Check the list of 7 CoD Warzone submachine guns

The arsenal of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is full of weapons for the happiness of all types of players addicted to this FPS. In this guide I will show you some CoD Warzone submachine gun options for you to do well in the game.

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Warzone cod | list of machine guns
CoD Warzone | List of CoD Warzone submachine guns
Coz Warzone submachine guns


AUG | Submachine guns

A fully automatic modular submachine gun configured for mobility and close combat. This weapon can use 5,56 ammunition, which is used primarily for assault rifles. With this ammo change, you can hit more distant targets and do better damage. You unlock on level 5 within the game.

Basic information of aug smg


pp19 bizon
PP19 BIZON | Warzone Submachine Guns

Well-balanced automatic submachine gun with high capacity helical magazine. Check below the statistics of this submachine gun. You unlock on level 42 within the game.

Pp19 bizon smg basic information


MP5 | warzone cod submachine guns

9mm automatic submachine gun. It offers a perfect balance between stability, mobility and power. Even with the trigger firmly pressed on the trigger, you can still expect to hit successful hits with the MP5. To unlock this weapon you need to level 12 in the game.

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Basic information about mp5 smg


MP7 submachine guns cod warzone

Compact by design, this fully automatic weapon has a high rate of fire and low recoil. The MP7 is outperformed by other SMGs and assault rifles in terms of dealing with medium-range threats due to its severe damage drop. To unlock the weapon it is necessary to level 54.

Mp7 smg basic information


P90 | cod warzone submachine guns
P90 | Warzone Cod Submachine Guns

Bullpup automatic submachine gun. A unique top-mounted compartment carries ample high-speed ammunition of 5,7 × 28 mm. To unlock the weapon, simply level 1.

P90 smg basic information



Fully automatic open screw submachine gun. Simple, stable and effective. To unlock the weapon it is necessary level 34.

Basic information of uzi smg

Forward 45

Forward 45
Forward 45 | Submachine gun

High impact submachine gun with 0,45 Auto camera that reaches longer distances than other weapons in its class. The moderate rate of fire keeps the gun fully automatic. To unlock the weapon, all you have to do is Get 2 kills while sliding when using an SMG in 5 different matches.

Striker 45 stats

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So what did you think of these submachine guns? Comment on your favorite in-game!

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