How to play as Breach in Valorant. All tricks for competitive in 2022

One of the best starters in the game, Breach will help you control strategic points on the map

Breach in Valorant is one of the best heroes in the game right now and there is no better option than him to get your team safely through chokepoints or to the bomb site. As a starter, Breach's offensive kit helps him win duels and gain space with low risk to him and his team as long as they don't get caught in the crossfire. While on defense, he can hold off an enemy team's advance long enough for help to arrive, thanks to a series of annoying abilities that make movement difficult and blind opponents to see.

Although he is an initiator, Breach is rarely the first person to join, saving that role for another character. Often the first to die. Breach has a kit that can help your team in the late rounds and will be sorely missed if you end up on the downside of a firefight early in a fight.

Going back a little bit, you'll have more time to think about a move. With such strong utility, Breach needs information to really max out his kit and that won't happen if you die first in. Second, you don't need to do such a thorough sweep for enemies and instead focus on the bomb site, surroundings, and enemies.

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Breach in Valorant

Breach Skills in Valorant

"Breach, the bionic Swede, fires powerful, targeted kinetic blasts to aggressively clear a path through enemy terrain. 

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The damage and disruption it inflicts ensures that no fight is fair."

If there's anyone who knows the risk—and the thrill—of her work as a VALORANT agent better, it's probably Breach. This bionic man has hinted that he has a long history of being on the battlefield, and any gunfight is always fun for him. He treats his current occupation in VALORANT as nothing more than another role where he fights, wins, and gets paid. However, he's also looking for excitement and won't hesitate to wreak havoc along the way.

Breach is one of the best agents in Valorant when it comes to maps with small areas. He has many ways to work with runners with his skills. Breach is effective at strategic points, places where you know enemies are or might be. Combining it with Cypher's abilities, for example, which detects enemies can be an incredible advantage. See our guide on how to play with Cypher and see if you don't have a friend who wants to dominate the cyborg so you can make a good pair.

Tectonic Fault and Rolling Thunder can make an entire area impossible for your opponents to pass through. He is also excellent at retaking locations or entering new areas thanks to his Post-Shock and Flash Point abilities. But as these abilities need to be used in places where you expect your enemies to appear, even without seeing them through walls, then he is also a character that the player needs a lot of map knowledge to fully utilize. Anyway, keep reading the guide below to check out all of Breach's abilities in Valorant.

Post-Shock ($ 100)

Breach launches a wave that explodes behind walls and damages any characters on the other side. Aftershock lets you shoot a detonating blast through a wall you're facing. The explosion takes time to detonate, which can give you time to go around the corner with it and catch the enemy off guard.

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Breach's aftershock ability in valorant
Post Shock

Tips for using this skill:

  • This ability can do absurd damage and can kill a lot of people in one pass. If you imagine that someone is inside a small room, use the skill of an angle that catches a large part of the room.
  • This ability can be used through walls, making it great to use to secure areas.
  • Post Shock is by far the best skill in the game for clearing corners, so be sure to use it in an attack to cover a blind side you can't see right away. It can also be used to pull people out of hiding and into your line of sight, and if you catch them off guard, it can even buy you a kill.
  • Using it in combination with Flash Point and Tectonic Fault will stun the other team and maximize Aftershock damage. But be careful. This can harm your allies as much as the enemy. Shoot at common enemy locations where your enemies tend to be, or find other ways to take advantage of the hit where you can, as you only have one charge per round.
  • If you've just used a Flash Point, now is the perfect time to cast your Tectonic Fault. Most of the time an opposing player will stand still when hit by a flash, take that and the fact that he won't see the effect until very late and start punishing campers in the corners.
  • Likewise, if you know a player is stuck in a corner without escaping you and your team, use it along with the Tectonic Fault It will catch them swaying or force them to face you and various allies.

Flash Point (200 $)

Breach equips a light grenade. However, holding the charge causes the skill to pass behind the wall, blinding any enemies standing there. Another strong and annoying skill, if you're the one taking it in the face. Flash Point requires you to shoot the flash at the wall, blinding anyone who looks at it, friend or foe.

Once it breaks through walls, you can use it to attack campers at sharp angles and to surprise a team that failed to mount a defense. Normally, when the flash detonates, you'll have your weapon re-equipped, with plenty of time to advance before the enemy regains sight.

Breach's flashpoint ability from valorant
flash point

Tips for using this skill:

  • This flashbang can only be used through walls. So, every time you go to play Breach, you must remember to stay close to a wall when entering the bomb site.
  • There are many uses for the Flash Point. Using two at the same time to cover different vantage points, progressively digging your way through narrow bottlenecks, or blinking along with a teammate's shove are just a few examples.
  • It's useful in locations with bombs, as few enemies expect to be hit by an ability through the location wall, let alone a flash.
  • Another strategy, which may seem counterintuitive at first, is to voluntarily yield some ground to the enemy. Either in the middle or at a point like B in connection. Allowing the enemy team to slip through your cover and expose themselves can lead to the best play potential Breach has to offer. Since he can wait behind cover and fire his skill safely, this can consistently punish teams with no counterattack other than taking his time.
  • Remember… this is the longest-lasting flash skill in the game. Make sure you use it correctly.
  • This ability can also make your allies blind, so be very careful!

