Do you know Free Fire Max?

The full version of Free Fire is available for players who want to make the most of the experience offered by Garena Free Fire MAX

Garena released its Battle Royale game, Free Fire, in August 2017 and has since become one of the most played mobile games in the world. Besides being one of the most played games, it is also among the best Battle Royale games, competing hard with the ever popular PUBG Mobile and has several championships that pay out millionaire prizes to its players and has become one of the most popular eSports in the world.

While Garena has been quite consistent in introducing new content into the game regularly, he has tried to keep the game as light as possible to ensure players with all types of devices can access the game. Sure, that's great on the one hand, but there are some gamers who always want more and get the most out of their hardware.

And that made Garena create a graphically intensive and enhanced version of the game called Free Fire Max. interested players pre-register for Free Fire Max. Free Fire Max is set to be a standalone game set to be released globally soon.

What is Free Fire Max?

Free Fire Max is essentially the heavy spec version of Garena Free Fire. It's set up to offer players the same gameplay, but with enhanced effects, animation and graphics. Even though Free Fire Max and Free Fire are separate games, the developer has confirmed that players of both games will be able to play with each other, meaning they will support crossplay between versions.

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According to Garena, players do not need to create new accounts when playing at Free Fire Max and can use their existing account to login. Account data including progress and game items will be synced across both games.

Players from all over the world can access the Free Fire Max Google Play page and pre-register for the game immediately. This will give users the option to download the game immediately as it becomes available. Garena has released a Free Fire Max global pre-registration announcement trailer as well.

What is the difference between Free Fire and Free Fire Max?

free fire max
Improved visuals

Free Fire Max is a newer version of Free Fire designed especially for gamers who love graphics-intensive games. As we all know, the current version of Free Fire was designed with the aim of giving all those people the pleasure of playing Battle Royale who have a low cost device.

There are many players who play Free Fire on a high-end device, and the game's graphics don't do justice to the true power of your device. So, for all players who want to enjoy the same intensity and fun of playing Free Fire, but with better graphics, Garena decided to introduce Free Fire Max.

The best part about Garena's upcoming release is that the game will have crossplay support. This means that if you have Free Fire and your friend has Free Fire Max, the two of you can play each other.

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All Free Fire data will be transferred to the next game, according to Garena. This means that you will also be able to use your existing Free Fire Max account, without thinking about losing your game progress or weapon and character skins.

When will Free Fire MAX be released?

About when Garena Free Fire Max will be released, the company has not confirmed the exact date. But according to the game's FAQ page on the company's website, it will be out in a few weeks. Therefore, we can expect the game to be released as early as 2021 at the earliest, although this is just speculation on our part and we encourage users to keep an eye out for the official announcement.

On August 29th, the pre-registrations for the game and some have tried it before, but the game hasn't officially released yet. Any site that promises to download the game can be, at best, a modified version of the game that was made available during testing, or, at worst, a fake app ready to grab data or infect the phone.

Where to download Free Fire Max?

Free Fire MAX is not officially released yet, but you can register for official website from pre-registration or through the Google Play ou App Store. Through the Firelink function, Free Fire MAX will have full integration with Free Fire. This will allow players to:

  • Use the same existing Free Fire account to login to Free Fire MAX;
  • Sync all data – including account progress and game items – across both apps;
  • Play all game modes with all Free Fire players, regardless of the app they use.
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Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Withparative among the Requirements Free Fire MAX vs Free Fire minima:

Free Fire MAX Free Fire MAX Free Fire Free Fire
Operational system:AndriodiPhoneAndriodiPhone
Processor:Dual core 1.2GHziPhone 6sDual core 1.2GHziPhone 5s
RAM memory:2GBiOS 111GBiOS 9
Storage:2.5GB + 1.5GB + 
Version:Android 4.4iOS 11 Android 4.4iOS 9 

Free Fire MAX vs Free Fire Recommended Requirements Comparison:

Free Fire MAX Free Fire MAX Free Fire Free Fire
Operational system: AndroidiPhoneAndroidiPhone
Processor: Octa core 2.0GHZiPhone 71.8GHz Octa CoreiPhone 7
RAM memory: 4GBiOS 11 +3GBiOS 11 +
Storage: 4GB + 3GB + 
Version:Android 7 iOS 11 +  Android 7  iOS 11 +

How to test Free Fire Max?

