Enjoy the Game with these Biomutant Tips

The action and martial arts game with pets brings several interesting elements for you to explore. Learn how to start the game well with these tips for Biomutant

Biomutant Tips
Don't be intimidated by monsters

The Biomutant game is not exactly an RPG, although it has some elements that could fit you in this category. What he is is a game with a lot to explore and discover. You have a vast world to be seen, combat options and fighting styles, personalization of your character. So, with that in mind, let's give you some tips here to help you make the most of your time in the game.

There will be tips for Biomutant to overcome the game or builds or anything, as the game is unlikely to be a challenge for anyone who is used to the style of play. These are tips for you to enjoy the game better and not leave it abandoned after finishing it and feel that you spent too much money on a game that did not earn you enough hours of fun.

Biomutant Tips to Become More Fun

Play on Hard

It's the only way to get a good challenge out of the game. The normal difficulty will rarely be a challenge big enough that you need to struggle to find new armor or create a new weapon to fight, so increase the difficulty a little.

Playing on Hard is still not difficult enough, especially if you are spending a lot of time exploring. There is an excessive amount of equipment out there and you will eventually accumulate enough trash to overcome any threats.

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A good tip for Biomutant is to take advantage and try to impose yourself some challenges to make the game more intense, like using only basic weapons, not using powers, using only powers. Anyway, look for ways to enjoy the game before going to the end.

Don't worry about choosing your class

Biomutant makes you think it's going to be a class-based role-playing game, but all barriers fall the moment you start playing. Equipment rarely has limits on its stats - they are usually controlled by your character's level - and class restriction, so any mutant can use anything.

Each psi-power, the “magic” of the Biomutant world, is open to all characters as well, so there is almost no significant difference in your choice of class, except in how you will play during the intro and pick up some tips for Biomutant and the tutorial.

You can play with a character focused on psionic powers but know that in a short time the weapons will do good afternoon of their damage and overcome them, leaving these powers relegated to the status of stylish trick or just to vary a little when hitting enemies. You can still use them, but it will be less frequent, except that you really want to.

An automaton in the sunlight.
Easier than it looks

Skip the boring side missions

Or just finish them off as you’re exploring and tripping over them. There are an infinite amount of ancient "world technology" missions where you will need to find five bathrooms, five telephones, five washing machines - all types of garbage, and complete the same color matching puzzle in each one. This is not just tips for Biomutant. It's a piece of advice: This type of puzzle is the kind of thing that gets old pretty quickly.

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Doing all of these missions is a bad idea, as they are not very fun and solving them just gives you a “rare” component of creation that you will find in droves while exploring the world and quenching your curiosity instead of completing all mission nodes. Save your patience and finish them on a casual basis.

Use the glider

In addition to being a useful mobility tool, the glider will help you solve problems, avoid hazards such as oil stains, attack enemies from above and other facilities. Take the opportunity to enjoy the view of the world with the glider. Make sure to get the upgrades for him, before anything else, after all, it is easier to fly than to walk.

A mutant character advances into the sky.
Gliding, but with style

Resist the urge to loot everything

There are items to be collected everywhere. Feel free to loot whatever you want in the first few hours of play, but after that, hold on to your “accumulator” instinct and stay focused only on the rare things, recognizable by a yellow or red glow coming out of the container.

You'll get tired of watching the same loot animation over and over again, only to find that you've picked up a few more weak junk one after the other. Sell ​​some of the stuff, share the rest and then just collect the good stuff. Believe me, in a short time, your stock will be full and you will not have space for anything else that is really useful.

Do it and don't buy it

As stated above, take what is essential. A lot of good stuff falls around, and you don't have to worry about accumulating everything ahead of you. So, if the game provides you with so much that you can afford to choose only what is good, buying things doesn't seem to be necessary, is it? So don't spend your money on what you can do.

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I just made the ultimate hand in the face of a naughty monster

Visit the craft menu a lot and do what you need. Experiment with different types of weapons and choose the ones that best suit your style. Didn't like that gun? So take it apart and do something else. There will be plenty of material out there for you to pick up and try out new fighting and game styles. These are tips for Biomutant that will earn you some time having fun and choosing what to do or not.

Prioritize aesthetics over status

With the amount of things you will accumulate during your journey and the amount of powers you will have long before the end of the game, it will not be necessary to always choose the best weapon or best armor based on your status or powers. In fact, you will pick up items so strong and the game offers a challenge so average that you can get away with it just using your tail cover that is all right.

Allow yourself once to prioritize aesthetics over the statuses in a game for a change. Wear that cool outfit, which makes you look unique and stylish instead of choosing that dull thing that has a better bonus than the other. Go parading around the world with your mutant wearing the most fashionable outfits you have found out there.

The morality system is simpler than it seems

Biomutant's morality system does not have much weight on how you are perceived in the world, at least until the end, and you will have plenty of time to tilt the scale in the direction you want until then. Follow your heart, or just follow any psi powers you want and need a certain alignment to unlock. Taking telekinesis on the dark side is very difficult to resist, honestly.

Don't worry about committing to one side either. If you change your mind when you want. The best way for a quick change of alignment is through strangers on relief missions. There are somewhere around 23 caged mutants to break free, and after each one, you will have the option of letting them go or killing them directly, for whatever reason you want. It is a simple way to encourage your kindness or cruelty.

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Immerse yourself in the game

Due to the low difficulty and depth of systems like morality or classes and weapons, Biomutant is better when you ignore the missions and just roam the world, enjoying the enchanting views and studying the strange creatures (even if they are all versions of the same creature with a new skin from the same archetypes).

Enjoy the game with these tips for biomutant | biomutant screenshot 17 | married games tips/guides | biomutant, experiment 101, pc, playstation, thq nordic, xbox | biomutant tips
Take the opportunity to admire the world

Take the opportunity to enjoy the ambience, the scenery, the music and everything else. Other tips for Biomutant are: Make good use of this screen capture tool. We don't have games that look as strange and beautiful as Biomutant on the PC often.

Restore or change the world

When the Tree of Life is contaminated with a strange and dangerous type of oil, tribes must decide what to do. Separated by their ideals, some want to restore the Tree and bring balance to the world, others want to take this opportunity to expand their powers and territory.

Biomutant is a post-apocalyptic, open-world Kung Fu RPG with a martial arts-style combat system, allowing you to mix hand-to-hand, shooting and mutant skills, developed by Swedish studio Experiment 101 and published by THQ Nordic. The game was released on May 25, 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S that will be released later.

So, have you ever played Biomutant? How are you enjoying the game? Tell us in the comments and take the time to read more about games on Our site.

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