o /

How to install Screencast on Blender (2.8 / 2.9)

Let's get to it, step by step on how to install this add-on on your Blender. You will see how simple it is, and this process goes for almost any add-on you want to install on Blender.

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If you prefer, you can follow the installation process of Blender 2.9 Screencast keys by video:

1. Download the Github addon

The first step is to download the zip that is available on the github page Screencast Keys.

First click on “releases” on the right side of the page, as in the image below:

How to download blender screencast keys from github
How to download Blender screencast keys from Github

Now you need to attend to 2 parts, one screen is the text “Lastest Release” and the other is the one that ends with .zip, see the image below in this case as it would look:

Lastest release marker and download of the add-on zip
Lastest release marker and Add-on zip download

Now just click that the download will start automatically.

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2. Adding the Add-on in Blender 2.8 / 2.9

Rest assured that it is very simple, the process is very straightforward, and it will hardly go wrong ok?
So come on, first of all you need the Blender open (kind of obvious, right?).

Now that Blender is open, you will click on the “Edit” menu and then on “Preferences” as in the image below:

Accessing the blender settings
Accessing Blender Settings

Now you will navigate to the "Add-ons" side menu and click on the "Install" button. See how:

Where to install an add-on in blender
Where to install an add-on in Blender

Now you just need to browse to where you downloaded the .zip file, which is probably your download folder, and select the file and click on “Install Add-on”.

Installing the add-on using blender
Installing the Add-on using Blender

Now Blender does the rest for you and already presents you with the result of the configuration page, now just enable the Add-on and use it at will.

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If you still have any doubts or have any questions, leave them below in the comments and we will be happy to help you.

And if you want to join an amazing Blender community visit our Discord, we have a channel dedicated to this and you are more than welcome.

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