The game is now ready for global release! After Garena tested it in several countries, the company recently announced that it would start pre-registration of Garena Free Fire Max and that it will be available soon, now players can from all over the world where the game is available will be able to play it.

According to the site, there are already more than eight thousand players and they have already unlocked all the rewards they were promised. Compared to Free Fire, Free Fire Max has better graphics, a higher frame rate and other advantages. Among them are:

Special Functions

360° lobby
360° lobby

Free Fire MAX brings special features to optimize players' experience with more advanced devices and hardware. You can start your new battle in Free Fire MAX with a new 360-degree lobby, with new storefronts to create your own battleground in the Creation Workshop.

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CREATION WORKSHOP: The Creation Workshop is a new mode where players can create their own maps. You can invite Free Fire and Free Fire MAX players to play on your map! Enter the Workshop and create the most exciting CS map!

360º VIEW: The game will introduce a 360° lobby, a special feature of FFMAX! In this new lobby, you can choose to show your Gel Walls, weapon and vehicle!

Improved Visuals

Graphics quality has been improved even further, both in the lobby and in the famous Bermuda landscapes and Remastered Bermuda! Players will have the chance to dive headlong into the exciting world of Free Fire with graphics quality superior to the original experience.

OPTIMIZED MAPS: The foliage and textures of the buildings have been optimized to make you feel like you're in Bermuda!

NEW SPECIAL EFFECTS: We have new visual effects in the safe area barrier, making the experience more realistic and exciting.

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"MAX" BERMUDA: There's a special map coming up: Bermuda MAX! This map features a special 4v4 battle in the Clock Tower! With special graphics and new buildings, this map will bring you new emotions for the Free Fire experience!

visit shorts
Visit Bermuda

Immersive Gameplay

We've created a new experience for Free Fire with Free Fire MAX. While players get the chance to try out new sound effects and visuals, they don't forgo the authentic Free Fire experience. Therefore, the visuals and feats have been improved, but the “feel” of FF is still the same.

WEAPONS: To improve the experience, new sound effects for weapons were created. The sound when shooting, reloading and attacking with contact weapons is more realistic and immersive.

VEHICLES: Get ready to feel on the road! With the new sound, you'll feel right in the middle of the battlefield!

NEW ANIMATION: The game has new animation for reloading popular weapons like the AK and MP40. The new animation is smooth and realistic, bringing a new experience.

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OPTIMIZED ACTION: Combat animations are more exciting and realistic than ever! FFMAX animations consider the anatomy of the characters, making the experience even more realistic.

Enhancements and HD Graphics
HD graphics and improvements

Special effects

Knowing that the base of the Battle Royale experience is the special effects, the effects of Free Fire MAX have been improved to make the gameplay even more dynamic and immersive.

NEW WEAPONS EFFECTS: To ensure the experience is complete, the weapons' visual effects have also been optimized. Get ready to feel on the battlefield!

NEW VEHICLE EFFECTS: The audio and picture quality while driving has been redesigned to make you feel like you're on the road. Get ready for a lot of speed and Zé Cart!

Download Free Fire And Test Your Skills

Free Fire is a battle royale developed by 111dots Studios, and can be played online on mobile. Up to 50 people fall on an island and must seek resources, equipment and weapons to defeat other players. In addition to the Google Play Store's “Best Game by Popular Choice” award in 2018, the game's championships were also the third most watched content on YouTube. The game can be downloaded by App Store e Google PlayStore.

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Now tell us: Do you play Free Fire on your PC? Which of the methods do you use? Are there any we haven't mentioned? Leave it in the comments and enjoy to read more about Free Fire on Our site.

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