Doom Eternal: 7 tips to do well in the game

Fifth title of the saga and the continuation of Doom (2016), in Doom Eternal first person shooter released on March 20, 2020 by developer ID Software, for platforms PC, PS4, Xbox One e Google Stadia, players put themselves in the place of Doom Slayer, a former Marine who fights demonic forces from Hell.

As this mission is not easy, here are some tips to help you gut and tear it to the end!


Eternal Doom: 7 Tips to Doing Good in the Game | a6187bd9 doom eternal | married games tips/guides | bethesda, doom, fps, pc, playstation 4, xbox one | doom
Doom Eternal: 7 Tips to Doom Your Game | bethesda, doom, fps, pc, playstation 4, xbox one | doom

Do not stop

Anyone who has had the opportunity to play any game in the franchise, knows the frantic pace at which things happen on the screen. This happens on purpose through a feature called push-forward, which makes the player have few bullets and is forced to attack his enemies to gain health and more ammunition. So sharpen your reflexes as much as possible and don't stop moving. Try to focus as much as you can on heavy demons, and be aware of the distance of each enemy's attack so you don't get caught off guard.

Damage weak spots

The strongest enemies in the game tend to have weaknesses, which if hit, stuns them almost instantly rendering them powerless during battle.

Taking two heavy demons as an example, the first being the Arachnotrons, which appear in the first stage of the game, usually have a turret above them, which can be quickly destroyed using the Heavy Cannon's precision shot, and the second, Cacodemons, known as hunt in packs, and that when hit in the mouth with a hand grenade, or even with the launcher, are already stunned and only need a few more shots to defeat them.

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Manage and purchase more resources

Although there is a certain amount of resources scattered throughout the scenario, in most cases, they are only sufficient for the beginning of the combat. So, if you eliminate enemies like zombies and goblins, which are relatively simpler to destabilize them and perform glorious executions, you can acquire armor points, recover bullets, health, and even fuel for the chainsaw. They are your “source” of survival, especially if you encounter bigger demons.

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Although Doom contains several skill trees, among them: modifications of armor, weapons and buffs of basic skills, the latter may be the one that brings the most advantage to the player.

Also known as runes, they can slow down time while you're dying, giving extra seconds to regain health, increasing the distance the character performs the glorious execution, causing enemies killed by a bloody punch to drop life. , and even runes that increase control while you're in the air.

Three of them (although there are nine to unlock) can be active at the same time, recharging over time, or when the Doom Slayer dies.

Train in the Fortress of Doom

At the bottom of the base that is presented in the first cutscene is a prison of demons that can be tortured at any time, serving as a training room. Go down there and try a new weapon or even strategize to defeat enemies faster.

Extra lives and checkpoints

Extra lives are valuable, especially in a game where death is almost inevitable, so you shouldn't pass them up. Explore the scenery, and also analyze it through the map to see the best ways to reach an extra life. With it, you will return exactly where you died, and you will have a second chance to triumph.

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"But what if I also miss my second chance?" Well, this will not be a problem, considering that the checkpoints are quite frequent, you will hardly die and will have to restart an entire phase, for example.

Change the difficulty

Okay, we're all hardcores players here. But, what if you come across a phase considered “impossible”, considering that even the normal mode can be challenging at first? It is possible to change the difficulty of the game at any time, facilitating the unlocking of skills and acquiring a greater knowledge of the style of gameplay, and when you feel prepared, choose a more radical mode.

Do you have other tips for people who are just starting out, or who are already more experienced? Tell us in the comments!

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