Tectonic Failure (35 seconds cooldown)

Launches a seismic shake, which by holding the button increases the distance. Then release the button to cast the earthquake, all players in the line will get dizzy. Breach Signing Skill. Every 35 seconds, Breach has the option to cause a straight-line earthquake that will stun all players hit by it. You can charge the ability to reach farther, but regardless of the distance traveled, the stun effect will last for about 2 seconds. Very useful for protecting from attacks, moving people from high ground or corners.

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Breach's fault lines ability
Tectonic Fault

Tips for using this skill:

  • This ability is great for setting up a fight with your allies if you know where your enemies are.
  • Tectonic failure is also very good at forcing the enemy team to retreat. If you are defending an area on your own and hear the enemy team crashing, use the ability to force them to turn around or at least to slow down the rush speed.
  • You'll find more than just a few uses per round for Tectonic Fault, and for good reason. It's another great corner-cleaning tool, typically sending anyone caught off guard back to the viewer's screen.
  • Do not discard its use as an aid tool for your teammates. Time your use in a corner the team is looking to give them an easy victory over the hidden camper and then when the skill recharges.
  • If you have a bomb mounted on the point, you can use it to punish players who rush to defuse. While it can be easily avoided, getting attackers out of their chosen positions is extremely valuable.
  • This will stun teammates as well, so be aware of how you use it.

Rolling Thunder (7 points of ultimate)

An ability very similar to Tectonic Fault, but in addition to stun allies it also throws them into the air. Anyway, very good to open the bomb and comb with other ults of your allies. The best push in the game to date. The thunder sets off a shockwave that covers a large area in front of Breach. Passing through covers and obstructions, anyone hit by it will be thrown into the air and will be dizzy for about 5 seconds. The shock wave progresses so you and your team can follow it with little risk while enemies are reeling and trying to find cover or the truck that hit them in time to face you.

Breach's ultimate ability in valorant
whirling thunder

Tips for using this skill:

  • This ability has a longer stun time than Tectonic Failure, causing your enemies to be disoriented for longer.
  • If you angle the skill correctly, you can get a VERY high portion of the bomb site; therefore, making it much easier to master.
  • As one of the best engagement tools at your disposal, you can easily win fights and earn points with the smart use of this ultimate.
  • It is safe to use from a cover, just make sure you position it the best way possible.
  • Don't discount its use on defense either, like all of its abilities it works just as well as an entry tool as it does a protection tactic.
  • Few things stop a breakthrough like a flash, or stun, let alone skills that stun you and put you in the air for easy prey. Whether as a defensive tactic or for moving safely across the map, or moving bomb defenders out of cover, Rolling Thunder can win even the most terrifying of fights almost on its own.

To succeed in Valorant, accuracy is everything!

Breach is a great hero to play right now. As powerful on offense as it is defense, you'll find new ways for your abilities to help serve you in each game as you learn all the points you can abuse to truly gain the upper hand. Remember to hunt down enemy information and listen to any instructions they give you.

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Often the sound of footsteps running in one spot is all you need to punish some sloppy players, which is part of why he's great in character on most maps. Letting your enemy take up space outdoors and just unleashing the full power of your kit can earn you more than a few kills. With the right combination of map knowledge, decision making and skill, you can rank up with Breach like few others and with a kit as versatile as his, you will rarely find yourself in a bad spot and not be able to save your ass.

Quick FAQ

Which agent is the best at Valorant?

The best Valorant agents that are present in every type of tier list are:

Is the Viper a Duelist?

No. She is a Controlling agent in Valorant. The best duelist agents in Valorant are Phoenix, Jett, Reyna, Raze.

Who is the best? Cypher or Killjoy?

Both agents are good, however Killjoy clearly gains the upper hand over Cypher. Cypher's abilities aren't as effective as Killjoy's, and his cyber cables and cages may mark points off the map, but aren't too impactful to help directly.

Who is the easiest agent to play at Valorant?

Breach is one of the easiest and safest choices in Valorant for beginners.

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Who is the hardest Valorant agent to play?

Phoenix. He has the kit of a typical solo player looking for clutches. His power lies in the versatility of his abilities, as he can blind enemies, burn them while healing, as well as create a gigantic wall of flame.

The Valorant Protocol is already in action

VALUE takes place in an Earth version in the near future, after an event known as First Light. This event spans across the globe, leading to major transformations in life, technology and the way governments operate. However, some people across the world are starting to gain skills arising from this great event. These talented individuals are called Radiants.

In response to First Light, a ghost organization founds the Valorant Protocol, which brings together agents from around the world. These agents consist of radiants and other individuals equipped with Radiant technology. Due to the backstories of these characters, the VALORANT team presents an interesting dynamic as individuals not only sometimes know each other, but also come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds ranging from criminal to military. Who are you and how will you use your powers? Only you know this answer.

Now that you know about Breach in Valorant, it's time to test whether it's right for your playstyle or not. After mastering how to play this agent, I'm sure you can create some amazing clips and gameplay with your skills. That's all we have in our Breach guide! Enjoy and read more about Valuing on our website.

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